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Default Doggy clothes tip!

Hey everyone ! I have found the most amazing way of buying dog clothes ! Anyone heard of a shop called build-a-bear? It's a shop were u basically design your own bear , you may not know but the also have clothes for them , a couple months ago when I was in Exeter I went Into build bear to buy a bear (that never happened) but had a look at the clothes and thought "wow this could fit Till's!" and sure enough it does ! I have no on my trip to London bought some more ! 2 dresses at 10 , 1 at 12 and 2 skirts at 4.50 ! It's cute,affordable and fits ! There is shops basically every where (except where I live!) and you can buy online ! I suggest u have a look ! Hope you agree , post comments on the clothes , other shop ideas ect. Bellow ! Also if u need more info also say bellow x

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