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: Chihuahua Questions

  1. Most important
  2. Keeping a Chi calm for 7 days???
  3. Luxating Patella
  4. Chi in heat
  5. Chi with an upset tummy... :(
  6. scooting on floor
  7. Noah's just eaten chewing gum, help?
  8. Honey's Spay - when to do it?!
  9. tmi post, re 1 testicle hasnt dropped
  10. to sleep or not to @[email protected]
  11. Sleeping arrangements?
  12. Am I right to be so afraid of antibiotics??
  13. question about biting and pad training
  14. Does anyone use Proden Plaque Off Dental Care
  15. Learning to get along
  16. Bonnie's housemate
  17. Ezydog chest plate or buddy belt - advice please
  18. Kong training
  19. Holidays coming up question.....
  20. Help!!!
  21. Hairless chi's
  22. questions on immunization
  23. Bad weather pee pad training
  24. Normal or abnormal Chi socialization?
  25. Upset stomach!
  26. Remi throwing up...... :(
  27. Do you ever have to speak in code around your Chi's?
  28. Limping on and off
  29. Interesting Behavior
  30. Drinking too much water?
  31. Help interpreting this behavior
  32. dry air
  33. My baby is sick and I'm worried
  34. Potty Training
  35. Feeding multiple dogs
  36. Help needed please.
  37. Question for those who crate their pup
  38. Anyone tried the Easy walk harness?
  39. What is your Chi going to be for Halloween?
  40. What is Luna mix with?
  41. Permanent Hair Loss?
  42. How to get clothes on?
  43. Boy puppy being rude!
  44. 4 year old rescue very nervous male and fearful of my husband
  45. Odie has fleas!
  46. Is it becoming harder for you to sell your puppies?
  47. First snow experience
  48. Arranging toys...?
  49. changing color?
  50. Should i Deworm immediatley
  51. Are there any New Zealand Chi owners on here?
  52. Strong/Effective/Recommended Probiotics please!
  53. I need help with my sick puppy. please.
  54. Is it bad to let him walk/stand on me?
  55. I can't tell if Gemma is in heat.
  56. What to say when people pet Ren without asking?
  57. pee pads
  58. Midgie woke me up with loud stomach noises...
  59. Splinter can't seem to live without me!
  60. pee pad question??????
  61. noa drinking his urine :'( . . .
  62. Zeus pee smells like Gasoline! ???
  63. VERY stubborn puppy
  64. runny eyes?
  65. How do you deal with your chi meeting children?
  66. Advice please
  67. Is this chihuahua purebred?
  68. Is luna throwing a tantrum
  69. chihuahua shaking
  70. Bath time
  71. Tear Stains
  72. What do you use for a warming pad/disc
  73. weening my puppy's
  74. puppies and behavior help
  75. Chi puppy eating cat poops!!!!!!!
  76. Noah's condition, underweight? 😩
  77. Does anyone use?
  78. A few Twinkie questions bundled into 1 long post:)
  79. What does your Chihuahua smell like?
  80. ear question
  81. Would you have reservations about buying a dog being retired from breeding
  82. Does your chi make noises in their sleep or snore?
  83. Do your Chis go outside during the winter?
  85. I think he's scared of me.
  86. If you have more than one Chi
  87. Natural Chew things, What do you use?
  89. a x-mas related question
  90. How much salmon oil should I give daily?
  91. Does anyone use one of these in the car?
  92. Mom's pet Chi Bites everyone but her.
  93. Help Needed, How much work is there in adding another chi?
  94. Exsessive barking & Running from me @7 mons.
  95. Clothes for a funny shaped girl?
  96. Weird butt behavior..
  97. What to do about pants grown too long?
  98. Charchi, getting bored with same food.
  99. All About Animal Rescue Question
  100. Help Older chi still doesnt like new baby.
  101. Harness advice
  102. We're BACK!! And have lots of questions...
  103. crosses
  104. What colour ???? opinions please
  105. How do you play with and exercise your Chi's?
  106. 9 month old suddenly not sleeping through the night
  107. Male or female, I'm leaning towards female
  108. Underbite?
  109. Ears
  110. Naughty puppy help
  111. Microchipping
  112. worming
  113. Bonnie
  114. Washing doggie clothes
  115. First time Owner - walking and room questions
  116. Excessive Licking!?
  117. Chi psychology and flea medication question
  118. Chi treats
  119. Help&Tips for walking puppy on leash.
  120. Dewormer
  121. Harness or lead?
  122. Name for my new baby?
  123. Long hair Chihuahua, or Chi-Pom Mix? Pictures attached.
  124. Urgent advice needed
  125. Introducing two puppies
  126. long haired
  127. Can non-clumping cat litter be used?
  128. Chihuahua treats
  129. Whining when I'm not in his view
  130. Lilac chihuahua throwback
  131. chi's in heat
  132. How do I get Rolo to wee outside when it's raining??
  133. Boy chi names??
  134. Verdict on Bully Sticks....(and nylabone)
  135. harnesses
  136. Retraining....
  137. Chewing!!
  138. Training without Treats?
  139. At roughly what age are chi's fully grown?
  140. how to get my puppy to sleep in her bed?
