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Old 05-05-2012, 10:19 PM
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Default Started a Facebook page for Vet reviews

I Started a Face Book Page to help pet people write reviews/experiences good or bad about their veterinary clinic and also to just fellowship with pet people. here is the links Please join. If you have problems finding it let me know.

This is why I started it.
In 1995 I had a Toy Fox Terrier named Buster, he had to have his Teeth Clean and other wise healthy I thought. He had been going to Red Barn Animals Clinic,
Red Barn Veterinary Clinic, Grand Rapids, MICHIGAN | GENERAL INFORMATION | U.S.

They said they would call me if they had any problems or Questions, cleaning was to be done about 8am, at noon I called see how he was doing and they said we had some problem his heart stopped few times but is now doing good and is sleeping and I can pick him up after work. I got there and they said he has breathing tube in and because of his trouble, and I should take him to all night hospital to keep my eye on him, never says he was in trouble just sleeping, they brought him out all wrapped up and I knew in my heart something was wrong. He looked so life less to me. I rushed him to the all night vet and they took him back in panic and said to me what happened I told them. They said we cant do anything for him he is Brain Dead. I was so very up set as you can even imagine. Then my next experience is with Meyer Vet clinic. About Us

I had been going to other vet but she had lost a baby and closed her practice. They gave my Pomeranian's their yearly shots and they where never the same. Brandi my oldest Pom had started seizures and got so bad we put her down. The other Pom had a huge cyst like on shot site, then started have breathing problems like reverse cough/trek. So they treated her for that. they took x-rays and said they found nothing. they treat her with cough medicine for a few years and each year just got worse. I finally took her to Irons Animal Clinic Irons Animal Hospital - Veterinarian In Irons, MI USA :: Home

and took the X-Rays from Meyers vet in Cadillac that were taken 2 years before, they irons vet took one look at them from said she has heart disease her heart is large and fluid around it, she treated with medication that helped for while then got so bad and she started having seizures I decided after lot of Crying and Praying to put her down. My husband went with me and when he left the room she tried to work on my tears to try other thing to help her she knew my husband would have said enough is enough. Before I had taken Sissy to Irons I was no way going back to Meyers vet as they had just killed my 1 year old Siamese cat Millie. She went in for a basic spay and two days later she was dead, she bleed to death internally. They either nicked something or they didn't close her up. I then had a few year old parakeet and she had a bump on her Bum so I called Airport vet,
Airport Animal Clinic, PC, Cadillac, MICHIGAN | GENERAL INFORMATION | U.S.

I called them asked if they were able to take care of birds they said yes bring her in. So I did the vet said I have never seen this before and put needles in it and tried to get fluid out,he said he will contact some who knows that night my bird was dead. I then got on line to see if other birds had this problem and it was very common and birds lived long life's with it and if he did now about birds he should have known this. I then stopped payment of my check and they tried fighting me on it turn me in to credit report. I then got a 6 weeks old Chihuahua and took her to Irons animals clinic because I felt she helped my Sissy. After her 1st set of shots I showed her tech Amberleah private part was kind big and swelled up the tech just looked for Second and said it is fine. Then her next shot i asked again she said it was fine and I said no something not right about it. Then the vet just looked a sec and blew it off like I was being dumb. I called them and talked to vet teach and she kinda treated me like I was dumb and after I told her go ask the vet she came back and said we can take a X-Ray, Then Amberleah was choking on a treat I rushed her there and my vet was not in she had a vet from another office helping out I said I need a second opinion look at her private part, he said he never seen anything like this except in a ferret and could be either adrenal or male girl. He said you should have some tests done on her right way. So upset I didn't take her back there and took her to U of M Animal hospital. They did lots of test and thought yes looks and feels like boy girl or adrenal problems and have her spay to see if boy girl. So I called irons vet told them I was upset that they dint take me seriously and blew me off. Dr. said to me it didn't look like anything, I sent her pictures and then she said wow yes something wrong and it didn't look like that when i had her in there. yes it did. I will not go back there now. Amberleah had her surgery and she did not have Boy Girl and they are hoping after awhile the hormones will help her and go down to normal size or she will have to have adrenals checked in more detail. Now i have 3 wild Orphan kittens that I rescued and they had eye infection and had not pooped so I thought well they just needed medication called Meyer and airport as they are only vets in area. see how much it would be. They where very expedience and didn't included treatment or testing. So I did now what to do they are a rescue and I didn't want them to die so I went in to Meyers vet and asked them please waive the office fee as they are not my kittens they are rescue and I am caring for them. I said I would pay for the medication for them if they can wave the fee. They refused to. i said if I were to just leave them they be forced to treat them they said No they would euthanize them. As I was leaving the office the DR if you want to call him that was in back of a truck euthanize a huge St. Barnard. I said that the only thing this vet office knows how to do is kill animals. I will never ever go there again. A Friend of mine from Church had taken her Dog for a emergency and the Dog died and my friend told me Dr was Drunk, now this is just hear say of course. But He does look like he drinks a lot. So this is my experience of veterinary clinics so I am confuse where to take my little Amberleah lou lou. so this is why I started this page.
In His Service
Theresa and Amberleah Lou Lou

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