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Originally Posted by LittleGemma View Post
So, I don't feed Gemma raw beef because the last time I did, she had major bowel distress for two weeks. She also just didn't seem to do well on her Ranchlands (beef) Acana kibble. She gets Grasslands (lamb) Acana in the morning and a fresh raw meal at night. My problem with the raw meal is that I can't give her beef, and now it seems I also can't give her pork.

She's been eating pork for almost a week now and she has started shedding terribly, her eyes have started watering again, and she's back to itching all the time. This is the ONLY other thing that has been introduced to her diet, so it must be the pork. When this all started before, I had recently started including fresh pork for some of her raw dinners so I am believing that this could be what was causing her itch issues the whole time. Whether the raw beef and kibble made her itchy or not, she did not do well on either so I don't want to give her beef.

Now I'm running out of raw options to feed her. The only other normally available meat here is chicken. Is it okay to give her just chicken for her raw dinner? The grocery stores have beef, pork, and chicken. I actually haven't even seen lamb before. There doesn't seem to be local "butchers" like I am familiar with in the US. There's just one big place that processes and cuts all the meat and distributes it among the grocery stores here. The grocery stores don't even have a butcher or a meat department, so they don't cut or grind any of the meats they sell. So, our meat options are pretty limited to what the grocery stores sell on their shelves.

Grocery stores do have some fish. Are there any types of fish that would be appropriate to feed her? I read not to feed wild caught salmon because there is bacteria in them that can make a dog sick. Is this true?

I hope there's something I can swap in for chicken every now and then because chicken every single night is boring and I know that white meat isn't as good for her as red meat. I just want to make sure she gets proper nutrition. I don't want to feed her 100% Acana because it makes her poop a lot. She only poops 1-2 times per day when I feed her 50% Acana and 50% raw.

I guess the main question here is if there's nothing else to feed her besides chicken, would it be okay to just have her on chicken for the raw portion of her diet?
Listen I don't mean to sound harsh or anything but can I ask why on earth you are still trying to feed raw when she's eating a 5 star kibble and does ok on that? and I ask because she has obvious demonstrated sensitivities.

Chi's are sensitive little dogs, there's been more than one person on this forum who's dog got sick from raw.
If she's thriving on kibble I cannot say I would rock that boat!

Just my opinion having owned many dogs in my years!
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