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charchi 04-20-2015 04:05 AM

BARF dog food?
Hi again, was just wondering if anyone here has tried the dogs on Barf premade raw food, it,s sold here in Australia not sure if you have it in the US. From what I read it sounds pretty good , it has 5. Stars.

Kismet 04-21-2015 04:16 AM

I live in Australia and have used it. It changed hands a while ago and I think the quality went down a little then. I was feeding 1/3 of a patty to my 2.3kg Chi at the time and he would often stop eating for a day as if he felt sick but be OK within 12-24hrs. He was also crazy for carbs during this period and would kill you to get some steamed rice. I've since moved to the Big Dog Barf Patties which (as far as I understand) are made by the people who originally made the Dr B Barf Patties. My dogs all tolerate it well but these days I also feed a bit of kibble (Earthborn) and/or ZiwiPeak.

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