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Old 05-18-2014, 04:13 PM
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Default Woohoo!~

Ok, I'm speechless with excitement now.

I don't know why. it's ridiculous but it never occurred to me I could feed a little (Yes, I'll admit it.. I've always considered them foofoo dogs) dog raw.

I was dreading the idea of letting kibble back in my home. My one cat is unable to eat raw, instead of easing his IBD it irritates it so he's on a grain free canned. The 3 year old however eats raw prey model and I can not be happier with his lean healthy look, glossy patent leather coat, and shiny bright eyes. (ok and I love the tiny little odorless poops in the litterbox too).

I read all the stickies last night an want to verify a few things if it's not too much trouble.

I saw someone feeds turkey necks. The biggest I've ever tried to get the cat (12.6 lbs at his perfect weight) to eat are chicken drummettes and he can get those chewed up but it's a struggle for him. He's fine with the tips and the center piece. Can a Chi who is roughly his size have the jaw strength to handle the drummettes?

Also, I saw someone suggest ribs. Ribs from what animal, again, I would have thought those too big for a little dog...

Oh and the alternate food source. I saw someone posted a picture of an egg. Can dogs get the egg white as well as the yolk? My boys get Sardines for breakfast and egg yolk for dinner on Sundays. Can my little Gidget eat the sardine or is that bad for her? Also, instead of sardines the next month or so my boys will be getting Kokanee Salmon (a co worker went fishing and brought me home fresh filleted salmon for my boys). It's freshwater salmon, no bones. Can she eat that for her Sunday breakfast?

Sorry for the wall of text, I want to make sure I don't get her sick or hurt her in any way.

So to sum up:
I can use the same 80/10/5/5 raw prey model as for cats?
What's the biggest bone a Chi can eat safely?
Egg white AND egg yolk is OK?
Sardines and Kokanee Salmon safe for dogs if it's fresh water, no bones, and raw?

Thanks for your help!
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Old 05-18-2014, 05:04 PM
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Yes, your tiny Chi is really a miniature wolf, just like any other breed of dog Raw is great for Chis (and other Toy breeds) as they are prone to dental issues and regular meaty bones will really help with dental health. They are also less able to cope with all the additives and fillers in kibble, so a pure raw diet is ideal for them. It is also very appetising, you don't get fussy Chis when they get different meats every day.

Yes, you feed to the same ratio as with cats. There is less need to ensure adequate taurine is supplied, as dogs can create their own.

Mine will happily eat pork and lamb ribs, any part of a chicken, (I think our chickens are a bit smaller than the US ones though) sections of duck or turkey necks, lamb necks. They are also given much larger bones to strip, which have enough meat on to count as a meat meal, but are too big for any bone to be consumed. My smallest Chi is 3lbs and was weaned on raw. She manages just as well as the bigger ones, it is amazing what these tiny dogs can do. (I have five ranging from 3-5.5lbs, so none are particularly big.) It may take a while to build up jaw strength though, so start with softer bones, such as poultry.
With all bones, watch very carefully to prevent choking. Not all dogs chew (they eat very differently to cats) and if you have a gulper they are at risk of swallowing dangerously large fragments of bone. (Especially at the beginning before the pH of their stomachs has adapted back to digesting bone if they have been on kibble) So make sure any bones are big enough and have plenty of meat on them. You can always feed a larger piece and remove it when the dog has consumed enough.

I regularly feed whole raw eggs, including the shell. I get my eggs locally, supermarket eggs (in the UK anyway) are sprayed, so try and get plain eggs if you want to feed the shell. (The shell makes it a balanced meal in terms of calcium to phosphorus) Eggs can be very rich and cause loose stools, so introduce gradually to experienced raw eaters, treat a bit like offal in that respect.

I feed sardines (slightly frozen, they prefer them that way) and other whole oily fish, sprats being the favourite. Fish have soft bones so don't worry about removing them. The salmon sounds fantastic, but I freeze all wild foods for a couple of weeks to ensure there aren't any parasites. It is more of a precaution, but I don't routinely worm, so I like to be careful.

Raw is a great way to feed and your Chi will really love you for it.
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