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: Chihuahua Questions

  1. Over Protective Girl
  2. Hind Leg Smaller Than others
  3. Coat question
  4. Good chihuahua breeders?
  5. Need help
  6. Feeding problem
  7. Adopted a New Chi, now my yorkie might be dying
  8. Hershey has blood in her stool :-(
  9. Chihuahua sore throat?
  10. When to feed at night?
  11. dh does not like gentle leader
  12. Whole body cramps after exercising
  13. Bow legs
  14. HELP!!!Jealous chi!!
  15. Hair not growing on back, help
  16. Growly When She Comes Out Of The Crate In The Morning
  17. So, What Weight is Considered a Tiny .....
  18. Harness that is easy to put on?
  19. Skittishness at Being Picked Up...Any Advice?
  20. Having trouble cutting my dogs nails.
  21. See colors?
  22. Potty training . . . down the drain!
  23. Potty when it is raining?
  24. My Chihuahua just started barking at People & other Dogs
  25. Fear in puppies?
  26. Advice for watery eyes/tear stains?
  27. Puppy age
  28. First Flight
  29. Eating & odd behavior?
  30. To those that feed ZP
  31. What is your rescues story?
  32. Washing a little white chi face...
  33. Tug of war
  34. Choosing a birthdate for our rescue
  35. Girl chi humping another girl chi??
  36. just adopted a very poorly socialized Chihuahua
  37. Help! It's Toby versus walking in the heat!
  38. shedding?
  39. Chihuahua Weights
  40. Incontinence
  41. Does fixing help "marking"?
  42. May have to make a vet visit tomorrow..
  43. anyone have a chi with this
  44. Little Haru is outsmarting me! (teaching tricks)
  45. leg cocking puppy
  46. Need a piece of advice..
  47. Help
  48. Nail trimming
  49. Puppy questions
  50. update on mocha!
  51. how to "fatten" up your Chihuahua in a healthy way?
  52. My little angels....sometimes.
  53. BG- walking body language
  54. Harness problems
  55. Mochas Leg :(
  56. Basement Camping (Pic Heavy)
  57. Need help asap
  58. Mange
  59. Underbite and eating?
  60. Nupro or missing link
  61. Potty Training ...
  62. Leash walking
  63. grooming question please
  64. Can you tell me what sort of chi charchi is please?
  65. Thyroid question
  66. Left kong with chi, pooped in crate :(
  67. Will my Chi ever let me know she has to go out??
  68. For those of you with multiple pets
  69. Puppy shots....confused..
  70. Ear is red and black stuff inside...
  71. Should I Cut My Long Coat / Long Haired Chihuahua's Hair?
  72. Females living with males?
  73. An applehead with a deer head face?
  74. Question on writing
  75. Scratches on Chi
  76. Bump on head
  77. I guess this is a question.
  78. Possessiveness when tired
  79. feeding fruits as a snack
  80. Potty question
  81. "Humping" at a early age.
  82. Moving ... into a roomate situation need some advice
  83. 3 wks late on 2nd set of shots question..
  84. 5 m/o long haired chihuahua
  85. How Important Is It To Dress A Chi?
  86. Dark redish stool. Is it blood?
  87. trimming the hair around a lc chihuahuas ears
  88. Any way to minimize shedding?
  89. Carrying
  90. anyone else's Chi do this?
  91. Warning, be careful what magpies drop over fence.
  92. I'm worried sick and dont know what to do.
  93. How to direct attention from distractions? (Also getting over fears)
  94. Name Calling-What to do?
  95. What did he eat???
  96. full grown
  97. Cherry eye??
  98. Floppy ears at 10 weeks old
  99. We want to go out tonight... Nervous about leaving Gemma.
  100. How to choose a harness
  101. To everyone with white faced chihuahuas
  102. Grooming a LH Chi.
  103. Please tell me this goes away...
  104. Bloodwork before Spay
  105. Chihuahua proof safety gate!
  106. Neutering/ spaying?
  107. Safe to feed carrots??
  108. Limping chi
  109. Overweight pup?? Opinions please :)
  110. Eating antics
  111. Monkey see monkey do!
  112. Have I put my baby at risk for Parvo?
  113. What is wrong with my 13 yr old Chihuahua?
  114. Asthma..?? (dyspnea)
  115. Loosing baby teeth
  116. Some crate training questions.
  117. Bathing? First time?
  118. I will be so glad when Missts hair grows back
  119. Uhhhh!!! Fleas
  120. 2nd chihuahua?
  121. help, my new siggy want work!!
