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Old 06-25-2016, 09:21 PM
chi person
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Default Help with puppy traininng, specifically toileting, and nipping :(

Hi there

So I posted before, about my parents getting a little chi.

Well they have had him about 2 and a half weeks now.

He is lovely in general, sits, walks well on the lead, goes to bed when told.

We are having two problems though.

Ever since we have had him, he has been wee-ing and poo-ing in the house quite alot. We didn't think the right thing was to tell him off, so we are just trying to take him outside, very often, waiting till he goes, and making a big fuss when he does, but we have not seen ANY improvement, he literally does not seem to make ANY connection that going inside might be the wrong thing. I know you are meant to watch for them to start and then rush them outside, but it is very hard to know, or to watch him ALL the time. Any suggestions? My parents have now ordered an indoor toilet too, as the breeder had one that he occasionally used, but we were hoping to get him to go outside and ask when needed eventually?

The other thing is. At first he was lovely, but i visiting him the other day at my parents house, and he nipped me a few times. Not hard! but a proper intentional "i'm annoyed with you sort of nip" once I was trying to get him to sit, the other two times he was sitting on my lap and i wasn't doing anything but he nipped my hands. I do not like this behavior so i did shout quite loudly at him. But I really don't want this to spiral out of control. Any time he has been doing his puppy biting we have been offering him his toys instead and saying leave, and no! So I am not too sure where this has come from. My dad feels that when my mum is there (who btw he loves the most) he seems to be more like this if he is with someone else. Like as if he only wants to be with her, so anyone else who wants to handle him he is a little bit unpleasant too, and will not settle at all. I know that he is going to be a mummy boy that fine, but the whole family love him, and it would be nice if we could all enjoy him from time to time, so I want to do the right thing.

Please help all you lovely chi fanatics xxxxxxx
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Old 06-26-2016, 02:17 AM
chi god/godess
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First of all he should NOT be allowed to have the run of the house where he can pee and poop at will. Get a pen (I like the Iris pen sold at PetCo/Smart and on on-line sites. ) I love them, my dogs love them.

As for the nipping, I'd really like it, if you did not scold or yell at him. Just put him down, in a time out, for a few minutes. Put him in the pen/crate. No attention at all. He doesn't get what he wants, and you have made a point.

As for getting him to sit: get a tiny treat (one that he doesn't have to chew) and hold it right over his nose. SLOWLY move the treat backwards. Not too high, or he will jump to get it. Just over his nose. As he backs up to get the treat, he will sit. Do this for a few days, and as soon as you think he 'gets it' start saying 'sit'. In a week he will be doing a sit like a pro. DO NOT press down on his back, nor push his butt down. Be patient. Good luck. Let us know how this works.
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Old 06-26-2016, 12:00 PM
chi person
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Hi Susan,

thanks for your help

I think you helped me before too. Anyways, i wanted to say, we do have a pen for him, which he stays in if we are not around, and at night time, and he uses it if he is just tired, or wants his own space it seems. But my parents allow him out when they are in, as they I guess enjoy his company

Should we be penning him most of the time do u think? If so when do we make the change over to him being able to come out and roam around?

Thanks for the advice about the nipping. I will pass this on to my parents, and I am going round later so if needed we will do this, i.e. use it like a time out.

If anyone else has any other advice or suggestions too please feel free to reply. P.s im sorry if it sounds like we have made some mistakes, i promise im not stupid, I just have never done this before, and I really want to do it right.

Thanks x
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Old 06-26-2016, 02:11 PM
chi person
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Potty training is a lot of work. First I suggest a journal to keep track of what is done when. I suggest taking the dog out every 30 min if possible. If not at least every hour to the location to potty. Wait there. Do not play with the dog but stand calmly. If after 15 min the dog has not gone potty go back in and put the dog in s kennel or keep them with you on a leash . And try again in 15-30 min. If they do potty calmly say what ever word you want to associate with potty and when they are done give them a small treat. They can now run free in a limited area for 30 to 60 min before you go again. Mark in the journal if they went and what they did. Soon you can look at the journal and note the times they never potty. Eliminate those times for taking them out. As you continue the journal start to eliminate times they never or rarly potty.

