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zellko 01-18-2015 11:55 PM

Rice vs. potato
Hi, Can anybody explain why potatoes or peas are considered to be so superior to rice in dog food recipes? I have some knowledge in human nutrition and know that brown rice is a far healthier choice for humans in terms of nutrients, so I'm confused why all 5 star dog foods contain potato or peas as a carb, but if rice is an ingredient is looks like the food cannot make the 5 star rating.

Wicked Pixie 01-19-2015 12:12 AM

I think it is a marketing ploy. Kibble manufacturers are keen to jump on the 'grain free' bandwagon so replace the grain with potato and/or peas. They are just as high in starch so I wouldn't consider them any more suitable for dogs than grains like rice or oats.
They are all cheap fillers and have no place in a carnivores diet

zellko 01-19-2015 12:44 AM

Sounds like you are a raw feeder. I wish I could afford Ziwi or Stella & Chewey's, but the budget doesn't agree. Don't have the nerve to go raw yet.

Sunshine_icicles 01-19-2015 01:37 AM

Potato and peas (both whole AND just their protein) are not superior to rice!! Potato, peas, and oatmeal can be very allergenic as well as gas inducing.

I feed a 5 star (as rated by dog food advisor) dry food that has rice as an ingredient in it. My Dobermans do not do well on grain free diets at all, and I'm that 1% that actually had a dog get very sick from raw. So, a top quality dry food with meat and meat meal and rice it is.

Rice is a very nice ingredient. Both white and brown have their value. Brown rice you can't beat the fiber and polished white rice is nice as both a slow carb and a binder.

zellko 01-19-2015 02:18 AM

Thanks! May I ask what you are feeding? I'd rather feed rice than potatoes for several reasons.

Sunshine_icicles 01-19-2015 03:06 AM

Well, I may not be of much help. I have large working dogs, and my dry food only comes in 40 pound bags :( However, if I didn't have the dober-dorks, I'd feed their small and medium breed puppy variety, which is also rated 5 stars by dog food advisor, and a great rice only inclusive food.

Here's the link to their small breed food. It says it's a puppy formula, but honestly, if it were me, I'd have zero problem feeding this food throughout my chihuahuas lifetime. And? Comes in six pound bags. Small Breed Puppy Food, NutriSource Dog Food

I feed NutriSource Super Performance, because I've got the two big goofs. It's the red bag. The company has couple other 4.5 star grain inclusive varieties, but I only feed the 5 star Super Performance.

Here's that link: Super Performance Dog Food, NutriSource

Best part? They've NEVER had any recalls, are made right here in the USA from a small family owned business. No, Purina. No Mars pet products. And no china ingredients. I couldn't be happier.

Moonfall 01-19-2015 03:15 AM

I prefer Acana myself. It uses a squash as a binder at least in the formula I use- it's called Pork and butternut squash formula. I do that in part because it's a single meat source and Douglas had a nasty reaction to a food a couple years ago and it may have been related to the chicken in it.

Wicked Pixie 01-19-2015 11:46 AM

Have you considered a quality canned food? No need for carbs to hold the food together like with kibble. If your dogs don't have allergies, then rice or oats are no worse than potatoes, often the potato is far more processed.
I don't like to feed dogs carbs, they are linked with obesity, diabetes, cancer etc and dogs have no requirement for carbohydrate in their diet.
And yes, i am a raw feeder lol. I do appreciate that raw is not for everyone though, if i couldn't feed raw I would feed home cooked, canned or dehydrated before I would consider feeding kibble.

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