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: Chihuahua Questions

  1. Pee Pad Pooping Problem! (sorry, it's long)
  2. Kennel cough
  3. pedi paws
  4. Hubby has a question and it has been driving him crazy...
  5. why do chis sniff ears?
  6. *Just moved* One goes outside, the other on her pee pad......
  7. Sadie is sick
  8. Venus broke a nail...
  9. how old when you switched from puppy to adult food?
  10. Getting another dog...
  11. How big?
  12. Food Supplements
  13. Keri - how is Daisy?
  14. Breeding Experiences??
  15. low cost clinics
  16. How many of you....
  17. Baby Lily update
  18. Anyone just using potty pads
  19. milk for chi?
  20. Baby Lily throwing up
  21. question about fencing outside
  22. Essential Training Before Bringing Home a Second Dog?
  23. Canine Nutritionist
  24. How much kibble do you feed per day?
  25. chewy's for dogs with allergies????
  26. Are they cold?
  27. dog behaviorist/training
  28. why does chicco look so much like a min pin?
  29. Ollie loosing his puppy tummy :(
  30. Been on orijen for 4 months and suddenly started itching?
  31. ok to give raw treats?
  32. Puppies
  33. I just ordered
  34. Chi Noises
  35. Does anyone have a life jacket for their babies?
  36. Innova Evo!!!
  37. Blue Buffalo
  38. How do I get tattoo ink off her belly?
  39. Ju-Ju's seizures....
  40. Need help ASAP
  41. Do you follow the yearly schedule for vaccinating?
  42. How do you know when you're chi is getting too chunky?
  43. Puppy socialisation classes? Doing my research!
  44. Corid (amprolium) for coccidia?
  45. reverse sneezing
  46. Preg chihuahua- octomom
  47. Allergic reaction to antibiotic? HELP!
  48. baby teeth
  49. Grazing
  50. sunscreen
  51. Poor Baby Lily
  52. Play Biting
  53. after a spay
  54. swollen nipples/heat
  55. Umbiblical Hernia????
  56. Car seats for dogs
  57. other dogs and barking advice
  58. Queston About Parvo Shots
  59. recall
  60. Fabric Softener Causing Skin Irritation?
  61. Housebreaking Problems...
  62. The top of my Chi's nose is swollen??
  63. Article about why commercial dog foods are bad
  64. gummy baby
  65. dog litter, cat litter, wee pads? How to choose?
  66. luxating patellas
  67. How long do Chis teeth?
  68. anyone
  69. what should i do?!?!
  70. Can you walk a chi to much?
  71. Any Dangers I Should Be Aware Of?
  72. Innova Evo Small bites
  73. Another "Mix"? Question-Maximus
  74. Good skin/coat "moisturizers"?
  75. They know the difference between different brands of pee pads?
  76. Tips on walking dog
  77. Training Issues
  78. Low Cal dog food
  79. Update on Chi I was supposed to see today.
  80. grooming question
  81. Car ride = whining
  82. Chihuahuas and Italian Greyhounds?
  83. Should I worry?
  84. Elmo's bedtime antics UPDATE!
  85. Question About Puppy's Ears
  86. Why does he
  87. Odor eliminator
  88. Can my dogs catch my stomach flu??
  89. Bitter apple should only be used to prevent chewing.
  90. Elmo's nighttime crying/scratching
  91. Chihuahuas and My garden
  92. Question after neutering.
  93. healthy treats?
  94. Is he a mix??
  95. do you think this is heat
  96. ??? about grooming long coat chi's
  97. How to free feed multiple dogs?
  98. Color and health question?
  99. Peee problems... Help...!!!
  100. Switching over to Wellness
  101. Does anyone have an organic birthday cake recipe
  102. Too scared to eat??
  103. still growling at strangers o.o
  104. Anal Glands
  105. Licking frontline?!?!?!
  106. Sweaty feet!
  107. Litter Box Training
  108. Can someone help please
  109. Heart Worm Prevention for Chi's
  110. Bad Adam!
  111. puppy vomiting
  112. A few questions about feeding & chew toys..
  113. Two questions???
  114. Advice needed please
  115. Need Some Help/Advice.
  116. Are dandelion flowers edible? Brody's new favorite food...
  117. Dark under eyes
  118. Chi Mix Does Not Bark?
  119. Iams Proactive for Small Dogs?
  120. Switching from free feed to schedule- NEED HELP!
  121. Question about the raw diet and bones?
  122. Emma can't play with Sally :(
  123. how much carbs?
