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doginthedesert 04-21-2013 03:15 AM

Glass for freezer storage + Pig Organ Size
I promise pig organs and glass storage containers are a little bit related. At least in my life.

I have always disliked using plastic, and plastic bags are a big waste so I was thinking of switching to glass storage for freezer stuff. A lot of glass/pyrex containers say freezer safe- but has anyone actually done this with success?

I just got a new upright freezer and I want to order a bunch of stuff to start organization in there off right. In the next month or so I am getting all the offal off a whole pig, meat for me to eat off the same pig, two goats (i'm keeping the shoulders for people dinner and the rest is for the dogs) and I found a local distributor from Oma's pride so I am trying out a few of their products too. Plus if there is room left I really want to order some steaks and cabob meat for me locally. So everything will need butchered, organized, organs separated, dog stuff portioned out etc... And I am TRYING to do it all without plastic.

I got a coupon from to use one of their other "family" sites and since they have free shipping I was thinking of getting a bunch of glass tupperware type stuff from But I dunno, glass in a freezer? Anyone with personal experience using glass and such in the freezer let me know.

Also in trying to prepare as far as tupperware size- has anyone gotten whole pig organs? How big are they? Any idea what other offal I should expect?

lilbabyvenus 04-21-2013 03:27 AM

I freeze stock in mason jars all the time. I've also frozen meat in my tupperware/rubbermaid (idk, the ones with the red "easy-find" lids lol) glass containers.

doginthedesert 04-21-2013 11:18 PM

Yeah, I think I'm going to do all organs in mason jars and everything else in the ziploc versa glass cause I have a coupon for them. Still I need to get some bigger rubbermaids for leg bones and stuff that is oversize.

I am filling this freezer up fast, I want to keep it organized.

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