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Luna1978 09-16-2011 08:41 AM

Controlling sexual behaviour in show dogs
I'm in quite a dilemma really as at the beginning of August I bought a bitch puppy for showing, but about a week ago Casper our other male show dog starting being sexual around her to the point that he can't relax.

I took the bitch pup to the vet to see if she is having some kind of early season but she isn't and the advice given was to castrate Casper. However, as he is early in his show career (UK) I don't want to do that as the the rules are I cannot show him unless he's been castrated for medical reasons which isn't the case.

So another person at RingCraft classes said try putting lavender oil on my bitches private bits or something called bitch spray which I'm waiting to see if the vet approves of.

They also suggested studding Casper out to release his sexual energy directed towards the puppy. I just don't know what to do as it isn't about the money for studding and I'm concerned it might make him worse. At the same time I can't and don't want to spay the bitch.

At the moment I'm using my voice to get him away from the bitch pup and giving him lots of praise when he stops what he is doing and moves away. I also praise him when he plays nicely with her or relaxes enough to snuggle up. At times even this method isn't enough and he has a one track mind to the point that I don't know what to do other than restrain him.

Can anyone help please :(

MChis 09-16-2011 01:58 PM

I have no advice other than seperating them if it's being bothersome to your girl. We just got our first show girl a few months ago & I have NO interest in getting a male for a looong time & until I have the set up where he'd have to be completely seperated from the rest of the crew when unsupervised.

Sorry I don't have any other advice. I hope you're able to calm him down a bit for your little girls sake!

Luna1978 09-16-2011 03:16 PM

Thank you, I've spoken with another vet today who said it's more likely to be a dominance thing than actual mating as she isn't in season, I'm going to continue with using my voice, the crates and introduce the bitch spray.

jesshan 11-12-2011 04:01 PM

Castration is out of the question if you are showing him
Studding....that's not a good idea either - he'll want it all the more. How old is he? Another thing with shouting at him is if you ever decide to use him at stud - he won't perform because he will think he will get into trouble.
What's he like in the show ring, does he do anything like this in the ring (I know a few boys who insist on trying to mate my boys lol - same owner for some reason different dogs but they both love my two boys!!! LOL

roguethunder 11-12-2011 04:28 PM

I totally agree it is most likely a dominance thing rather than a wish to mate. The does not happen unless she is in season. I had a male Rhodiesian Ridgback 100# who would walk across the room standing over our cat, humping mid air like crazy. He was not trying to mate with her, it was dominence. Sometimes when we over react to a situation we actully give a positive reaction to a negative action. Unless he is hurting her, I think the less attention you draw to it, he may seattle down, and not feel like he has to dominate her. Make him feel secure and loved.Figure it is worth a try. I also agree with not using your voice. It is still a reaction, for a negative action. which will make him focus on the action. Hope I am making scense.

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