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: Chihuahua Questions

  1. how do i stop my chi from running away from me???
  2. Help!!!
  3. Help - Overweight Chihuahua
  4. Apple and Deer Heads
  5. Hairless Chihuahua?
  6. So. Red fawn, Red fawn w/ black sable or Blue fawn?
  7. Dry Skin
  8. Food agressive towards me.....
  9. Pet Insurance
  10. Adult Chi Potty Question :)
  11. Was my boy really $500??
  12. Honey update
  13. he likes to trot?
  14. "Leg cocking"
  15. How old is the right age to neuter?
  16. Socializing my 8 week Chi w/German Shepard
  17. maisy acting strangly
  18. Snow!
  19. Please help us with BARKING Frankie!
  20. Collar issues
  21. Things I'll need for my chi?
  22. Zuke and a bigger dog issue
  23. How does your Chi ride in the car?
  24. What age did your chi bark first?
  25. What kind of ears??
  26. How do I stop my puppy from being so evil?
  27. AHHHH Help!
  28. birthday cake recipes?
  29. A Vet Plan- Good deal?
  30. What to do when they scratching their ears & eyes out?
  31. How do you tell if a Chihuahua is right for you?
  32. chi eating poo
  33. What if you don't know if they've . . .
  34. Eye issue/ I feel like a jerk
  35. Thoughts on these 2 girls?
  36. Potty training on pee pad..
  37. puppy coat?
  38. Chihuahua or Russkiy?
  39. Adults still not potty trained?
  40. Not getting Hope's sister.
  41. potty training set backs....
  42. Question about food.
  43. POLL! If we get a new girl-help choose name, please!
  44. swimming
  45. Puff back mess and potential chi.
  46. UPDATE! New pics of the pup who's coloring I inquired!
  47. Seperation Anxiety
  48. Puppia Harness for my 8 week puppy...
  49. Question about supplements
  50. Got hops?
  51. Chi puppy questions
  52. Smokey has parvo!!
  53. Feodore has Dermatitis? / Major itchies :( - any advice?
  54. Lengths of muzzles ....
  55. How many teeth does your chi have?
  56. extreme help with toilet training..
  57. CKC? AKC I know, but I am not familiar with CKC. Can you tell me more?
  58. I'm going to view a Chi tonight, but I'm worried that it is too small!
  59. Booster
  60. Toopie Limping.
  61. Ok, is my chi weird or what?
  62. Hair thinning...?
  63. Miss you guys =(
  64. Another newbie question. How does one know a LC versus a SC as puppies?
  65. male wont mate
  66. Nina Ottosson??
  67. Skin prob with Honey
  68. Knee issues
  69. Leaving My Chihuahuas For A Week
  70. Fostering questions
  71. What does "Merle" and "Merle-Free" mean?
  72. Can you please tell me what color you call this chi pup?
  73. Question about Halo Herbal shampoo/dip
  74. Which dry food is best? UK people please help!
  75. Night Shift Job + new puppy
  76. Help, the barking is getting out of control!
  77. Static Chihuahuas?
  78. How old was your chi when you left him/her alone for the first time?
  79. Riley's "butt" hair
  80. Who walks their chi and where?
  81. eep leila had the squirts
  82. More teeth at almost a year?
  83. Swollen bottom two nipples!
  84. Fontanel concern
  85. Red blood spot on eye
  86. Chico has started peeing everywhere. HELP!
  87. Glucosamine and chondroitin
  88. Nail grinder
  89. A Question, Just out of interest
  90. Anyone use airtight dogfood storage containers
  91. Stinky girl...
  92. help with a small lump
  93. My new chi puppy
  94. Our dog is moaning or groaning while peeing. Normal?
  95. Crate training help!
  96. Collar or harness for going for walks?
  97. Ever wonder why they bark
  98. skin spot / irritation / problem? what do you think?
  99. Any news on Synfulgaga's new pups?
  100. My Firge STILL WON'T EAT - Please help me
  101. Please HELP!
  102. Any pups vomited cause of teething?
  103. New Chihuahua Owner
  104. Feeding (again)
  105. When did you give your puppy his or her first bath?
  106. How do you keep your chi physically and mentally stimulated?
  107. Hope is packing on the ounces! yippee!! Thanks for everyone's advice!
  108. Feeling guilty.
  109. Paige keeps messing in her crate.
  110. i dont know what to name this, need help with dexter behavior
  111. Oh, no! Drop of blood by her stool!
  112. Pet Insurance?
  113. Long coat undercoat colour?
  114. A good Stain And Odor Remover
  115. Anyone gave their chis Venison trachea?
  116. Update on Chuy!
  117. scales?
  118. new puppy, advice please?