  141. Jumping up - specifically on toddlers/small children
  142. House training & post spay questions
  143. Extra small lead recommendations !
  144. Victoria Stillwell hates me....and most of us...
  145. Treats/Chews/Bully Sticks and super smelly poos!!HELP!!
  146. To dress or not to dress
  147. Stubborn!
  148. demodectic mange puppy
  149. Potty question
  150. 7-Month Female Chi Sprinkles Vigorously - What Can Be Done?
  151. Why has this happened?
  152. Should I Be Worried??
  153. Nupro dog Supplements for Shedding HELP!!
  154. Salmon Oil with ZP
  155. What size collar?
  156. What is your dog's favorite toy?
  157. How many times does your Chi poop per day? Is this normal?
  158. 1st walk ever?
  159. Overwhelmed.
  160. Applaws??
  161. What constitutes a 'spoiled' Chihuahua?
  162. Ugh...peeing on the bed!
  163. How many is too many?
  164. Biting/Temper and Stopped wanting to walk :(
  165. Question about potty training my chi
  166. Help!
  167. Strange neck lump
  168. Awkward Question
  169. Potty training
  170. Would u/do u let other people walk ur chis??
  171. Simcha's backside - unusual fur pattern
  172. Housebreaking 'accident' while visiting relative's home
  173. price
  174. Tags
  175. Initial verdict on Ziwipeak Lamb Cuisine/Question on wet/canned version
  176. Eating Habit
  177. The dreaded poop eating!
  178. Going outside in the rain
  179. So MAD!!! & Dawn Soap Question
  180. Separation anxiety
  181. Karma licking Laska and vice versa
  182. Neuter question
  183. 6 month had HUGE growth spurt
  184. Allergy to Ziwipeak?
  185. What do you think of her?
  186. Help! I'm having trouble house training my chihuahua!!
  187. Need a Helping Hand...or eye as it were.
  188. Soft spot
  189. What is Lenny considered?
  190. Getting a new puppy
  191. Too much sleep?
  192. Update: I'm waiting until Chi is 14 wks before the long drive
  193. How much should I be feeding my puppy?
  194. Do You Think He Is Purebred?
  195. Questions about my new little 'dumpling'
  196. Finding the right Chi
  197. No one will help me with the problems with my 1 year old chi!
  198. Adult rescue growling..
  199. Sad To go on vacation ...
  200. Our Chi and cat fight...I'm so worried
  201. Please Answer. I'm worried :/
  202. Harness Fear?
  203. Tummy trouble
  204. Potty Problems
  205. Sizing?
  206. Has Anyone Driven 12+ Hours with a Puppy?
  207. Veterinarians near Charlotte, NC
  208. Nervous About 12 Hour+ Drive to get 12 Week Old Puppy
  209. Nylabones?
  210. Scheduled Chloe's spay
  211. Pee pads or outside?
  212. First heat
  213. Ruff Ruff Couture Sizing question
  214. No sleep for mom
  215. Tell me if I did wrong...
  216. Is beach walking ok?
  217. Training Advice
  218. Does a long coat chi really need a sweater in the winter?
  219. UPDATE: cat not liking new dog..
  220. possible cryptorchid?
  221. Bath products?
  222. To be or not to heat?
  223. Growling and biting!
  224. When will my Chi's ears stand up??
  225. Any reason to get special bags for cleaning up on walks?
  226. Cant seem to house train, help!!
  227. Could my cocoa butter lip balm be harming my chi?
  228. Food
  229. Naughty Chi's
  230. Partners' dog doesn't like me
  231. Oh oh, she's in heat!
  232. Having a hard time
  233. Is it true?... Do Chis only bond with one person
  234. What about poop and pee?
  235. Weighting your chis at home
  236. Payback? Or just dislikes me?
  237. New Acana Lamb and Apple!!
  238. Help!! Chi swallowed a rib gristle whole!!!
  239. Post-Spaying questions
  240. Is this harness to small for me?
  241. Vitamin C for a UTI?
  242. Blanket sucker! Odd right?
  243. Does anyone feed their cat Ziwipeak?
  244. Holly is in heat
  245. 8 month old tiny chi and no heat yet?
  246. Honey is in season, not liking walkies :(
  247. Random peeing?
  248. A few questions
  249. Does playfulness continue into later years
  250. I Have A Question About My 8 Week Old Chi Ears!