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PetCrazed 12-31-2015 12:38 AM

Establishing a Healthy Diet??
Hello - I'm a new parent of a (maybe) 2 year old chi named Crystal who came to us from a rescue organization. We know only that they were told she's 2, and she was in a home with 13 (!!) other chis. They were only given table food. Her liver is not functioning properly, her teeth are in terrible shape (but our vet can't do a dental until her liver issues are under control), and her coat is thin. At some point she had fleas and is getting over a tapeworm. She resists dog food, even the grain free premium Fromm and Merrick we give her. If we add a little chicken she eats only that and leaves the rest. She has gained a little weight with us, but is still too thin. Any strategies to get her to eat her food?? We add omegas, FortiFlora, and the Mercola kidney and liver support to her bowl twice a day, so she gets some extra nutrients. Any thoughts are appreciated. Thank you!

susan davis 12-31-2015 06:10 AM

What if you soak the Fromm or Merrick with some beef or chicken broth? I'd try and get her to eat by giving her breakfast and wait 20 minutes. No eat? Take it up til noon and try again. Maybe heat it for 10 seconds in the microwave. If she doesn't eat within 20 minutes, take it up til 5 pm or so. If she doesn't eat for a day, it won't hurt her (unless she has low blood sugar problems). She will learn to eat what is given her hopefully. The liver issues may make her have a problem with eating too. Liver failure is marked with a severe appetite decrease. Talk with the vet.

PetCrazed 01-01-2016 06:41 PM

Thanks so much, Susan.We've tried waiting and broth but might have given in too soon. She's had a bile assay (abnormal) and yesterday an ultrasound. Her liver is tiny but no shunts, fortunately. There is something in/on her colon and her teeth may have caused a hepatitis. She came from a hoarding environment with only table food - so we're thinking of going with a basic meal of boiled chicken and rice plus carrots, green beans, and spirugreen (spirulina + astaxanthin) and FortiFlora at breakfast, an omega 3,6,9 and Mercola kidney and liver support at dinner, and lunch without supplements. There are kidney stones, too, and the radiologist warned about fats because of liver size. If we can get her regularly eating 2-3 decent meals a day then we may try to switch her back to at least some dog food. I just want to make sure she gets all her nutrients and decent support for liver and teeth - especially since she has to take antibiotics until it's safe to deal with the teeth. I'm very glad we have her but angry that the rescue told us she was 2 and healthy. In three years we've lost a 16 yr old cat to kidney failure, a 15 yr old ShihTzu to liver failure, and our 16 year old ShihTzu to Cushings after 5 years of treatment. We were hoping for a break but it's not meant to be... I appreciate you taking time to answer my post and the strategies you suggested. Have a Happy New Year!

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