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: Chihuahua Questions

  1. Crating..
  2. Does your Chi save some of it's food for later?
  3. I am not familiar with girls...
  4. Crying at favourite toy?
  5. Are Your Chis Thieves?
  6. Food Advice
  7. Can an increase in protein help a dog gain weight?
  8. Bark Collar useful?
  9. Advise . . . don't know what to make of it
  10. My puppy's eye...
  11. Bladder Stones
  12. Curious... Shave?
  13. Stairs?
  14. Has anyone ever backpacked with dogs?
  15. new here and needing help
  16. I need some serious help
  17. coconut oil help!! please xx
  18. **peeing everywhere**
  19. Off lead?
  20. Adoption advise
  21. In each training session???
  22. Has anyone else??
  23. Bella has an ugly abcess on her hind leg
  24. Clothes and harnesses
  25. Being sick
  26. Doesn't want to go out with the walker..
  27. Tall chi?
  28. Puppy Nipping
  29. Getting big
  30. Purebred?
  31. Puppy treats
  32. hookworms and garlic/Antibiotics
  33. Please help me , going mad,sorry for long post.
  34. What made you decide to get a Chihuahua?
  35. Color
  36. Quick chi question
  37. Longhaired or shorthaired?
  38. How to get rid of smelly puppy breath
  39. How to make my puppy put on weight??
  40. Cutting nails - impossible!
  41. Fromm and hug poops
  42. How much should she weigh??
  43. A Flea!!! How?
  44. Coconut Milk Cubes?
  45. I don't know what to do
  46. Confused.. apple or deer?
  47. Puppy weight
  48. Teething?
  49. Breaking my heart
  50. need help
  51. Help My Chihuahua's body get pain if being touchedin pain.
  52. Anyone have trouble feeding the puppy's
  53. Holy chihuahua!!!!
  54. Test run
  55. Collars
  56. What's your emergency food when your dog won't eat?
  57. Peaches ate a chocolate cereal bar! Will she be okay? :/
  58. help?!!
  59. vet shots/ dental ques
  60. Puppy diet and food
  61. Chi Snapped at me
  62. What do you do when you go on holiday?
  63. Insecure / anxious?
  64. Teddy Needs a Playmate
  65. 6 months old
  66. Black Tan Colour Change?
  67. Stella the mystery chi
  68. **scratching**
  69. What colour is my chihuahua??
  70. Rough play?
  71. New Adventures- new questions
  72. Pee pad training questions
  73. Help
  74. Calm Diet by Royal Canin..
  75. Newest update on Gidgets legs
  76. Chi shape, face etc puppy to adult
  77. Puppy on her way!
  78. Anybody have this?
  79. Grass to patio...
  80. Raw fed pup and pulled retained baby tooth!
  81. How do you give a Demonic Vampire bat acting Chi ear drops?
  82. Shedding
  83. Best Toys for puppy to play with on her own
  84. Pee pads and outside?
  85. Quick question about tear staining
  86. Insurance questions
  87. Seperation Anxiety
  88. Message for Terri
  89. Marking?
  90. Extending leads?
  91. Update...Gidgets legs
  92. Does you Chi have any funny eating habits?
  93. Things to get/do before a puppy arrives?
  94. Hollmar Scotland
  95. summer sun
  96. How to get him to walk on the lead?
  97. Help
  98. Does anyone use flea collars?
  99. A little worried about Gidget
  100. Antos Natural Dog Chews
  101. Ellla Won't Eat
  102. picking out a small chihuahua to buy? need help
  103. A bad day for Chuck...
  104. Horrible comments from someone I am so upset :(
  105. Need ideas for a picky eater
  106. Phantom pregnacy?
  107. Housebreaking an older dog
  108. Heat VS one that is neutered aggression??
  109. Dogs noisy in crates if they can see each other
  110. breeding
  111. LC Vs SC
  112. worried, urine color?
  113. What' is your Chi's favorite toy?
  114. House training help please
  115. Chi/Jack Russell???
  116. Mixed breed guesses
  117. Question about washing reusable puppy pads
  118. Pet Insurance
  119. Is there a particular breed that your Chi does not get along with?
  120. Is your Chi long hair or short hair?
  121. How do you deal with people playing with your dog in the dog park in a way...
  122. Finding the right puppy - advice needed
  123. New to Chihuahuas! Couple questions?
  124. 1yr old Male Pup seems stressed by new arrival
  125. Typical Cost of a Chi Annually?
  126. Bed problems :(
  127. Daily Exercise
  128. is this aggression or just playful?
