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Old 07-01-2017, 12:53 AM
Just arrived!
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Unhappy What should I do? Legal advice?

Ran into a little conundrum. Kind of a long story I guess. I bought Chester about 2 weeks ago from what seemed a nice young couple (mid 20's). I was invited in their house and talked to them for about an hour while buying the dog. The couple had quite a few dogs of different sizes.

I have never owned a dog, and had no personal experience with Chihuahuas. I was told Chester is 4 months old and that he is due for his last round of shots the next day. I believe the dog is more like 6-8 months old after talking to a few dog owners. The owners gave me a story of how the dog was sold to a friend of theirs initially. Then, their friend had to move to a new city or something and he gave the dog back to them, and he just ended up not wanting it back after the move.

So here they are selling me the dog. I asked if I could pay through PayPal and they accepted, so I did. Paid with a credit card. The thing is, they had me send the money to someone else's ID, not their own (I'm assuming the guy who owned the dog). The girl who sold me the dog told me that she would meet me the next day to take the dog for his last round of shots at their vet. She provided me some food for him when I was leaving. I forgot to ask for paperwork. The dog was $750.

The next day came around and they didn't call or text me. I called the owner and she now said the appointment is for next Monday instead, that she forgot, and she would meet me next monday at the vet's. Mind you I had already made an appointment for the next day with another vet, but she told me not to do that, that she would gladly take him to her vet so I don't have to pay extra. And she told me on the phone that she also wants to give me the dog's "guarantee" and paperwork when she meets me. Cool. I called the vet I made an appointment with and cancelled.

The next Monday (a week later) comes along and, again, no call or text from the seller. I wait until Tuesday and my girlfriend texts the seller. She responds and says she will meet with her the next day to take the dog to the vet. The next day comes, again, nothing from her. A few days go by and I decide to call again. She answers and gives me an excuse of how she got a new phone and that she thought she texted me his documents, bla bla bla. So she told me to text her on the same number I called her on to remind her to send me the documents. She said she would send them right away, that they were on her old phone and she just has to transfer them. So I said ok, but you said that last time. She assured me she would get me the things I need. I even said I don't care about the paperwork as long as I know what shots the dog got so he doesn't get too much/little.

Well now it's about 7 hours later and she still hasn't texted me the pics of his documents. Still no news of if/when she will take him to the vet.

So I basically paid $750 for a dog that is probably older than 4 months (he looks fully grown, but still has puppy characteristics), and got no paperwork or anything. I know where these people live and I have the paypal ID I sent the money to. What do you think I should do at this point? Any point going through a credit card dispute? I feel angry at these people, like I wanna go brick their house or something (if I was younger, it would be done already).

I am just pissed off for wasting so much time and then also getting ripped off on top of it. We love the dog and wouldn't want to give him back, but I also hate feeling like I got swindled. I want some type of resolution. What do you guys suggest?
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Old 07-01-2017, 01:51 AM
chi god/godess
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Face it, you got an older puppy than the 'breeder' said, and yes he will need booster shots sometime. Meantime, can you titer him, and see whether or not he needs any shots. What about Rabies? Can you go to the house, and not lose your temper??? Explain that you don't care about the 'papers' but do want his 'shot' record IF they have it. I doubt that they have any paper work. The shot record would be with the former owner. Can you get in touch with him? I'm sorry this happened, but at least you got a neat little chihuahua!
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Chauncey (07-01-2017)
Old 07-01-2017, 02:14 AM
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Edit: I think I misunderstood. You have the puppy but he has not seen a vet since you got him? Just get him to your vet. They can estimate the age by his teeth and give him the vaccines he needs based on that. I would not assume he has had any shots in the meantime and keep him away from anywhere other dogs go. Whether he is 4 or 6 or 8 months, he should just need one distemper/parvo now, one in a year, then no more than every 3 years after that. So basically, his shot records don't really matter at his age. I am sorry you are having to deal with flaky, possibly lying people. That sucks.
First time Chihuahua owner with many years of dog experience!

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Chauncey (07-01-2017)
Old 07-01-2017, 10:34 PM
chi prince/princess
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I'm a bit confused honestly
Do you have the puppy physically with you?
Or is the puppy physically still with the "breeder" ? And the reasoning is because their "concerned" that they don't have the puppys paper work and/or shots?
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