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Old 04-05-2006, 03:18 PM
chi god/godess
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Default KC Question...

How come hardly any breeders sell smoothcoats with KC Reg?
Most of the breeders I speak to won't sell a smoothie with KC for any less than 1000 or more. If they only have pedigree papers, they still want near to 1000!

I see longcoat puppies with KC Reg all the time on the web going for 800-1000.
And there are many people on here who have longcoat pups that are KC.

Does anyone know why UK breeders hardly ever get the KC for the smoothcoats? When they do, they charge huge prices and often they say "not for showing or breeding"

It's a lot to pay, especially when you can buy a KC Reg longcoat for less and be able to show/breed. I like both coat types and do want a longcoat in the future, but the next pup I'd like to be smooth.
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Old 04-05-2006, 05:20 PM
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It's because a lot of the smoothcoat pups available are bred from non-registered chis! These were chis who were most likely sold as pet only and not to be bred from, but people still did! Since the parents were not registered, they cannot get the pups KC registered either.

Other breeders breed to standard, meaning they want to improve the breed and would simply not register a pup they deem not to be close enough to the breed standard - though the parents may be KC registered. Plain and simple. This should essentially stop people from breeding or showing them (because they may be good pets, but not good enough for breeding or showing). They should go to pet homes only, but as you can see from the amount of pups from non-registered chis being sold, this doesn't always work.

Then, there is the fact that there seems to be a huge demand for smoothcoat chis at the moment. Many breeders keep the females, as they can be bred from and sell some of their pups to fellow breeders for breeding or for show. Therefore, many smoothcoat chis that are being born may never enter the market - they go to people the breeder already knows.

Both my smoothcoat chis are KC registered. Toby is 3&1/2 years old now, and I got him for quite a good price (compared to today's prices). Cashmere was 1,500 - and I was lucky enough to call the breeder about 5 min. after she put on the ad, as loads of people called. The breeder planned on keeping her, but she had another litter on the way and there would just have been too many pups. When I picked her up, the breeder told me that had she known that she would turn out to be really beautiful, she would have kept her for showing. I was just lucky there...

From the breeders new litter of three, 2 pups, one boy and a girl, were kept by the breeder, whilst another boy went to a fellow breeder who was going to show him. Thus, none of her new pups actually ever entered the open market.

You see, there are KC registered smoothcoats around, but due to their popularity, they don't often get to the open market... and if so, then they are snapped up within minutes!!!

Those breeding unregistered smoothcoat chis know about the demand, and push the prices up high, following which the prices for registered chis also go up into the sky. It's the old formula about demand outstripping supply, which pushes prices up... I can't believe you can actually apply Economics to Chihuahuas these days....
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Old 04-05-2006, 05:25 PM
chi god/godess
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Send a message via MSN to *Sarah*

I also wanted to add to that response above due to the smooth gene being dominant people seem to be breeding l/c bitches with smooth dogs to get a smooth litter of pups, the pups are pedigree just not registerable but as long coats are a lot more common it's easier to get a l/c bitch breed her to a smooth get a smooth litter and sell them for the higher prices.

Iona I recommend going for the waiting lists with the good breeders it may take a while but at least you'll get the pup you want, I'd stay away from any internet ads at the moment far to many scams etc, you will find no good breeder needs to advertise their pups they are sold on waiting lists long before they are born.
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Old 04-05-2006, 06:16 PM
pru pru is offline
chi person
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Any good breeders & i know a few, would give kc papers & put restiction on kc papers, then you would know your pups back ground, or the dog has had two litters a year & they dont want the kennel club to no, they are only allowed 6 litters in there life time, they are breeding long to smooth which im not saying is wrong, you think you have bought a smooth 6 months down the line it has all these feathers
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