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chiwaamummy<3 06-17-2015 08:35 AM

Wooflink shopping spree :D
Biscuit's Wooflink came today and he was very interested in playing with the papers and ribbons attached to the box. It just HAD to be for him (even if it wasn't). His pedigree papers came also so we have a spoilt snoblette today ;).

Kismet 06-17-2015 10:39 AM

What a lucky spoiled boy!

elaina 06-17-2015 10:44 AM

hehe. that is so cute that Biscuit loves to play with the paper and ribbons. Mine are always very interested when a package comes too. and I love all the Wooflink you picked out !!!

Chiluv04 06-17-2015 12:06 PM

Wooflink shopping spree :D
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Oh my what a spoiled baby! You really outdid yourself and bought him such gorgeous Wooflink pieces. That devil shirt is sold out here in my boys size. You were lucky to find that piece. I can't wait til biscuit grows up a bit and does a fashion show for us😊. He'll need to be close to 3 lbs and at least 7" long to fit those things.

chiwaamummy<3 06-17-2015 06:24 PM

He does fit some but they ARE too big (they go over his little willy) and cover his whole back. He should mature according to the charts 3lb yes we know this but my breeder thinks just a weeny bit bigger! He manages to get out of them sometimes and then trot about the house with them in his mouth lol. The candies gold necklace however is a PERFECT fit for him and really enhances his coat colour but I have it on the very first ring and the pearl end hangs a bit too much which he chews on sometimes. I love the devil shirt on him too he's my devil chichi 😈 his mother's name was devil's own lol. 😯😯

chiwaamummy<3 06-17-2015 06:32 PM

I also got the bad boy yellow tee for him but had no room for it its under another tee! 😀 so thats his shopping spree and enough for a few months now mummy!!!

debrawade10 06-17-2015 11:49 PM

I LOVE your purchases , Wooflink is our favorite. I like the edginess of it. Biscuit is a very handsome young man.

*Princess* 07-02-2015 11:41 AM

I love a shopping spree! Spoilt little bubba

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