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News, Rules and Feedback

News and Announcements

Read all the latest news and announcements from the Mod/Admin team. Only Mods/Admins can start new threads in here.
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Please make sure you read here for all the rules of this community.
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  • 44.1K forum help and feedback

Give your feedback on the site and any forum help you have here.
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Chihuahua Pictures

This forum is dedicated to pictures of your pets!
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Chi chat

This forum is for general chit-chat about Chihuahuas
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Chihuahua Questions

Care and other related questions
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Featured Chi + Chihuahua Photo Contests

Submit your chihuahua to appear as our featured chi or enter the chihuahua photo challenge
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Chihuahua articles

Chihuahua Articles and FAQs
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Chihuahua Crafts

A place to talk about all your chi crafts and other hobbies
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Chihuahua Rescue

Can you help give a home to a chihuahua in need? Share stories and advice about adopting and rescue.
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Chihuahua Breeders and Breeding

A forum for breeding information and questions.
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Chihuahua Showing and Conformation

Discuss, everything related to chihuahua showing and conformation AKC, CKC, KC
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Chihuahua Health

A forum for information and questions on health.
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Chihuahua Training

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Members' Corner

New Member Introductions

New members can introduce themselves here and get help & advice with problems relating to the site
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Chihuahua Meetup

Want to organise a Chihuahua Meetup? This forum is used to announce and discuss meetups and events
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Member's chi profiles!

Here you will find pages with all of our member chi babys. Share your photo albums or dogster pages.
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Member's chi diarys

keep a diary about all things chi, and anything else you would like to write about!
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Rainbow Bridge

This forum is dedicated to all our past fur babies. please read instructions on posting
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Chi Classifieds

Buyers // Sellers

Forum designated for buying and selling, breeders also welcome. You must have at least 150 posts to be able to POST in this area.
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Links and Products

chi related sites, links and products
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Vendor Deals

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General chat

Talk about the things that are important to you (other than chis of course) here. Eg: Health beauty, support, entertainment, jokes, recipies, poems, etc etc...
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Other Pets

A forum for discussing and sharing pics of other pets, including other dog breeds, cats, rabbits, mice, fish, stick insects etc... All creatures welcome!
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Siggys and Graphics

For our resident artists:)
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Diet, fitness, health and beauty

A forum for diet support, health and beauty advice and tips.
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