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MisStingerRN 05-18-2010 04:22 PM

Scared of doggy door???
Boy, I've forgotten how much work potty training is. We have a dog run off the side of the house that's the width of the house and is off the attached garage. She acts scared to go out there, but I know she CAN do it as I've watched her, but then I'm not out there to reinforce her good I praise once she comes in? I've been taking her out to the run several times a day (first think in the AM, after eating, playing , etc) but she usually just looks at me and shakes. Or she spends all of the time trying to get the door open that I shut to keep her from running right back in the garage. Do I reward her when she does use the door, which would be when she comes back in....I don't want to teach that mom's happy because your coming IN the dog door....any suggestions? Also, I don't want her to feel like the only time I pick her up is to go out to the run, because it's not. I carry her around fairly!

MisStingerRN 05-19-2010 06:12 PM

any thoughts?

jazzman 05-19-2010 06:34 PM

One question I have is have you spent any time with the dog on the dog run with no strings attached ?

I mean, have you spent half an hour just sitting there, letting her wander as she chooses ? Like reading a book or something and letting her jump up and down from your lap, etc ? It could be she just isn't really comfortable with being out there, or isn't confident enough to be out there alone.

You are right about not praising her for coming in the door per se. Sounds like there isn't a way to verify she did her buisiness.

If I understand this correctly, I think I'd leave the door locked until she's comfortable doing her business. It will take her 2 minutes to learn it's no longer locked later.

MisStingerRN 05-19-2010 06:59 PM

I've spent time out there with her, but always expecting her to do her business. Thanks, I will give your suggestion a try, and I will continue to latch the door while we're out there. Another thing I thought about was maybe she's uncomfortable with the sand ground. Where we got her from had concrete in their dog run. Dunno. So for she's done perfectly today, but I wasn't actually in the run with her so couldn't praise her for pottying. I only know she hasn't had any accidents in the house today....

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