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: Chihuahua Questions

  1. How do i get her not to be afraid
  2. Lily has gone into heat twice in two months..
  3. kc registered ??
  4. I'm babysitting a puppy for a week and my dogs are NOT happy.
  5. When will he stop crying?
  6. Imodium ?????
  7. To feed or not to feed...Hills I/D diet??
  8. Anyone feed there chi fish oil??
  9. Timid chihuahua
  10. Worming & Lungworm Question
  11. Any advice to comfort my girl who got spayed today?
  12. Couple questions
  13. Benadryl
  14. Elderly Chihuahua with prolonged bloat
  15. "G'day Pet Care"
  16. Sharp boney rib?
  17. Crate/Pen...
  18. 1 week to go
  19. petplan insurance
  20. Good food and chews
  21. New dog from pound very picky
  22. Food, new member
  23. Ears stand up?
  24. what to feed a 9 week Chi?
  25. Choice of two shows... what to do???
  26. leila is pretty rowdy
  27. Does your Chi ever sleep on it's back?
  28. Chihuahua Training in Orlando
  29. What do you do in thunderstorms??
  30. Help Advice please!!
  31. Changed to raw and not going well
  32. Anyone use WormXplus to worm there chi's???
  33. Does anyone feed this dog food? Or heard good/bad thing about it?
  34. Chihuahua in ALASKA?
  35. Chi's inside public places
  36. How can I
  37. love this carrier
  38. I'm writing up a schedule...
  39. So annoyed!!! Can't get THK in Canada??!!
  40. Floppy Ears
  41. If you Like collars
  42. To go under the puppy's pen
  43. Sorry to harp on my food issues with my Chi, but ? on food
  44. My chis won't play with toys, fetch etc.
  45. Just bought my first box of The Honest Kitchen!!
  46. Puppy Food to Adult Food?
  47. how long roughly?
  48. Harness??
  49. Testing puppy temperaments...
  50. Leila getting her 3rd puppy shot
  51. Help me find out more about my chi?
  52. Is foot biting always mean allergies?
  53. introducing my chi to new family pet bella another chi
  54. Do you trust your dog leash-less?
  55. Rabies Shots
  56. Does anyone feed Addiction Freeze dried Raw food?
  57. Sojo's Homemade Pet Food
  58. Dehydrating Chicken Strips
  59. Fromm dog food
  60. Hurt leg
  61. Safe Way to Socialize?
  62. Making my own raw food :)
  63. Constant hair shedding - white smooth coat female
  64. Is there a "PC" way to switch vets?
  65. Indoor exercise/bad weather exercise
  66. Can anyone reccomend me a good food
  67. Suddenly Picky Eater?
  68. Timewasters?
  69. My Chi is really thin and not really eating
  70. What to do to correct/help this behavior?
  71. Can cats give mange to dogs?
  72. Puppy vaccination question
  73. That thing about weights and vaccines
  74. Vaccines?? Should I or shouldnt I??
  75. ?? about testicles dropping
  76. Would this be an OK treat/chew for my chi's teeth, health?
  77. Vaccination for mouth bacteria?
  78. ZiwiPeak Treats and Chews
  79. Advice needed...Help
  80. Question about switching to The Honest Kitchen
  81. Do They Need Shoes?
  82. Ear question
  83. For selective vaccinators...
  84. blown coat?
  85. Help please!
  86. Deworming
  87. How many toys??
  88. why is he doing this
  89. My Chi does alot of Shaking
  90. For show breeders...
  91. Chi's. Permanent puppies??
  92. glucosamine
  93. what size puppia harness
  94. Foster chi
  95. another weight question...
  96. Rash/Skin Condition - Any ideas or suggestions?
  97. UK Winters....advice
  98. When will she teethe?
  99. Blue Coat
  100. Help Please...
  101. Red dingo harness
  102. Bully sticks bad breath!!!
  103. Chi won't walk with other people...
  104. Molera
  105. Microchipping?
  106. Cost of spaying?
  107. Found a chihuahuah
  108. Help? I don't feel any good at this.
  109. Do you clean your Chi's teeth?
  110. Royal Canin
  111. how many times a day does your dog poo? lol
  112. Giving your own vaccines?
  113. scratching at ears??
  114. Help vaccinating Cookie advice needed again
  115. Ears
  116. swollen leg, any ideas what it could be?
  117. Patellar Luxation Repair
  118. Post kennel behaviour changes
  119. How to get bigger pic in signature?
  120. Urgent advice needed please. Tillie is in season!
  121. Constantly Sneezing
  122. Fatty Lump???
  123. Soft stools still after 1 week of Albon for Coccidia
  124. developmental delay?
