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: Chihuahua Questions

  1. Is this normal?
  2. Potty pad shredding
  3. Missed a season..
  4. Training Chi with an unknown past...
  5. Chi personality?
  6. Cryptorchidism (Undescended Testicles) in Chihuahuas?
  7. How do I pick him up!
  8. Separation anxiety potty troubles?
  9. Is this a chi or mix?
  10. poppy an boris
  11. Patella Luxation Repair Questions
  12. yay
  13. Nala is undershot :(
  14. Fiddle's check for LP
  15. The price of a Chi
  16. I have a dilemma
  17. Poor Lilo, she's sick!
  18. Very worried.
  19. Transitioning from pee pad to outside
  20. which should come first the dobe or the chihuahua?
  21. super frustrating harness question
  22. What do you think? Chi mix?
  23. Do any of your babies really not look like or are not sized like their parents?
  24. What to do?
  25. what is a wolf sable chihuahua?
  26. "Real Stinky" pooh!
  27. Walking Issues
  28. How do you find a good breeder, and how much do they cost?
  29. Can anyone recommend a good book
  30. Kahlua has "wispies"...
  31. Keeps Peeing in the Wrong Places but Poops In the right?!
  32. Drop it!
  33. Litter tray training....
  34. onions
  35. Anyone ordered from hotdog collars??
  36. Rough night. Ruby seems traumatized!!
  37. Whining Issues - Help?
  38. Two female chihuahuas
  39. Need Thin Coat Remedies
  40. Medication question
  41. Singleton litter health problems?
  42. Advice needed on unknown condition
  43. 1year old still poops in the house
  44. Peeing Problems after being spayed!
  45. Reluctent mom
  46. my pup wee's on her bed :/
  47. Liver Shunt
  48. Addy's limping
  49. Puppy will poop on UGODOG but pees on the floor next to it most times. Ideas?
  50. How To Stop Dog Agression? When On The Lead
  51. Elmo has pooping phobia?
  52. Are we handling this properly?
  53. Rolling In Food? LOL
  54. Help with Gi Gi's Pregnancy!
  55. Washable potty pad users! Pet version or hospital version? Where do you buy?
  56. Problems with Possessiveness and aggression with large dogs
  57. Just adopted.... Need help!!!!
  58. Those familiar with our tummy issues-spay question, please!
  59. Anyone Tried Barking Head Dog Food? Plus Question about Pigs Ears etc.
  60. How Many Pee Pad Areas?
  61. Question about breeders in Virginia
  62. New Puppy Questions - Help!
  63. $300 for puppy classes?
  64. Having a dog and a full job
  65. peeing out of excitement!
  66. Now I don't know what to think - HELP!
  67. Grieving Rescue Dog
  68. Collar question, please. Yep. I am bad.
  69. Barking at the vet
  70. Harnesses. PLEASE vote! Puppia, ipuppyone, park avenue...other?
  71. sitting on cold surfaces
  72. Delilah problem
  73. Tis' The Season - For Allergies?
  74. Pregnancy HELP!
  75. noisy breathing/struggling for air?
  76. wish us luck!
  77. Advice Please...Bella's scar is horrible !
  78. Ugodog, pee pads, and all things potty!
  79. Quuuestions..
  80. My little guy pees and piddles on everything
  81. no bark
  82. Puppia question...again
  83. Bella is awake and eating a little. Question...
  84. what age should a chi girl be spayed?
  85. Loose Knee Cap?
  86. Lola hates the vets :(
  87. Post surgery (spay)
  88. Silly question but wondering
  89. Please HELP
  90. Two things
  91. Worming,feas, often?
  92. Throw Up...
  93. How do I stop her stealing food?
  94. My girls grooming each other, but now my husband??
  95. hydrocephalus?? how do you know?
  96. Quick! Look at thia Chi - What do you think?
  97. Guilt - Holiday without you bubba's
  98. Collar or Harness?
  99. reverse sneezing 10 times a day
  100. Zack and zoey hoodies
  101. Feeding after anaesthetic?
  102. Sorry to ask again.......
  103. Intact Males - Got one?
  104. Dental Routine..?
  105. Can't stop my Chi's peeing everywhere
  106. Puppy coat colour v. adult coat colour
  107. Anal Glands & Grooming
  108. need help with pedigree....
  109. Love to hate it - Chi habits
  110. Harness fit quesiton..
  111. Training for everything seems difficult?
  112. 'Deer' or 'Apple' head
  113. Bullysticks?
  114. Puppy peeing in wrong place! Please help!!
  115. puppia which size 4.5lb chi?
  116. Which cone / post surgery collar?
  117. How big will my pups get?
  118. spitting sutures?
