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SinaBChis 01-31-2009 01:26 AM

Jose and Papi
Well, I wasn't going to mention this as I know how everyone feels about it. I am not a breeder, but had an accidental breeding between Tico and Fifi. I know why people feel the way they do, and understand, I know I was irresponsible in not being more careful, I am not denying that. But it is done now and there is nothing I can do about it. Fifi did wonderfully throughout her pregnancy and whelping. No problems at all...she had two beautiful baby boys. I had to show them off especially the first born, Jose. I am sooooo inlove with him. I was planning on keeping him and then my favorite uncle fell inlove with him too, lol. So being as I already have 5 doggies Jose is going to live with Uncle Tom so I can see him on a regular basis. Anyways, here are Jose and Papi, who are now 2 weeks old and were born on January 14th~



carrera 01-31-2009 02:51 AM

sooo cute!
just to ask---are you going to be selling papi? i've been trying to talk my husband into getting a second, please let me know.

SinaBChis 01-31-2009 02:59 AM

Yes Papi will be needing to find a new home :)

Georgia24 01-31-2009 03:05 AM

too cute... enjoy their love!!

SinaBChis 01-31-2009 03:09 AM

Thanks Georigia24

Brodysmom 01-31-2009 03:09 AM

They are darling puppies and look healthy and happy! So you had an accidental breeding... so what. The puppies will have great homes and you will have made someone's life so happy with the new addition to their family. Mistakes happen! It's what we do after the mistake that help to define us. It sounds to me like you are being VERY responsible in finding them great homes and taking such good care of them. They are beautiful, beautiful boys. :)


SinaBChis 01-31-2009 03:16 AM

Thanks Brodysmom...I know everyone on here isn't like this, but I've seen and heard so much chaos about people having puppies and not being "breeders", alot of people jump to the byb accusations, and with the way my life has been going I just wasn't ready for the lectures. I know I made a mistake but as I said I can't change it now and wouldn't because look at those beautiful faces! I will make sure they both have wonderful homes and if they don't I will keep them myself, they will not go to a shelter. I will do what I can to give them the best life possible. Again thanks for the kind words, I don't feel so anxious about posting these now. :)

LittleHead 01-31-2009 03:26 AM

Accidents happen, but look at the precious outcome of it!!! Papi looks like he may have a coat like Fifi...but Im no expert, there's still lots of coat changes to be made. Haha

and I can see why you and your uncle love Jose. He's soo cute!

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