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CM Katie 08-09-2007 02:22 AM

It's been a while!!
I can't even remember the last time I posted pics of my pups!!
Carl and Mia are doing GREAT! Carl's going to be 2 in the end of August, and Mia is 6 months old. She has an appointment to get spayed on Monday.

Mia with my cousin (my family went to Michigan last week and of course brought Carl and Mia. My little cousins LOVED them)

Lil Bell 08-09-2007 02:32 AM

Aww what little cuties !!!i love the one of Mia standing under cute:D.How much Mia weighing now and how much you expect her to weigh grown ?She looks so tiny

Kristin 08-09-2007 02:36 AM

OMG!! Mia is soooo cute! I loove her color! I'm so jealous! I want a chi that color so bad lol. No more dogs for Kristin though lol.

And Carl is adorable as usual :) I like that pic of him standing on his back legs trying to see in the door. Boss and Lina both do that to me!

SweetPeaMocha 08-09-2007 02:50 AM

They are so cute, I love them both. Mia standing under Carl is cute. I have that place mat in red for my cats I think it has fish on it. :)

Alisha 08-09-2007 03:02 AM

AWWW They're both too cute :love7:

*Tiff* 08-09-2007 03:49 AM

awww they are soo freakin cute!! i love that pic of mia under carl...shes gotten so grown up looking since the last time i saw pics :D i love them :)

CM Katie 08-09-2007 04:17 AM

Mia is around 4 lbs I think. I'll find out exactly how much she weighs on Monday when she goes in for her *gulp* spay :(
I expect her to be around 5 lbs. Her mom was 5.5 lbs and her dad was 3 lbs.
But Mia was "big" for a puppy. She was already 2 lbs at 8 weeks, but she stopped growing so fast ;)

Keep in mind that Carl is 13 lbs so it makes her look extra tiny!

BellaLina's Mom 08-09-2007 04:26 AM

They are both so adorable. Mia is gorgeous! My favorite photo is the one of Mia under Carl at the feeding area - she looks so tiny.

Bella and I send warmest wishes to Mia for a speedy recovery from her spay surgery this coming Monday.

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