  119. Worried about Cookie. Thin poo???
  120. Chiweenie dysplacia question
  121. What to feed Chi that wont eat?
  122. Too young?
  123. growling at everyone when being held
  124. Help with Pneumonia and "anorexia" please!
  125. Aggression around food
  126. Roxy hates the snow/cold!
  127. My Chuy is Sick :(
  128. A questions about sleeping habits
  129. uh oh leg ouchy
  130. Help with my girl's new potty habit, please?
  131. best place to get antlers
  132. dentals...when do they need them?
  133. C.C had her dental today!! It's over thank goodness :)
  134. he cant be alone!
  135. Spay question
  136. Debating another Chi..
  137. How do you know if your dog is sick sick or just a little under the weather?
  138. Puppy Proofing the house?
  139. 1 year old with gray hair??!?
  140. HELP! Chi not eating & aggressive all of a sudden!
  141. Pregnant chihuahua?
  142. artificial grass
  143. Coco's visit to the vets
  144. Been a looong time- and I need help!
  145. Usual Temperature of a chihuahua?
  146. gone threw 5 collars in a month
  147. Hk coupon needed
  148. HELP Princess is in heat!
  149. is milk bad
  150. Need some suggestions
  151. Who Uses Crates/x pens?
  152. anyone else floss their dog's teeth?
  153. chi puppy!Can I do it!?
  154. Zebra-hua??
  155. Yikes - bug bite like bites near eyes
  156. Few questinons about worming.
  157. How to correct her?
  158. is this the behaviour of a chi in heat?
  159. moving backwards in potty trainging department
  160. heavy shedding
  161. Eye health question?
  162. Travel Question Please
  163. Firbe needs to be spayed
  164. Help..Bony Bump
  165. Ears back = subordinate?
  166. Watery Eyes....?
  167. Dentals?!!
  168. First Night.... Crate.
  169. Normal to lose weight after spay?
  170. House breaking questions
  171. Proper way to pick up a chihuahua?
  172. Is there a way to tell if your Chi is gaining too much weight?
  173. Fiddle is all alone
  174. Anyone here have or had an eskie?.
  175. Has Anyone Uses Biospotix?
  176. cleaning ears...
  177. Does she need a good grooming?
  178. Update on Dixie
  179. Tracing Bloodlines
  180. can you train a 3 year old?
  181. Vitamins...
  182. winters coming
  183. What age would you start leash training?
  184. Any Chis on here with Hydrocephalus?
  185. question about hyperventalating and happy pee!!!
  186. Why so itchy?
  187. lamb lung treat
  188. Fecal Exam
  189. Licking....constantly
  190. Dog moving.
  191. New puppy, smallest in litter
  192. Thick/Thin Long Coats
  193. Kibble smaller. do you know why?
  194. Indigestion???
  195. Are most of the chihuahuas up for adoption shorthair/smoothcoats?
  196. Getting a bigger dog (lab) and having chi's
  197. Ideas for exercise on freezing days
  198. Moleras
  199. spay question/concern?
  200. Scared Of Going Out In The Car
  201. Not eating :(
  202. How long before blockage becomes a concern?
  203. Doesnt Want picked uped
  204. Skinny Chihuahua
  205. Any advice on Diarrhea Please?
  206. Just a quick question or two.
  207. first puppy injections- Advice needed.
  208. Anyone of experience with anti seizure meds?
  209. sudden barking
  210. Trig's Anal productive?
  211. Sadie has what looks like rash or blood on neck
  212. adult immunizations
  213. Breeders in UK
  214. Fostering special needs chi.. Help!
  215. new rescue.... still has canine's
  216. Adult Spay ?
  217. Young chihuahuas, at what age?
  218. How long did it take for your chi to get housetrained?
  219. Is chihuahua allergic friendly? Is long or short hair best for the allergic?
  220. Eye rims are red?
  221. Higer protein content?
  222. Rain, rain, go away...
  223. Question about stitches after spay
  224. please help
  225. just spayed/ cone question
  226. Question about marking/ housebreaking
  227. LuLu's ears
  228. Female reactions
  229. Faith has something going on, advice?
  230. oh dear
  231. Where do you buy your petzlife gel?
  232. How long
  233. Just wondering
  234. Eye Colour Question
  235. Is eye watering normal for chis
  236. potty/Pad training a 3 year old
  237. Question about "potty training"
  238. blood in stool
  239. Shampoo Suggestions???
  240. Making coat grow -- supplements? Certain foods?
  241. Advice/Help please
  242. Looking for a new baby girl...
  243. Natural Tick repellent
  244. chihuahua's
  245. Spayed Female Humping???!!! HELP!!
  246. Pink Nose
  247. Another apple/deer question
  248. Name change and a question
  249. Is Bella a LC??
  250. Color/Coat help