  119. picky eater
  120. Insane shedding
  121. for Wee Chi's
  122. Special Care for very wee Chi's?
  123. At what age will I know what my girls will look like as adults?
  124. Why is she so angry?
  125. Favorite shampoo brands?
  126. My Chihuahuas are fighting a lot!
  127. Rescued Chi/ Depressed and lethargic
  128. Dandruff?
  129. I need some advise, please
  130. Advice Please...
  131. Back from the vet and we have really packed on the ounces!!
  132. I've had it!
  133. And some more.. opinions welcome.
  134. Red Bump?
  135. puppies puppies puppies
  136. Help!! Oakley!!
  137. Upset Stomach!Poory bruiser
  138. Oh no!!!
  139. New puppy possibilities
  140. Prefered Colours
  141. drooping tail
  142. Tillie has torn her nail off
  143. Dragging butts !!
  144. Potty training..
  145. Puppy Paper Eater! Ugh!
  146. random question about attitudes?
  147. coat color
  148. 9 weeks old, vag discharge
  149. Any proven home remedies for upper respiratory??
  150. Potty Transition.
  151. Introducing a new chihuahua
  152. Update on Lacey's fur loss
  153. Talk to me about Petzlife.
  154. Hives
  155. Dew Claws
  156. Teeth cleaning
  157. oh no fleas!
  158. Ozzy wont sleep at night!! HELP!!
  159. House training
  160. Do chis drool?
  161. Little Fur Ball :)
  162. Open Fontanelle
  163. Turbo's odd issues/wierd walking etc *Please Advise*
  164. help feo ate chocolate
  165. Another adult potty training problem, desperate!
  166. Strange
  167. Newbie with questions about booties & breath
  168. potty training
  169. Losing more fur
  170. Is it fine for my 3 month Chihuahua to drink milk?
  171. Licking her feet
  172. My Chi is peeing in night
  173. pee pad question
  174. Finding a good X-Pen
  175. Nervous Peeing Help?
  176. I don't know what to do...
  177. Low Blood Pressure
  178. need some help or hints
  179. Puppy training
  180. Need Advice
  181. Good age for adopting an adult chihuahua?.
  182. Is it possible for dogs to be bi-polar?
  183. Tear stains on new food.HELP!!!!
  184. Please help, need ideas!!
  185. HELP! Dog walking....
  186. peeing problem
  187. Pooping 4x / Night ?
  188. pupper breffs
  189. Someone experienced with puppy weight-do these seem fine to you?
  190. UPDATE to Ruby's scent and thin facial fur!
  191. normal for a chi to lay around all day?
  192. Bald spot on Chi puppy + deformed ear.
  193. The top of her head smells like mothballs and her fur on her face looks sparse. Help?
  194. Dominate dogs & adding to
  195. First time chi owner - help with shopping (size)
  196. hair bows on chihuahuas?
  197. Too Much Change
  198. I need help, potty training.
  199. I suppose that I have the only Chi's on the earth who do not like clothes.
  200. Is German Shepherd/chihuahua cross possible?.
  201. Rocking the boat?
  202. What age for first heat?
  203. A little help please....
  204. question for LC chi mama's and daddy's
  205. Will just water dry out their skin?
  206. Nutri-cal question ????
  207. Romi was sick
  208. What contributed to the chihuahua "Standard"?
  209. How do I protect my pup from the cold; he cried!?
  210. Cutting Nails
  211. Giardia?!
  212. How do you find a good breeder?
  213. I bought a bottle of gel cap Omega 3 Fish Oil...
  214. Weird -- Shedding this time of year?
  215. Any Insight to this health issue??
  216. Libby is getting spayed! Questions!
  217. So I asked the vet....
  218. Poo Question?
  219. Someone Please, Please help me
  220. Help finding a breeder....
  221. How rough is too rough?
  222. 1 month of no accidents but still not housetrained.Aaah!
  223. Elmo has acid reflux
  224. What colour is Izzy ??
  225. fake grass/litter box
  226. About leaving my Chihuahua for 3 months
  227. How often...?
  228. Harness Help????
  229. Well, I did it. Messed with both girls' food and tummies. Advice, please?
  230. Breeding 4 lb female
  231. Bully's from Target???
  232. Getting another Chi puppy.. ?
  233. Oh my.. Izzy is a screamer !
  234. Clicker
  235. What do you use for your chis eyes?
  236. lifejackets
  237. Skittish Chi
  238. what do you guys think about this harness?
  239. bathing pups?
  240. Good Chi breeders around South Georgia/North FL
  241. Easy tricks after 'sit'?
  242. Help settle new puppy dilemma husband and I are having?
  243. Not Knowing Own Strength :-/
  244. Weight gain supplement ideas
  245. Microchipping?
  246. Litter Box??
  247. Chi growth pattern...
  248. My chi is humping her toys!
  249. Puppy Classes or Not?
  250. House Training...