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Dazy Mae 02-07-2009 04:46 PM

[QUOTE=SillySally;458156]Dying to know how much she weighs, she looks so teeney? Beautiful color![/QUOTE

When we got her about approx. 1 month ago she was 3 1/2lbs. at 6 mths.....she is now 4lbs. :p So she is doing real good and she is a little piggy when it's meal time!

Dazy Mae 02-07-2009 05:10 PM


Originally Posted by Pinkchi (Post 458171)
Oh she is a beautiful girl and your siggy is darling! How is Dazy Mae finding having a new play mate? x

Dazy just loves her....when Lulu comes out of her playpen Dazy won't leave her alone. She constantly chases her and wants to play...sometimes she gets a little rough, but not anything that hurts the puppy, it just starts to aggravate Lulu because she is more interested in exploring or playing with toys!! Sometimes I just pick up Dazy and give her lots of attention while Lulu plays and runs around by herself. They don't fight or growl at eachother and they are starting to share the food bowl at times....:love3:

Georgia24 02-08-2009 02:55 AM

your siggy looks great! Hollysmom kicks butt!!! LOL Glad to see LULU is feeling better!

SoCosMomma 02-08-2009 05:53 AM

she is just darling!!!

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