  124. Natural Moisturizer for itchy skin???
  125. Chihuahua Skull Structure?
  126. New Here...Housebreaking Heartache...
  127. Pick leg up when doing a wee
  128. Getting Another Chi??
  129. Black tarring poop????
  130. Help!
  131. "Pet Calm Liquid drops"
  132. Took them off all commercial food......
  133. Does anyone feed their chi Karma dog food?
  134. Teeth Cleaning
  135. Hernia Surgery.
  136. How much to feed them?
  137. Tinks back home
  138. New thread on free what ?
  139. Coat type (Not smooth vs. long)
  140. chi puppy wormer in uk????
  141. How far should we be walking Bella?
  142. Choking while drinking?
  143. opps i did it again !!
  144. I need some advice??
  145. Free Feeding???
  146. Advice on seeking a Chihuahua
  147. Are my Chihuahua puppies long-haired?
  148. Update on honey
  149. wellness core/8 yr.old
  150. Which Version of Wellness do you use?
  151. How much fish oil???
  152. my dog is sick! so worried...
  153. Lulubelle ate a piece of crayon???
  154. What is the best indoor potty system?
  155. Are smaller dogs more unhealthy?
  156. Heat?
  157. am I the only one with a big chi?
  158. Does anybody use
  159. Spray Collars for barking
  160. rawhide..
  161. Does anyone still feed Canidae?
  162. is this still small?
  163. are neutered dog a-sexual?
  164. walking on a lead, he wont do it
  165. Puppy pens and crates
  166. Impossible chi
  167. Okay guys, am I just being paranoid???
  168. Intuitive chi's?
  169. The Honest Kitchen
  170. Allergy's?
  171. Does you Chi do this?
  172. Little Pebbles STINKS!
  173. Wanting to add another Chihuahua...?
  174. Changing over to Wellness
  175. My little Honey's tongue went blue!!!
  176. Naughty Huey!!!!
  177. Weird noise when she sleeps?
  178. Food Questions
  179. Basic obedience training
  180. Speaking of chewing in the foot area
  181. New chihuahua owner with questions!
  182. Eating their feet
  183. The peeing and pooing thing
  184. chihuahuas with big dog 'siblings'?
  185. Best flea treatment? Advice please xx
  186. strange thing with her tongue
  187. How much contact do you have with the breeder ?
  188. Puppia Harness
  189. yearly vax's for dogs all a scam???
  190. Help! worried..........
  191. Sunflower seeds?
  192. How much for a dog walker?
  193. Need some opinions on shots, please!
  194. Black dots and nipples
  195. Tboned
  196. Wire coated Chi's?!
  197. chi eats just chicken
  198. My 1 chi
  199. BOY or GIRL
  200. clicker training..
  201. Biting..?
  202. I think I'm allergic to Peek!! :(
  203. real quick question
  204. Getting Seti to sit?
  205. childrens liquid benedryl
  206. Vet insurance?
  207. What do i have?
  208. Introducing new puppy to my 15 month old both males
  209. need opinions, chicco issues again
  210. Stealing
  211. Favorite Chihuahua Toys
  212. Socializing a Three Year Old?
  213. Housebreaking Q's
  214. Q About My Chi's Hair Coat
  215. Need to NIP it in the bud!
  216. Very vocal Chi
  217. chihuahua weight?
  218. When to start heartworm preventative and what kind?
  219. Fish Oil Pills
  220. Red eye
  221. Emergency vet bills
  222. How Do You Deal With That Stubborn Streak???
  223. Yes my hubby rolled his eyes...
  224. Soft Pallet (surgery)
  225. a few questions
  226. gross and disgusting
  227. Kennel Cough
  228. spay/ heat
  229. How do I go about...
  230. worried
  231. Why do they shake their toys
  232. Blue or Green eyes?
  233. Calmer while wearing clothing?
  234. Curious Question about behavior
  235. Fleas?
  236. Question-This Time On Shots
  237. How long does a bitch stay in season?
  238. After care after castration
  239. help! fur/skin loss in legs?
  240. I know questions similar to this have been addressed a million times, I'M DESPERATE!!
  241. Decided to try Natures Variety Raw
  242. how often do you cut your chi's nails?
  243. Exercising a Chihuahua
  244. eatin rocks/pebbles/dirt
  245. Vomitting froth???
  246. safe homemade pup shampoo?
  247. lexi refuses to walk on harness
  248. When do baby teeth fall out
  249. Carrier Training Tips???
  250. Lesson learned..bullys not safe!