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: Chihuahua Questions

  1. Help with rescue chi toilet training
  2. How much is too much? Is this bad?
  3. It's actually a girl!!
  4. New "tickle spot"
  5. Is Molly a pure-bred Chihuahua?
  6. Picking him up tomorrow *Bad situation*
  7. What chi chi to get?
  8. Second dog - gender
  9. Salmon oil?
  10. Flying With a Chi (in cabin)?
  11. New Chihuahua looking for help
  12. At what age are Chi's full grown?
  13. Best brand of Heart worm med?
  14. Anybody chosen NOT to neuter/spay?
  15. New People Aggression?
  16. quick questions.
  17. Help with 2 chis not spayed
  18. Need a little help -
  19. VERY Nervous Chi advice please?
  20. Should i worry about this? (Picture)
  21. newbie
  22. Nail Trim Issues
  23. low cal lunch for chihuahuas.
  24. Best cleanser for eye area?
  25. LP Joint supplement choice
  26. Jumpy leg
  27. A friend for Timmy
  28. Question about puppy's ears
  29. Not sure what I should do?
  30. Advice w/housebreaking my Chi puppy.
  31. Male chi obsessed with female chi! please!
  32. Benadryl
  33. Is this Ok/Normal????
  34. Anyone heard of this as an all natural flea repellant?
  35. Urgent help needed PLEASE !!!!!!
  36. Teething problem
  37. chihuahua heart murmur
  38. Long haired chihuahua shedding
  39. please help!!!!!!!
  40. Getting her to wear a harness
  41. She goes crazy over squirrels!
  42. Chiweenie- Meeting New People!
  43. One brother dominating the other.
  44. A little advice please or opinions on rabies vaccines
  45. Calling All Shy Dog Owners!!!
  46. so much poo
  47. New Puppy
  48. What makes my chi lick
  49. Help :(
  50. Need some help with a couple of rescues..
  51. Going on a cruise soon, need help pls.
  52. Fifi's first heat cycle.
  53. naughty chi?
  54. Training Question
  55. Mice and rat poison advicee around my Chi baby!! HELP!
  56. Washable Pee Pad Holder
  57. Transporting multiples
  58. Breeding small female
  59. Barking at pet rats
  60. Heatwave advice in the UK
  61. Need your help!!
  62. Dog training videos for Aspergers or Autistic Children?
  63. Whining in Pen
  64. In heat again?
  65. What color is my chi?
  66. Vanilla Icecream / Popsicles?
  67. Lip licking of our other dogs (and she's not happy about it)
  68. Hair Thinning?
  69. Two males?
  70. Deer head or Apple head?
  71. First meetings?
  72. Open mouth dogs
  73. Stubborn baby tooth?
  74. Ponyo Is Scared of Cats 🐱
  75. Screaming at other dogs
  76. aggression
  77. What are your Chi's favorite Things?
  78. Purse/Carrier features?
  79. Lazy Chewer
  80. Stroller for dog with ongoing patella prob?
  81. Flying and sedation.
  82. ponder
  83. Coughing & Hind Leg Chewing
  84. **shedding**
  85. Hi!
  86. Butt licking and scooting
  87. Where have your doggies been in purses?
  88. Chewy's new habit.
  89. Boarding in NYC
  90. Pregnant or not? How do I know
  91. Wee wee frequency
  92. Normal size for chihuahua?
  93. Life jacket recommendation????
  94. How long does it take for a chihuahua to bond to you?
  95. How long does it take for a Long Haired Chihuahua Puppies ears to stand up?
  96. Grass Eating Okay or Not?
  97. Crying all Night
  98. Looking for reputable breeder, FL or elsewhere
  99. Neutered 2y female air humps on peoples' laps...
  100. Help on identifying puppies colour *pictures*
  101. Adoption/Visitations
  102. Traveling or Vacation
  103. Crazy humpy girl!
  104. Will this behavior stop?
  105. Hey guys, new here and have a question if my chi is prego
  106. Has anyone's baby had to have its teeth cleaned under anaesthetic?
  107. Reliving Puppy Phases???
  108. Seasonal alopecia
  109. Breed standard question
  110. Ear infection?
  111. The Great Sable Coat Mystery!
  112. What might my chi be mixed with?
  113. Indoor Potty Training Tips?
  114. Training a sit!
  115. Luxating Patella, Grade 2-3. Comments wanted.
  116. Need help determining color of my male
  117. Little spots in ears
  118. Problems after spay, please help
  119. Coping with aggression?
  120. Is my chi just being a baby? Learning to wear collar..
  121. Leaving your chi at home? Crate or no crate?
  122. Seizure Feedback
  123. Crazy long hair grooming
  124. E Collar after spay
  125. Seizures
  126. Vomiting
  127. Rawhide chew safe?
  128. Freckles in short-coat chihuahua
  129. Is Timmy eating too much? Wow, cannot believe I am asking this.
  130. How long?
  131. my baby is being mean. HELP!