Some pointers
1. Never spank or yell at a dog for making a mistake. You only teach them to hide it and to fear you.
2. Never rub a dogs nose in it. They do not understand why you are doing this.
3. Alway go through the same door and to the same spot. This teaches them to use a limited area in your yard and makes clean up easier for you
4. Clean up the area. You don't like gas station like toilets. Neither do they.
5. Put bells on your door ring them as you leave and say they potty word. They will learn to ring to go potty.
6. Crates should be no bigger then they can stand up, turn around and lay down comfortably. Keep larger kennels for when potty training is complete.

Potty training should be attained Within a few weeks if this method is done religiously, or in a month or so if done only when you are home.

When dogs potty
1. After waking up. Get them out fast. Smaller dogs may need to be carried due to small bladders
2. After playing
3. After Eatting
4. If you see them sniffing or circling/looking for a spot.

Puppies do not realize that we have soft sensitive skin they have very tough skin and are used to playing with each other in such a way that the nips really don't hurt. They are not intending to hurt us and they really don't want to hurt us, so what we have to do is teach them that they are hurting us. When the puppy gives any contact with teeth to your skin whether it hurts or not give a very sharp high pitch yelp or simply an out if you feel silly yelping. Then stop all play or attention to the dog. Avert your eyes, sitting very still and quiet after the Yelp. After about 30 seconds begin playing again. When a puppy hurts another puppy they will yelp all play will stop until the other one learns to be gentler. This can be used for clothing also. If the dogs teeth Touch your clothing in the slightest give the same high-pitched yelp and do as instructed above. The biting or nipping will normally stop within about a day or two of doing this method may need to be reinforced on occasion.
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Old 06-26-2016, 02:47 PM
chi person
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Sorry I forgot to answer the last part of your post. When you are trying to make him sit are you pushing on his bum or just using words? Many chi' sand other small dogs don't like to sit on cold floors try putting a towel down for him to sit on. Take a yummy treat he only gets when training and guide it from his nose in a straight line up to his forehead. Keep it low enough that he does not lose it or the scent. His nose should go up and the bum down. ( a box or do it close to a wall) If he backs up put something behind him when he bumps it he will stop and then the nose up bum down should work. Try not to touch him when doing it. Also get a clicker. See below for loading the clicker. Every time you see him sit on his own click say sit and pop a yummy trading onky treatin his mouth. With puppies I carry a treat bag on my belt. You can buy them at petstores for about $15. Or just keep a baggy I. Your pocket. This works for down too.

Hold clicker in one hand and a hind full or slivers of treats in another hand. Repeat quickly and do not talk.

Click treat click treat etc. about 50 times.
Wait till the dog looks away then click. If the dog looks to you for a treat then it is "loaded". If he does not look for a treat or ignored the click repeat the click treat part again. Soon he will look for a treat when he hears a click. You MUST give a treat everytime you click after this even if you click by mistake

For dogs that do not like to

1. Sit with others have your training treats at hand and sit with the dog on your lap

2. Play or cuddle with them offering treats very quickly at first but slowing down over time.

3. When the dog is calm or happy to sit with you move tithe next phase


1. Your mother should be out of site and not talking witching hearing of the dog
2. Your mother should be in the room at a distance, quiet with back turned to you/dog
3. Your mother should be facing you no eye contact, in the room at a distance.
4. Your mother should be standing close to you back turned
5. Your mother should be stand close to you facing you
6. Your mother should be sitting near you face Avert
7. Your mother should be sitting near you facing you
8. Your mother should be sitting near you talking to you (not the dog)

Note the stages should be shorter as the training goes on. If you find the dog becomes agitated when you progress a phase the go back to the previous phase, they are not ready to progress yet.

Have a number of people do this. (Adults and teens only to prevent bites on young children) If the dog becomes over agitated stop and put them in thier crate for a while to calm down and try again later. You want training to be fun for them

For all training keep sessions to 45 min or less. Preferably 30 min.
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