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Thanks ladies!! I was kinda nervous bc it's a very loud bag, the purple is pretty bright but I'm glad I got it! I like that its a bit more narrow than than the wooflink I recently bought so it may be easier to get around with.

Elaine, thank you, we always love the same stuff!! I can't wait to see your wooflink stuff! I wanted to show u this really cute wooflink collar but I think u said ur princesses don't wear collars so I didn't post it. I'm ordering Mojo a few wooflink hoodies next week when Leslie puts her order in, this brand is getting me in lots of trouble, lol, good thing I bought Bryan Jordan's for sweetest day! Haha.
I thought these would have been posted already since the other stuff from the show are available for sale, but it's not on there. I'll keep checking and let you know. I think u will really like it! When comparing to my wooflink carrier, I think this one is more practical but the other one is prettier but I feel like I have to watch where I set it and make sure I don't bump into anything to get it dirty or ruin the material. Does that make sense?

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