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foxywench 08-01-2005 11:07 PM

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gots to talk my mum and dad into getting a dark one (dad wanted one jus tlike vixie) however i talked to the breeder whome got me intouch with the breeder who i got vixie from and he has a litle man that ive jut fallen for...and since im a 'repeat' mommy hell give me a discount even though hes for my dad...
so heres a pic of my hopefull new chi boy keep your fingers crossed.

fizzy n kirbys mum 08-01-2005 11:11 PM

Oh he is just perfect , has he got little brown front feet ?
One of the best looking boys i've seen :)

Rachael Polachek 08-01-2005 11:13 PM

I'm already hopelessly in love. That face! :love4:

foxywench 08-01-2005 11:13 PM

bites lip and grins* isnt he adorable! yes he has red/chocolate boots on lol
(the breeder tells me he carries the red and chocolate and his feet have been getting lighter so while hes officially a black and tan he thinks its gonna be more of a red.

sullysmum 08-01-2005 11:14 PM

Hes very handsome :D

nabi 08-01-2005 11:15 PM

Wow...what a beautiful little chi !

OzzyAndLilysMom 08-01-2005 11:25 PM

what a cutie pie :D

Alisha 08-02-2005 12:32 AM

Oh my gosh I want that baby it looks like my Poco when he was a wee one Poco just has more white on him.I'm in love shhh don't tell my babies.

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