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: Chihuahua Questions

  1. Car seat recommendations
  2. which brush?
  3. Runny poo?
  4. Puppy having a lazy day?
  5. Do you have Mexican Standoffs with your Chi?
  6. Staying home alone
  7. Size of water bottle?
  8. marking
  9. Head and neck spasm
  10. 2 Chi's in an Apartment?
  11. hairless tail?
  12. Throwing up greenish yellow flemy/foam
  13. 2 unrelated questions
  14. Christmas Tree Safety?
  15. My chi is scared of males
  16. barking
  17. Wearable blankets for dogs
  18. Surgery???
  19. Omw... Help.
  20. Has anyone else's dog had the same operation??
  21. Crate training
  22. Training and naming
  23. Agility?
  24. What age do they stop growing?
  25. Choc tri long coats?
  26. Dog Slings
  27. Bach rescue remedy advice
  28. Rug Doctor work well?
  29. 6 month old male chi getting aggressive
  30. Elmo is suddenly afraid of going down our stairs
  31. What to buy?
  32. It's time for new harnesses
  33. Why might this be (Ziwipeak question)
  34. How to let people say Hello?
  35. Nasty when you pick him up.
  36. To Fix or not to Fix?
  37. Biting and nipping.
  38. Chi Not Eating From Dog Bowl
  39. How long do you leave yours alone for?
  40. Walking.. getting frustrating
  41. Walking on lead
  42. lease training
  43. Hernia Surgery?
  44. Pup Not Eating
  45. Newbie here! How much did your chi cost?
  46. Should I get Tank a friend?
  47. New and needing advice on 2 male Chi puppies
  48. Heart disease questions. Please help!
  49. Won't wear collar!
  50. House Proofing Against Destructive Behavior?
  51. Cleft Palate Chihuahua Baby
  52. Chi wont go!
  53. Not a full Chi??
  54. chi training
  55. Bucky belt vs Buddy belt
  56. Getting desperate...advice please inc pictures
  57. Zapping canned dog food in the microwave?
  58. Has anyone ever experienced dripping blood from the penis?
  59. Baby teeth to pull
  60. Whimzees?
  61. Is this normal??
  62. Pixie got 6 teeth pulled, now what
  63. Treats question
  64. Dog scratching self occasionally
  65. I'm concerned - 2y/o chi girl snaps at other dogs
  66. Going away.. Leaving puppy behind
  67. Eye irritation
  68. Best thing to stuff in a Kong
  69. Sleeping in the crate-3 weeks, still not working :(
  70. Socialising fears?
  71. What does this mean?
  72. Need Info
  73. What to do for dry skin ?
  74. Remedies for car sickness?
  75. Should a dog ever scrunch up his face and attack you?
  76. When do long haired chis get their full coat?
  77. 4th Vacccination needed for puppy?
  78. 12 week weight guide to adult weight
  79. Toilet Training
  80. Annabells eyes unfocused? Advice please:/
  81. How do you all get your chi's to go outside in winter??
  82. Urine infection?
  83. Need help with crate training please
  84. When do your dogs wear clothes?
  85. Help please!! Possesive clingy Chi xJR
  86. what will she end up looking like? Names?
  87. Possessive over human baby brothers?
  88. Blue or Lilac or what?
  89. antlers???????
  90. spiting up
  91. Toilet Training a re-homed dog.
  92. Dogs allergic to peanuts?
  93. Unique Color Puppy!
  94. 6 year old chi with diarrhea
  95. Removing something from eye
  96. Picky eater
  97. ... uhm, Pixie barked at a dog for the first time.
  98. How long is your collar?
  99. New puppy loosing head hair.
  100. AnyTips to get dog to accept new puppy
  101. Benny is so sad
  102. Cow-hocked puppy has very small rear legs?
  103. Eye / Body color
  104. Emmy threw up!
  105. Long coat Chi Puppy?
  106. Chihuahua driving us nuts!
  107. Susan Lanci dog collars
  108. Introducing food to pups
  109. Help re weeing chi
  110. At what age do you spay a puppy
  111. Kong Question
  112. Henry was Electrocuted :(
  113. New Chi Momma - Couple Questions...
  114. to cold to go, sock sizes?
