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lulu'smom 08-19-2014 05:11 PM

I have something crazy going on
This started the other day. Background: I have Avast antivirus and have had it for over 18 months because my DIL told me about it and loaded it on my computer when she was pregnant with Jake. Shortly after that it went through a time of saying threat was detected, and at the same time Cheryl, another member that has Finn, said her Avast was doing the same thing. Pidgeonsheep said some of these antivirus systems are just really touchy and pick up anything and ignore it. It would say it again sparsely from time to time, but I ignored--no big deal.

Now for issue: The other day it kept saying threat detected several times, and I ignored. Well, it locked me out of the forum! I couldn't get on any which way I tried. I googled searched, I changed search engines, which I use a couple of different ones now since I have to to view pics, it didn't matter, I could not view the forum. I got on my husband's laptop that also has Avast, and it came up, but the first time I went to "New posts" it locked me out on his computer too. Hours later I checked again, and I could get back on. Now though I cannot use the "New Post" button or I get locked out. I can only use quick links to view threads or go into whatever is showing on the "Home" page. Today is really bad, and I am completely locked out on my computer again.

Does anyone else use Avast and are they having problems?
What does Admin make of this?

pigeonsheep 08-19-2014 10:32 PM

That's weird...i don't understand why it would lock up the computer. Could it be cookies? This is why I don't use free antiviruses that are downloadable for the public.

lulu'smom 08-20-2014 12:35 AM

It doesn't lock up my whole computer it only shuts me out of Chi Ppl. I'm only able to type this on hubby's laptop and can only maneuver around by going through "Quick Links." I'm afraid if I use "New Post" it would lock me out, and I would have to use my cell phone, and I hate using it.

That's why I was asking if anyone else used Avast, and if this was an issue. I'm tired of fooling with it. I took it to a computer repair shop I use when it first happened, and he gave me the name of a different antivirus to switch to. I'm just going to switch.

pigeonsheep 08-20-2014 04:11 AM

I've been usin nod32 for some years now and never got a virus. I recommend that

chiadmin 08-20-2014 06:13 AM

I use avast on my PC and have never had an issue with this site. Please keep us updated if you still can't use this site properly.

lulu'smom 08-20-2014 01:46 PM

I uninstalled Avast and decided to change to AVG. I had uninstalled Avast and reinstalled it the first time it happened and it happened again before I posted this thread. Hopefully AVG will work. It may just be something weird with my computer.

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