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MisStingerRN 05-22-2010 01:54 AM

Bailey's blog
My name is Bailey. I'm just over 6 months old. My birthday is 11-13-2009, I weigh approximately 5.5lbs. Mom's not really sure cuz I don't go to the vet again till 5-28. Then I gotta get surgery on my eye and girl parts. Mom said it will only hurt for a little while and she said I gotta get a microchip thingy too. "it's for my own good" she said. I think momma's kinda nervous. Yea, she says I have cherry eye and we gotta fix it right away. I think I will feal better and people will stop talking abuot my eye all the time...maybe they'll quite starring at it too. That makes me and momma feel bad.

Anyhoo, I been in my new house for a week now and I really love it here. My mom, dad, and kid's are really, really, really, really, nice to me. I also have a new sister, Lucy! Lucy's fun! Mom says Lucy is like a new dog cuz of me! I feels pretty proud 'bout dat! They also have these wierd tings mom calls "parrots" She loves dem tings and I don't get to be alone with them yet, even though my mom says I'm being really really good with them wierd tings she's just extra careful with her fids.

Well, I just wanted to say hi to all you hot little chihuahuahs. I hope we can be amigos. I will talk to ya later, I'm pretty tierd after all that playing at the park and with lucy!

MisStingerRN 06-19-2010 10:46 AM

Well, I guess I needs to update my blog. Oh so much has happened to me since coming home!

I've been home for five whole weeks now. I now weigh 6.2 lbs! Momma says "holy cow, your getting to be a big girl now!" I do look good if I say so myself...hehee. I've been through a lot since comin' home. I got poked and hurt real bad from the Dr. I didn't like dat. I couldn't walk and I was all swelled up and cryin' alot. After dat I had to go BACK to the vet and get another pokey for my reaction! My mom carried me around cuz I still wanted to follow her...I was so sad, but momma gave me some medicine to make me'z feels better. After all dat I had to be spayed...Momma says it's important stuff. I was so sleepy but Iz feelin' fine now. My mom says we gots to have one more surgery on my eye and I'll be right as rain. I guess dat will be alright and I'll be so happy to have my eye fixed up...momma too.

I really love my big sissy Lucy. I wove to play with her but sometimes she don't wanna play with me?! Iz still try tho...she kinda a pushover with thinks I will be da boss of her some day!

I love to talk to lucy and momma. Iz really a good talker and I'm learning to do it when mom asks. Momma says I'm bein' schooled. Iz got to learn lots of stuff. Iz pretty smart tho and I like to make momma happy. She says I gots to get socialized but with all my owies it's been a little's Iz still workin' on dat. I'm really afraid of little people tho...those things scares me to pieces. Hopefully I can get over dat someday. There just too grabby for me'z. Do dey scare you to pieces too??

Well, that's what's been goin' on for me'z. I'z lovin' life! I hope you are havin' a nice day and thanks for readin' my story:)


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