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Old 11-27-2006, 03:26 AM
honorary chi
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Default PeePee Problem.

Okay. So I don't know if I should post this unter chihuahua question or chi chat but feel free to move if is in the wrong section.

Here it goes.
So now my 1 year old chihuahua Bambi was all house trained and clean and everything never lift his leg nothing.
For about 2 3 weeks now he's a nightmaire (sp?)... He lifts his paw and pee's on my mom's bed. Pees on the carpet, pees in the bassement.
Basicaly everywhere exept from my room (since he sleep there I think?)
He does #2 too.
Angel too does the same but her it was and still is an issue trainning her. She still does it in the basement (aspecialy) and my mom's room.

They we're trained to go on a peepad everything was doing great until now.

What can I do? Should I REEEtraine him/them? how? I'm mixed up and desperate .
My mom said if they keep doing that (especialy bambi since he's the worse) We'll give him away. I really don't want it to happen </3.

p.s: we have a little mouse problem can it be the cause :S? our neighbourg are building so that's probably why we have this little problem.
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Old 11-27-2006, 03:44 AM
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Well, for starters is Bambi neutered?
it could be a territory thing, my 8 year old neutered male still pees in the house. He has to wear dog diapers, I buy a fabric one made for females and put maxi pads that I cut in half in them to absorb the pee, works well, we're happy and he could care less.
He also could be responding to the lack of success so far with your Angel. Sometimes this happens with dogs.
I'm so tired right now that I cna't think of anything else to say regarding this, so I hope Foxywench sees this as she'll know just what to tell you.!
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Old 11-30-2006, 11:47 AM
chi prince/princess
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an untrained dog is the fault of the owner and not the dog. what you need to do is go back to square one and treat them as if they are puppies. get some natures miracle or simular product and clean up all the messes already made to start with. crate them when you are not watching them. if they are not spayed/neutered get that done asap. decide what method you are going to use, outside, wee pad or litterbox and than take them there every time you first take them out of the kennel, after eating, drinking, playing or chewing.
good luck to you ... i just finally got my rescue shih tzu housetrained after never having any training the first 7 months of her life. she didn't have a clue what i expected of her when she came her the end of august
good luck!
Please feel free to visit my sites and light a candle
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Old 12-02-2006, 02:50 PM
chi god/godess
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first off, i second the he neutered? if nto, get him the apt and have hm neutered...
lifting the leg is a sure sighn of teritorial marking in cases like this...the pont of the male lifting his leg is to spray the urine higher (nose height of other dogs) this lifting does become habbit after a while, but at only a year, you have to start get the apt. to get him the big snip...

now your also having issues with the female...likelyhood is hes marking the areaswhere the females going, the poopiing ins a ntural beahviour too, as anwhere one dog uses the bathroom if the scne tlingers the dog or in this case dogs will return to that spot.

you real need to confine them for doesnt have to be a crate, just a small easy to clean room..bathroom and kitchen are usually the best bets. get a babygate and block off the dorways...
place their peepad in the rom with them...
wheneer you cant watch them like a hawk 100% they go in that room. if you go to the bathrom or are making dinner, doing chres any point you wouldnt be able to keep your eyes glued to them, put them in that room.
when you can watch them, keep places like moms room and the basement off limits for now, and have the gated area open for acess to their pee pads.
while there losoe watch them closey, if you see them displaying need to potty sighns take them to the pad,if they do somehting on the pad PRAISE like crazy!

this is going to be a long and hard process because both dogs have gotten into the habit of going wherever they MUST be patient and peristent or youll confuse them!

now the other thing you need to do is...if you have carpets hire a steam cleaner and get a bottle of enzamatic cleaner to use with it. (the people you hire it from should have products too...) EVERY carpet in the house needs a good cleaning! (im NOT saying because their dirty, the proble is the scent is still residual thats why they return...)
so on the spots they tend to favour use the cleaner straight from the bottle, saturate the spot and let it soak, then after about 1/2 hour soack come back over with the steam cleaner when you do the entire carpet.

if you have wood floors, instead of getting a steam cleaner, get one of those disposable mopp/swiffer things and that bottle of cleaning fluid (natures miracle seems to be the best,use the skunk odor remover to be rel sure its all out) again on areas they favour going to the bathroom put the cleaner on undiluted and let sit for about 15 mins to get into those little gaps in the flooring....then dilute 50/50 with water and mop the entire floors. if youve got both wood and both!
have a bottle of the cleaner handy and use ANYTIME theres an accident!

reove the smell it SHOULD remove the desire to revisit that spot...

again patients and persistents is the key to this...good luck.
and as i said, if hes not neutered...get it done.

and welcome aboard Ruby
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