  129. Bringing home a second Chi
  130. Should i let them sort it out?
  131. Need Chi Puppy Advice
  132. Need advice which is the best flea treatment? UK
  133. Help funny smelling dog food
  134. How many of you have Chi's that like...
  135. Puppy attaching to someone else?
  136. Oh no! Puppy vicious to husband?
  137. Ribs show
  138. Newly rehomed Chihuahua
  139. New chi owner, seeking advice - is she a mix??
  140. Chis are addictive, how many do you have?
  141. Anxiety?
  142. Toilet in the garden, street or both?
  143. Advice on crossing the border with a Chi from Canada to the U.S.
  144. behavior and agression advice
  145. Anal Gland release too often!
  146. Anxiety???
  147. Do you have other dog breeds and how do they act towards your chihuahua?
  148. About long haired chis..
  149. Orijen freeze dried food
  150. Chuck went to followup with the trainer
  151. in serious need of help
  152. Burt's bees products....
  153. Doggy carriers recommendations.
  154. New here, please help
  155. How long can chis stay on their own?
  156. got a 4 week old puppy
  157. Crazy? Mad? Opinions please...
  158. Help
  159. Please help. 1 chihuahua bitch suddenly attacking other.
  160. Some other aspects of Chucks behavior
  161. Spot cleaning....
  162. Do your adult chis sleep through the night?
  163. Crying Adult Chihuahua
  164. A friend's chihuahua was attacked...back legs won't work
  165. I have had it with Timmy peeing everywhere.
  166. How do you give your pup coconut oil
  167. How do you pronounce Chi?
  168. Eye irritation
  169. Worried about poop
  170. My first chi pup
  171. Fear period experience?
  172. Chihuahua rescue story.. Mix? or pure? Pics enclosed
  173. Toilet training
  174. Buddy belt sizing help!!!!
  175. Spaying Options?
  176. At what age do pups start to calm down a little?
  177. Please read, emergency Spay, now leaky vaginal dishcharge
  178. Help! Spay question
  179. Boarding school and transference..
  180. Harness that doesn't go over head?
  181. Help! Ponyo pottied over my cocker's "heat smell" today!
  182. Rescue puppy!
  183. Winter Exercise????
  184. Baby (8-12 weeks) vs 5 month old puppy
  185. Shedding and itchy
  186. Two sets of upper & lower teeth?
  187. Puppy chasing cats?
  188. Getting him used to clothes?
  189. Older Chihuahua Suddenly Very Ill-Tempered...
  190. HGE Aftermath (Long Post)
  191. Getting a new chihuahua
  192. 4.5 month girl humping already??
  193. Puppy class?
  194. Jacket without harness?
  195. Car Seat Recommedations Please
  196. Personality?
  197. Are your Chis lickers?
  198. Minor Dispute Today. How Do You Deal With Your Pack Disputes?
  199. Dry skin: Some Questions
  200. Help...What are the best booties for our little ones??
  201. How much sleep?
  202. Harness!!
  203. Which Harness?
  204. Training
  205. Too cold?
  206. What do you think your dog does when you have to leave him alone for a few hours?
  207. 9 weeks old and humping??
  208. Are People Scared of Your Chihuahua?
  209. Natures Menu Raw (UK) thoughts?
  210. Pet insurance?
  211. Getting fixed?
  212. Pup runs away from everyone
  213. Smelly ears
  214. New Chi owner tons of questions???
  215. New babies.
  216. Any advice for moving? Worried pups.
  217. Fur on the bottom of the paws
  218. How long do you walk?
  219. Little rocks
  220. Help with potty training
  221. New Chi owner TONS of questions.
  222. biting
  223. potty issues
  224. Cut on top of paw
  225. Purse/Holder... so hard to find!
  226. Does your Chi eat first thing in the morning?
  227. Does your Chi snore?
  228. Help! Is she a chi? Chi mix?
  229. How to stop puppy playing on the potty pad?
  230. New Chihuahua owner needing advice
  231. won't potty after surgery
  232. Play posturing
  233. What are your Chi's favorite treats?
  234. My Chihuahua doesn't like toys!
  235. Vaccination age?
  236. Hicups
  237. Chihuahua tattoos anyone?
  238. Badly need help/advice on a fearful puppy!
  239. Eye colour?
  240. food aggression / Chi not understanding signals?
  241. Why?
  242. she burrows in
  243. Dry Heaving
  244. A couple of things
  245. House training?
  246. Puppy partys?
  247. Is little sister afraid of big brother?
  248. My Chi hates fans.
  249. Do you think this is manly enough for male dog?
  250. Is your Chi Deer headed or Apple headed?