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Smile Just an update.

I rescued Bambi (bam bam) on July 23. She was a broken creature from abuse. Well 5 months later, I want to share this. She rarely goes into her safe zone (the crate) she spends most of her time on my lap or on the couch. She is a sassy little thing when it comes to dinner, going out or my husband touching me. She will bark and talk at us, just the cutest thing you have ever saw. She is learning how to play, we are currently working on don't use your teeth. We are constantly taking her around people who are "safe" so now she is very accepting of new people, she has learned that no one is out to hurt her.

She wasn't pregnant, but the x-rays showed multiple old fractures in her ribs She has had her shots, but isn't spayed, we are waiting because we don't want any set backs behaviour wise when the vet "hurts" her. It set her back a week on just the shots.

Yesterday we walked an entire mile leash less, with one problem. A dog started barking at her from his fenced yard and she started her panic run. I hollered her name real loud- since I never raise my voice with her this stopped her in her tracks. I told her you are safe, come to me, she did and I carried her past the fenced in dog. As soon as we were past I put her down. She then turned around, shook her butt, did a little bark and pranced off, I just died laughing at my little sassy girl.

I could go on and on, but I shall stop, she is my little miracle girl. As I said she spends most of her time in my lap and this is the look I get when my hand hasn't pet her in a minute or two, LOL

(My girls- L-Boo, M-Oreo R-Bambi)
Boo is a chiweenie, Oreo and Bambi are full blooded and they are all rescued to my forever home.
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