  125. Dry Puppy Food....
  126. Where did they go?
  127. first time flying..
  128. Should I get her spayed?
  129. Any idea what this might be?
  130. Pedigree classes ????
  131. How much should she eat a day
  132. Help
  133. Dog Show, who's going
  134. Molera (sp?)
  135. Food help and advice PLEASE!
  136. anybody given nutrident bones
  137. Very dependent and skiddish =(
  138. Dentastix
  139. Meaning of ears flared all the way back?
  140. Lexie not sleeping!
  141. Poppys portion sizes
  142. active little stinker
  143. Her Back Surgery
  144. To neuter or not to neuter
  145. What's the best way to stop this behaviour?
  146. American Alternative to Ziwipeak?
  147. Minnie really playing up when I did her nails today?
  148. Ran into a problem with Tico
  149. Chi genetics?
  150. Where can I
  151. laila's stool change
  152. Just weighed Milo
  153. Did anyone watch the Animal Planet Investigates show last night?!
  154. Recipes!?
  155. Not Sleeping in my bed . . .
  156. How did you teach your chi to be quiet on command?
  157. wee pads and trays
  158. How to teach her name
  159. Food Problems :(
  160. Question for UK members re: Pet Quarantine
  161. Where does your Chi / Chis sleep?
  162. Issues with whinning...
  163. The good and the bad...
  164. Sunscreen
  165. Solid Gold Hund -N- Flocken
  166. Excersise and play after spay?
  167. Best way to introduce Chi puppy to adult cats?
  168. bath time woohoo
  169. I am livid.
  170. *Gag* Bad nasty teething breath
  171. What kind of playpen do you have
  172. Can adults be on puppy food?
  173. Cherry Eye
  174. Alot of questions
  175. Wheezy breathing?
  176. Would you go..
  177. Help! Teddy swallowed part of a jingle bell!
  178. Importance of "Puppy" food..?
  179. A lil' vomit???
  180. At the end of my rope and ready to hang myself with it.
  181. Dog food question..
  182. Decided on a name :D
  183. Got new puppy a new food..
  184. House breaking??
  185. Hair thinning?
  186. How to know if she's eating enough?
  187. Wat way do waiting lists work?
  188. Been a busy day, but she's home :D
  189. A few questions regarding bully sticks..
  190. 1 Ear Not Standing Up Anymore?
  191. If you have name ideas, throw em at me...
  192. Really need help please
  193. Been up all night with Rocky...
  194. Breeder accepted my offer.... :D
  195. Is it bad to stick to chi's in the same crate?
  196. looking at necessities for possible new addition
  197. Squeky chi
  198. Recreational bones
  199. Going to make an offer on a chi...
  200. Is it totally NIL by mouth?
  201. Dog breeds to own before you are too old??
  202. Turbo is waking up at 4am and barking!!
  203. What kind of deficiency is this?
  204. Worried momma!! long sorry!
  205. I got the weirdest email about a puppy..
  206. Amount of food? Raw Diet
  207. Is it OK if I have a merle if it's just a pet?
  208. Who else noticed
  209. Full Size?
  210. Need opinions please, a possible chi for me(pic heavy)
  211. UGH...Oakley won't eat!
  212. Vet visit
  213. Cami goes to the vet today, to figure out if she needs surgery!
  214. Where do your babies sleep?
  215. Has anybody tried Naturvet Tear Stain Supplement?
  216. Chi too skinny?
  217. Where to buy Bully sticks online?
  218. does anyone have these beds?
  219. How do u get ur chis to wear clothes?
  220. I have a couple questions about raw
  221. What brush do I use for a smooth coat?
  222. Poo eaters
  223. ok tomorrow is the day
  224. Female Leg Lifting
  225. LC Coat Development?
  226. Baby food?
  227. Problems with Libby
  228. Which material Puppia
  229. aggressive behavior
  230. puppia step in harness?
  231. Would this scale work to weigh my babies?
  232. Need help with new pup--hypoglycemic yesterday, now...??
  233. Dandruff
  234. cleaning teeth
  235. Weeing through the night
  236. Crating Advice?
  237. Potty Training Advice Please!!!
  238. Oh heavens just when I think..
  239. For all those with more than one Chi. PLEASE HELP!!!
  240. Gonna go look at puppies Tuesday...
  241. Barking Help Please
  242. Ears? Do you think these will stand?
  243. Puppy Playpen Idea
  244. looking for a type of pen for puppy
  245. ANother food thread...D'OH XD
  246. how to get the harmony back
  247. Infected Anal Gland
  248. what the..?!?!
  249. age for first heat ?
  250. Puppia Base Raincoat