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Old 10-26-2015, 12:39 AM
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Default Stress and Questions


I'm Phoebe's mommy and am feeling pretty stressed out.

I have two 3y/o cats and Phoebe, my Chi is 5 months.

We live with my wife in a 1 bedroom condo (2 bathrooms, no garden). The cats are food crazy so when one eats, they all need to eat (same with treats) and the cats get very upset and loud when any doors are closed (i.e. living room to bedroom)

Phoebe's crate moves from the living to the bedroom, depending on where we are and she sleeps and eats in there.

There are a few things that Phoebe does that stresses me out and I wondered if anyone had any advice.

1. Phoebe loves to run and play in the apartment, but sometimes she runs into the bedroom or bathroom (when we're in the living room, poop on the potty pad and eat it).

2. Sometimes Phoebe pees near the potty pad, sometimes on it! I use spray and congratulate her enthusiastically when she does it right, I don't berate her when she does it wrong, just ignore her... any thoughts?

3. Phoebe refuses to sleep, it's like she doesn't realize she's tired. The only time she sleeps is either when she's in the car OR when we put her in the crate - should we regulate nap times? She gets cranky and seems to bark a lot when tired.

4. I'm super tired and stressed as I seem to be running after Phoebe most of the day! I want her to use her energy, (she hates walking outside) but I'm exhausted!

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Old 10-26-2015, 12:47 AM
chi god/godess
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The eating poop is nearly impossible to stop. You have to get in there before she does and pick it up. Write the time she poops for a week, and you should get an idea as to the time you have to be vigilant. When she goes into the bathroom, you follow.

As for the pad, I use a extra large one. Gives them a little room if they are 'walkers' when they pee.

As for napping, yeah if you need some time, put her in her crate with a stuffed frozen kong.

Can you wear her out playing fetch? Chewing is a great exercise too. Kong toys are wonderful and bully sticks too.
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Old 10-26-2015, 01:08 AM
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Sounds like you are having quite the hard time with your pup. Sorry you are under so much stress. I didn't have too many issues with raising my 4. I set a lot of boundaries straight from the beginning. Each of mine has been crate trained from the beginning too. You have got to get her used to going outside. Please get her a harness if she doesn't have one and let her wear it around the house everyday for a week. If you and your partner both work. Put the harness on when you come home and leave it on for an hr or so. Then the next week harness her up and attach her leash and let it drag the floor for a bit. Then slowly work your way outside. Potty pads are a hit and miss for a lot of dogs. This is the main reason I am not crazy about them washable or not. They hold the pee smell even after one use, and many dogs don't know not to pee over the side. Mine are litter trained. The only negative is the constant sweeping. I'd try putting your pad inside a litter box to avoid any mishaps. And I'm sorry but phoebe should not be allowed to run off in any parts of the apartment where you cannot see her. She is a puppy in training. She has not earned that privilege yet. Since you are having potty problems with her you're going to have to follow her where ever she goes, if she's going to the pad, tell her 'go potty' and reward her. And clean up her poops asap. You can try changing her potty area too. Force her to have to go potty where you are able to watch her in action, so maybe the bathroom isn't the best place. Depending on the setup of your apartment, find a designated spot in the common living space and setup potty there. Cause frankly, when she is not in the common areas with you guys, she should be crated. That's just how it goes when you have a puppy. Regardless of the breed. Invest in puppy gates to keep her from unwanted areas. To get her used to a crate or pen, put a comfy bed, fluffy blanket, toy, and a bully stick inside, leave the door open and let her go in and have relaxation time and eventually she will never want to come out'll be like her safe haven.
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Old 10-26-2015, 02:33 AM
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I'm sorry to hear you're under so much stress. One way to wear a dog out without doing a lot of exercise yourself is to work on their training. Doing mental exercises can wear them out almost as much as physical exercise.
It might be a good idea to put her on a strict eat/sleep/bathroom schedule. When food goes in at a regular time every day, it's easier to predict when it'll come out.
Cuddles used to eat her poop as a puppy, too. Eventually, however, she grew out of it (Thank God.) They do sell additives to make their poop taste terrible to them. : Four Paws Potty Mouth (120 Tabs) : Pet Multivitamins : Pet Supplies
^They should have that at Petsmart.

While she is working on her housebreaking, it may be a good idea to keep her on a leash, until you can trust her not to potty in inappropriate places. Puppies need vigilant supervision, until they can be trusted, which can take months, especially with Chis.

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