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vgpepper7 02-22-2018 12:31 PM

Unsure if dog likes new puppy
So I got my 10 week old chi pup, and I am unsure if my 8 month chi likes her or not. Their size difference if pretty significant so for now I keep them in separate areas of the house with supervised visits. They are both females.

They kind of run around and play a bit pouncing towards one another and running back and forth with some play bows, but I do have to keep my 8 month old from pawing at her or playing too rough, and she has tried to nip the pup a few times during play when she gets over energized. Also, I noticed when the pup is sitting on me she will growl a bit when the older chi comes near. Should I stop her from doing this? I try not to let them use me as an island or sitting post too much when they are interacting and I stand up so they can kind of sort things out on their own. The pup also is a bit snippy, she will snap at the older chi with an open mouth sometimes and I am wondering if I should stop her from doing this. The older chi does not retaliate she just jumps away.

The older chi has barked at her a few times and growls or whines when the pup is sitting on me. I did not correct this as I'm not sure which behaviors I should allow and what is the dogs just working things out for themselves. They are both playful, and I hope once the pup is a bit bigger they will be able to work things out a bit more. I definitely think my older chi is a bit jealous because she whines when I am in the other room with the puppy. I have never had two dogs at one time so this is new to me. The new is a bit more focused on me than she is on my older chi.

Any advice?

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