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Katie 07-27-2008 04:17 PM

When Dogs Eat Bad Things
Updated link 4/10/12

Two Dog Press, LLC | When Good Dogs Eat Bad Things Interested in wha... | Dog, Dogs, Yes, Vomiting, Healthy, Also, Poison, His, Cause, Jake

tazruby 07-27-2008 05:29 PM

very useful info espcially about when to induce vomiting. thanks for posting

Maleighchi 07-27-2008 05:59 PM

I'll be printing this out to keep! Thanks for posting it.

ItZy BiTzY 07-27-2008 06:09 PM

Excellent information! Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

Yoshismom 07-27-2008 06:41 PM

Great article!! Thanks for sharing;-)

Jules 07-27-2008 08:14 PM

This topic is very close to my heart. We nearly lost our Jack Russell a month ago because of what she decided to try and "down" Other than my 9yr old daughters time in a special care baby unit at birth it's the most worrying few days I have ever had. After all.. Our dogs do to many of us become our children too don't they!
My 7 year old daughter was "squidging" a bold liquitab ( a clothes washing pouch for our US readers) Just an hour earlier she had been told in no uncertain terms such things are NOT toys and donít DARE play with them, but do kids listen 100% of the time, even when they are a usually very sensible kid like mine? Do they heck:foxes15: Unfortunately for our dog and my 7 year old, the lesson of "mummy MEANS what she says" was learnt a VERY hard way.
Our crazy Russy dog likes to play with everrrrrything, so on seeing a nice "toy" being squeezed in my daughters hands she jumped up and grabbed it, shaking it to death like terriers tend to and in the process swallowing some. To cut a long story short I spent the middle of the night getting the on call vet out of bed (she left a c section on a cow mid way! to come deal with my dog, thatís how serious it was) She had the best drugs available and still threw up for 24hrs CONSTANTLY, I donít mean every hour, I'm talking every few minutes. I was sure (as much as you donít want to be) she wouldnít make it. Every time she urged, coughed and choked I'd grit my teeth that she wasn't "going" I don't think there's a prayer I didn't say or a wish I didn't make that night. I lay next to her all night trying to comfort her. 24 hours down the line, it was beyond relief to see her still alive and making slow progress but still VERY frightening for the following days. No sleep for 3 days for me or my sweetie of a dog. She lost 1.2 kilos :o a lot for a lil love only weighing 6.2kg to start! Once she was allowed to eat again it was a case of coaxing her to eat certain tasty things. Was on meds for a week,coughing for about 2 weeks and lost a lot of her coat, whether it was from shock to her system or the meds I don't know. A month on she has put back on 0.7kg and is back eating normally. If she was a cat she would have lost 8 of her lives that week I think.
She's sat here now on the back of the chair, paws hanging over my shoulder giving mummy love! She's an exceptionally lucky girl and so are we to still have her, something my daughter is very aware of.
My advice

Never ever think its too soon to call a vet, I called ours that evening out of surgery hours and had her out half the night in the end, was on and off the phone to her through the night and early morning, and back in again first thing, my girl had the best meds she could and she was STILL lucky to pull through. Thank God I didn't think "oh I'm being an overreacting worrisome doggy mum I'll see what she's like later"
I know these things on the net are extremely useful, I've read various things I'm glad I have, but if you even have a tingle of worry call the vet first, read the net in the middle if you have time and worry about being worrisome later!!
Every case is different, I read on the link it says for washing detergent no worries on getting them to vomit, yet the vet said its good mine did vomit it up very quickly, lessening its chance to do more harm. So i do have to worry that had I read that before I might have been more inclined to worry less with it being on the "don't need to make them sick list" and hung off calling my vet, which doesn't even bare thinking about.

Please don't think I'm saying such things on the net are useless , because they are not and I applaud Katie for posting it. Just we do need to keep our "gut instincts" and worry like there's no tomorrow sometimes! Regardless of what we think we might have read somewhere. Small dogs in particular really can't cope with much of anything whereas a big bruiser of a Lab or Rottweiler would probably be fine and I'm sure that a lot that is on the net forgets small dogs are much more vunerable

PS while I re-read my post to check it, my dog has gone to sleep on my shoulder! She sends her licks to all and says "ruff yup never dink u worwying bout us too much, dats wot I say, coz we gordgeous....I do HATE dat vet doh, you wodnt beweeve where she sticks dings when i see er even if I tolds you"

Take care y'all! You're a great bunch of people on here and I still enjoy reading what you all post even though I don't say much...when we get another Chi in the future I shall post much more! Talking of which.... GAWD I lovvve lucifer aint he cute! Wish I lived closer

Jules and co

BellaLina's Mom 07-27-2008 09:11 PM

This is a great article. I printed it and am keeping the article with my first aid kit for my chis. Thank you for sharing.

Katie, could "sticky" this important post?

Katie 07-27-2008 10:35 PM

Thanks for sharing your story Jules, I'm glad everything turned out alright. The article is by no means a replacement for a vet or a vets advice. Always follow your vets orders and obviously call if your pet ever ingests something they shouldn't.

I'll sticky this :)

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