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Originally Posted by elaina View Post
i got Minnies buddy belt today too !!! hers doesnt fit as good as i'd like it too either. i tried Lattes size 2 on her and it buckeled on the first hole but was not comfy on her. so , i ordered the size 3 and it buckles on the 4th hole loose. i think it would buckle on the tightest hole, the 5th hole snug. i think it will fit nicer over clothes though. i'm happy with it, i'm not sending it back. .
i love the pics of Kai, she's so pretty and the buddy belt looks nice on her, its a pretty color ! are you going to keep it, cause you said you werent happy with the fit?
I'm going to keep it. I think the size 3 would be to big. As the size 2 chest part is coving her whole chest. It buckles comfortable on the 2nd hole, 3rd snug. I might buy a second to wear over her clothes. I want to get Toki one too but it would be $70. I wish I could find one locally. Didn't one of the girls say a shop near them sold all sizes for $45? That would be nice.
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