  122. Pinch the doggy???
  123. Chi Eye's
  124. Allergies? Fungal Infection? Cushings? Thyroid? EEEK!!!
  125. Chloe is finished with her puppy shots!
  126. a question for the long coat owners...
  127. Good matches for a +1
  128. Now are you willing to admit you have people in your family like this?
  129. Should I be worried? I don't know if this is normal or not.
  130. Need help desperately!!!!!
  131. Would love to get opinions....
  132. How can we make everyone happy in our fur family?
  133. Chi jumping up on kids.
  134. Help. Male suddenly agressive towards other males in the house
  135. Itchy skin but its not dry
  136. Neutered males and a intact female?
  137. Overweight puppy? HELP!
  138. Cricket is constipated
  139. chi in a pool?
  140. Measuring for Park Avenue harness
  141. Have any of you ever heard of this?
  142. Howling Chi
  143. Seperation Anxiety in 5 y/o
  144. Questions about barking and spaying.
  145. Pixies discovered her bark!
  146. This little chi can sure whine for hours.
  147. Cricket going to the vet
  148. Petco harnesses :)
  149. Canned or dry food?
  150. Nail clipping at 2 months?
  151. Another male private parts question :)
  152. Frustrated. Gemma is going backwards with potty training.
  153. Pedigree papers - but is he a PURE chihuahua?
  154. Male chihuahua's private parts question??
  155. Help! Question about my baby's fur.
  156. Chi terrified of big dogs??
  157. making titles of threads bold print
  158. making threads bold print
  159. Puppy training :(
  160. When is it okay to start feeding twice per day?
  161. This Board
  162. Yay
  163. thank you
  164. Kim,this is Maggie as a baby
  165. Long coat-Chi Foods Question
  166. Please help
  167. LOUIE is here (aise needed)
  168. do you think this would be ok?
  169. New male chi mix.... Potty training help!
  170. Question about chihuahua?
  171. Missy
  172. How to Care of 3 Days Old Baby Chi..who just lost a mother... ;'(
  173. Socializtion Question
  174. exercise pens
  175. My little boy
  176. Question on hair growing back
  177. Adding a second chihuahua to the pack?
  178. When will she calm down?
  179. derivatives
  180. Long haired chihuahua
  181. To all of you using blue wilderness
  182. Food problems
  183. Well I took yalls advice
  184. Potty Grass?
  185. HELP! Puppy weight & colour
  186. Chihuahua biting?
  187. Clipping Toe nails
  188. New Chihuahua Puppy, Help!
  189. Second opinion
  190. My little whipper snapper!!
  191. Collapsed Trachea
  192. Maggie driving with her daddy
  193. My other baby Minnie pearl(dachshund)
  194. My other baby maisey Faye (dachshund)
  195. Eating Poop
  196. Litter Box Troubles
  197. Question about retained puppy tooth
  198. Leaving a puppy alone
  199. picture question "bottom of threads"
  200. Need more help!!
  201. Missy's skin
  202. Missys skin!!
  203. My Chihuahua Keeps Whining Constantly
  204. A question about noses?
  205. Getting my chi, Haru on June 10th! (Tons of questions) ><
  206. Help me identify my new girl
  207. Not sure
  208. hairbows
  209. Is every ones chihuahua like this?
  210. Momo for either sex?
  211. Was she a Chiweenie this whole time?
  212. Cricket Barking
  213. Questions about a 1.5 month old baby chi.
  214. Chihuahua snarling (Not agrressive)
  215. When to switch to adult food?
  216. Posting pictures question
  217. Sitting here crying
  218. Question on behavior training
  219. Park Ave Harnesses - How Do they Wash, Well?
  220. Is my Chihuahua Apple head, or Deer head?
  221. chi behavior issue
  222. Harnesses
  223. House breaking/toilet training my new puppy?
  224. Spay Now Or Later?
  225. Long Haired Chi coat clipped in error
  226. Cricket in heat
  227. Swimming Tempurature For Chis
  228. Registered
  229. Dog play & when to intervene?
  230. Moving home advice
  231. I'm having a debate lol
  232. G.W. Little
  233. Modeling career for chi's
  234. Difference in antlers
  235. Here,s the picture guy,s
  236. Is this a chihuahua pup?
  237. I'm about to become a chihuahua owner! :)
  238. Shave off the whiskers!
  239. Maya.... sit!
  240. Ohhhh, I want a siggy pic too!
  241. teeth questions
  242. Boy/Girl matching outfits
  243. Newbie
  244. Back from neuter
  245. pooping under bed
  246. Idiots
  247. pro's ,con's , male vs female
  248. The trouble with Charlie
  249. Chicken bone!
  250. help stomah up set