  115. Need help in Australia
  116. Demodex and Spaying...
  117. Can Hardly Wait
  118. Therapy dog?
  119. Need Some Advice!!
  120. collar
  121. Cocking leg at 13 weeks?!
  122. ear question
  123. Eating poop?!
  124. Rehoming a long haired male chi feeling anxious.
  125. Taking pup xmas shopping?
  126. Puppy finally here :)
  127. New to raising a chi
  128. Whiney puppy!
  129. Emmy ate my Chapstick
  130. Puppy class experience/going off with strangers
  131. Puppy Rarely Wags Her Tail
  132. aggressive 3 year old rescue
  133. Reassurance!?!
  134. dog collar sizing help please susan lanci
  135. How to stop my Chi's being aggressive towards new puppy?
  136. Pet insurance
  137. Growling
  138. Sensitive ears ?
  139. Lunch Meat
  140. Let puppy off the leash?
  141. Any chance this is dangerous?
  142. Retractable lead recommendations?
  143. A long haired from 2 smooth coat parents
  144. Weight Question
  145. Best way to earn trust/bond?
  146. Her color/pattern?
  147. Dye free food to keep long coat white?
  148. Bully sticks
  149. Puppies not eating
  150. When and how often does your dog eat?
  151. Knee problem / best natural sources of glucosamine and chondroitin?
  152. Two male Chis?
  153. I'm going see a chihuahua puppy today
  154. Adopted chi: Pee/poo in their bed??
  155. has he hot it in him??
  156. My pomchi and yorkie play loudly.
  157. New puppy - apple or deer?
  158. Do yours do this?
  159. How long to toilet train?
  160. Can anyone help????
  161. Sudden leash issue - but only sometimes
  162. Getting used to their own company..
  163. Doggy in first heat
  164. How many ppls chis are microchipped?
  165. Chihuahua acting weird.
  166. Difference between Winter litter and Summer litter?
  167. Can it be too cold for a little Chi?
  168. Need Feeding Advice!
  169. Hello, I'm new here & I've signed up to get the best advice on buying my first
  170. Clothes - yes or no? I'm confused...
  171. Many of you own more than 1 - Why?
  172. So upset right now I order my dogs food from
  173. Organic or natural shampoo base?
  174. What to look for in a good puppy/ a good breeder
  175. raw bones for dental health?
  176. Puppy questions??
  177. What colour is My little fella
  178. Thoughts on litter box training?
  179. Inquistitive minds what to know....
  180. What happens in the shops?
  181. keeping puppy's coat white???
  182. Scared of the outside/toilet trouble
  183. Now I'm confused! When to spay
  184. Spaying @ 10.5 months, no heat yet???
  185. Long haired chi not so long haired *pic*
  186. Loneliness :(?
  187. New to Chihuahua life and have a question
  188. Taking chis to Dominican Republic?
  189. Flying
  190. Shelter Chi: Lots of Questions!!!
  191. New puppy Long or short Coat???
  192. New pup not putting on weight
  193. Keeps getting UTIs?
  194. What colour is Lacy?
  195. Runt questions?
  196. Is this behavior ok?
  197. Heart broken... But was she a puppy farmer?
  198. which collar?!
  199. Puppy trying to eat everything in the garden
  200. When is a Chi considered a senior?
  201. Stag bars
  202. New Susan Lanci Bed
  203. Do you let your baby sleep on the bed with you?
  204. Did your pet stay over night when spayed?
  205. Bonding with puppy?
  206. Scratching upon waking...
  207. What a nightmare!! Need advice!
  208. slow feeders?
  209. Ugh! I had to rehome him :(
  210. Puppy in heat?
  211. No fur around eyes?
  212. Vegetable Glycerin and After Bath Fluffies
  213. First walkies..
  214. What color are my Chihuahuas?
  215. House Training fail. HELP!
  216. Dealing with stupid dumb puppy....
  217. Clothing & growling
  218. Chihuahua barking after 18 months!!
  219. Microchiping
  220. Newly neutered chi's "privates" stuck
  221. Puppies vs adult look
  222. Chihuahua not eating all food but eating poop
  223. Chihuahua activity level?
  224. Help! Smelly muzzle!
  225. Homemade Chihuahua Food?
  226. Is there something wrong?
  227. Preventing barking
  228. How quickly do chis gain weight?
  229. Taking Romeo to university!
  230. Inflatable collar?
  231. Two newborn chihauhaus sick
  232. Tray Toilet Training
  233. Male or female
  234. Toys Suggestions for Chi Puppy
  235. Excessive licking
  236. Crate training help
  237. First injection.. Neck pain
  238. Opinions on studding
  239. Need your opinion on our Chi design please?
  240. Beau's ears still floppy!
  241. I just rescued a little girl and don't know what to do??
  242. Feverish Chihuahua + random yelps
  243. Shelter Chi question! Help Please!
  244. Dogs fighting
  245. Gulping sound (largely at night)
  246. Puppy hating jumper
  247. Chi's Nose Turning Colour!
  248. Help! Going on vacation...
  249. My little girl's growing up!
  250. Heating Blankets Safe?