  132. Poop eating
  133. Time to go naked.... I hope
  134. Any dealt with a tooth infection/abscess?
  135. Silly question maybe!
  136. Found a tick! Worried
  137. How do you regain trust
  138. Is this a long haired chihuahua puppy?
  139. Abandoned...
  140. fostering and Concerns About Making Arrangement Permanent
  141. Male Chi Whining/Crying With Toy
  142. Barking at cars
  143. Teeth question
  144. Another potty question, how many of you...
  145. Those of you with spayed females...
  146. Toilet training please help!
  147. size difference in playing
  148. ShooTags
  149. New book
  150. What games do you play with your chihuahua?
  151. Endless whining/crying
  152. Bringing home my first Chi tomorrow!
  153. Retained baby ?fangs.
  154. Rescued Chi - Reactive / Need Advice Pleaes
  155. How often do adult chis need to pee?
  156. Coprophagia (poo eating)
  157. sleeping in bed or off???
  158. My girl whine a lot
  159. Introducing Chi puppy to bigger dogs?
  160. please need advice
  161. White poo?
  162. Help/After the Surgery Neutering Questions
  163. Is this Chihuahua?
  164. new to Chihuahuas please help
  165. Ears!
  166. Is she a Chihuahua/Manchester Terrier mix?
  167. **eating bugs**
  168. Overbite
  169. Ava modeling Wooflink!!✨💖
  170. Neutering Monday and Food Questions
  171. Licking or picking up everything
  172. Itching after Neuter.
  173. Panoramis anyone?
  174. Harness choice and introducing puppies to walking on leads
  175. Chica is sick
  176. What is Lilo's 'official' colour?
  177. Biting.
  178. crate training late...I need help
  179. Has anyone used this brand of sling?
  180. ? about Chi behinds
  181. Pets As Therapy (PAT)
  182. New one-year old chi won't go outside - help!
  183. Does my Chi need a coat?
  184. Tips for trimming nails?
  185. Camping Season!
  186. Something scared my puppy!
  187. Please help!!
  188. rehabbing a neglected chi
  189. Any owners here from Sweden?
  190. Unruly girl in season
  191. Spayed females
  192. Traveling with your Chi
  193. lumpectomy in my 6 year old male
  194. Neutering and Cryptorchidism with Teeth Removal
  195. trimming long hair chi
  196. What if they don't like each other!!!
  197. What type of fish oil?
  198. Salmon Sensitivity?
  199. Unfriendly dog meeting friendly
  200. Question about Primal
  201. Future chi owner with some questions
  202. Reassurance on potty training
  203. How long before someone can get back to work?
  204. long hair?
  205. Tiny Tags
  206. Puppy vs human washable pee pads
  207. Puppy breath?
  208. Has anyone ever "tested" to see if their dog can swim
  209. Help - Tips for older Chihuahau who pee's everywhere
  210. Scared to board!
  211. Puppy pads or grass box?
  212. Yuck! What is this?
  213. Tangles
  214. I'm a walking zombie...
  215. Harnesses and collars UK
  216. Dropped my 8 week old chi! Advice
  217. Problems with chewy need other online store for dog food
  218. Potty training adult rescue
  219. Chi vs Boxer
  220. Help! Honey is a monkey! 🐒
  221. help my dogs veterian is no longer inworking in the clinic i take them to
  222. Advice on Mold and my baby!
  223. Separation Issues
  224. Do you walk your Chis in the snow?
  225. Crawfish?
  226. Neutering Ziggy
  227. Adding another chi :)
  228. Short hair question
  229. Thins to do in recovery
  230. Severe overshot jaw help?
  231. Soft bump
  232. Flea/Hearthworm Prevention
  233. How often to bathe?
  234. Does anyone have any experience with chi's and heart murmurs?
  235. What does your Chi think of tripe?
  236. Teething
  237. Anyone used these pet steps?
  238. Stretching with upset stomach.
  239. Lots of silly questions from a new Chi owner
  240. How to give a chihuahua a pill...
  241. Wondered this for a long time
  242. What are some cute things your Chi does?
  243. Outdoor trained to puppy pads?
  244. Overweight Chi - need advice on food
  245. Screaming peeing and biting the vet
  246. House Breaking Question
  247. Puppy Vaccination
  248. unable to go her back
  249. Advice for on-leash walking situations?
  250. Crating..