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Old 06-14-2018, 05:21 PM
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chi prince/princess
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Name: Katie J.
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Default Please Help Me: Potty Issues


I have a seven year old Chi names Beverly and a three year old Chi named Bentley.

My new husband was doing really well warming up to them. He never had pets growing up. He does not always understand.

He is also a clean freak! And my dogs, namely Bentley, will not stop peeing and pooping everywhere! My husband steps in pee and poop daily. We have kids that play on the floor and it is dirty.

Both dogs were very successfully pad trained. Now Bentley literally goes everywhere. It is honestly causing a huge issue in our marriage.

What do I do? Train them to go outside? They are in a large pen during the day. At night they run around and Ben pees and poops everywhere. I have a 2 year old so I can't always watch them dogs. I love these pups so much but they have to stop.

I am desperate. Any suggestions?

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Old 06-14-2018, 09:49 PM
chi prince/princess
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My mom grew up with dogs and cats inside the house and my father didn't (no animals at all) So me having 4 dogs definitely took my dad a very long td to be "okay" with it. But absolutely no cats which I know my mom would love to have a cat.

Do they have access to a secured yard or maybe put something like a pen outside "Gazebos" (sp?)
And start from the beginning. And don't let him have free range of the house at night or day and maybe in the beginning (since during the day he's in a pen) put him in kennel his size not too big than just for him to fit (you don't want him to pee on one end and sleep on the other end) nd possibly even leave it in the pen with your other Chi. Wake up in the morning take him out say "go potty" and you don't necessarily need to "watch him" especially with a 2 year old. You can put him back in and feed him breakfast, if you let him free eat you should consider changing it. Than put him back in his kennel. An hour our 2 later put him back outside to go. Put him back in and maybe let him just run in the pen inside the house and put puppy pads in the space since he knows he should go on the pad if he chooses too. Take him out every couple of hours and if he goes in the crate put him out wash it and put him back. If he goes in the pen and doesn't go on the pad put him in his crate. For night time take him out one last time and put him to sleep in the crate.
I know life is crazy with a 2 year old but I hope you and your husband both give Bentley a try.
Also if he's trained to go on a puppy pad maybe you don't need to take him outside just every couple of hours put him on top of the pad and try to get him to go. And if he doesn't put him in crate.
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Old 06-15-2018, 01:35 AM
chi god/godess
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Katie, Bentley is NOT housetrained. He certainly can use some training. First, do NOT let him make a mistake! That means he is confined in the large pen and only let out when you can watch him. Also stop letting them roam around at night. He can be free ONLY when you are able to watch him. Some trainers advocate using a leash attached to your belt. Where you go, he goes. If you free feed, stop and feed them separately twice a day. This way, you know they have to 'go' after they eat. Give it a go and see what happens. The other thing is to wash the floor/rug with an enzymatic solution made for this purpose.
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Old 06-15-2018, 04:40 PM
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Name: Dominique
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I had the same problem. My boy chi after 7 years started marking in the house. I did everything in my power to get him to stop. I had blood tests done to make sure he was healthy and it wasn't medical related. The vet had to inform me at this point he thought it was behavioral. It did not click with me that having new neighbors move in that we share a driveway with was the cause. My boy was so upset about sharing a yard with another male dog. After three years of having it go on he was rehomed with my father who has no neighbors with male dogs. At 10 years old he has never peed in my father apartment. I tried every form of training from belly bands and tethering him to myself. I hope you find a solution for your family and do not feel guilty if it is something out of your control. My boy was also neutered at a young age.
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Old 08-06-2018, 02:41 AM
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chi god/godess
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Start from the beginning. Do not give free run of the house, tether to you so you can watch every move he makes, if he starts sniffing around take him outside. If he potties in the house, take it outside where you want him to go. Always take him to the same spot outside and when he potties praise like crazy, be silly. Make sure all the scent is cleaned up where the accident happens, use something like natures miracle or water and white vinegar mixture. As soon as he wakes up in the morning or wakes up for a nap take him straight out also after every meal and before bed and random times throughout the day. You cannot give them free reign of the house when they are making mistakes, that is just asking for it. Praise, patience and persistent will pay off. Keep at it. Never hit or rub noses in their urine or feces, this confuses them and can cause the behavior to worsen. Also if you are putting them in a pen outside, I hope it is covered as birds of prey like hawks and owls will grab a chihuahua

RIP Yoshi...You will be forever in my heart as you took most of it with you...

The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of a low price is forgotten....
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