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: Chihuahua Questions

  1. Outdoors before injections?
  2. chi has dry skin
  3. too many potty accidents
  4. Any interest in a Dog cabin resort CP meetup in NC?
  5. health problems
  6. Long coat vs short coat temperaments?
  7. Is my dog a chi ?
  8. can dogs get Pneumonia!?!?!?!
  9. Help! alone/pen training
  10. Doggy Ride Jogger?????
  11. Nails
  12. Hard to find?
  13. Another deerhead or applehead question?
  14. Litter box training anyone.
  15. Two female chi's, one is pregnant..
  16. What colour is this chi pup, blue?
  17. chewing large holes in leather sofa
  18. Chihuahua just spayed today
  19. Low blood sugar?
  20. Molera question
  21. Puppy's muzzle
  22. massive hair loss after spay? long hair chi
  23. When should she start recognizing her name?
  24. Leg problem on my 7 week old chi pom
  25. Does my new baby have a deer or apple head?
  26. Still trying to crate train Vida...
  27. Help,do all or most blue Chi's loose hair?
  28. Dental Chews
  29. Flea relief/ Seresto
  30. My long haired chihuahua
  31. Why does my chihuahua sometimes sound like a swan?
  32. Ellie got the ant bait!
  33. Hawks, owls, and other nasties
  34. What type of collar does everyone use?
  35. Leaving 2 chis alone together?
  36. Dental Cleaning - Pet Insurance (USA)?
  37. Flea Dermatitis
  38. HELP: Color-Dilution Alopecia
  39. Looking for puppy from reputable breeder!
  40. Ziwipeak canned????
  41. Do your chi babies cuddle each other?
  42. My chis and the neighbor's new puppy...
  43. Spay concerns
  44. Why did my chihuahua's ears drop?
  45. Lp
  46. Is my girlie a full chi?
  47. 7-week old super-baby fell
  48. Screaming how long does it go on
  49. Zuke's treats
  50. Hoping
  51. How much is too much?
  52. Anyone Use Jumpsuits For Their Dogs?
  53. How do I introduce raw?
  54. Conditions that Mimic Canine Bloat?
  55. Sizing of Mutt Muffs for Flying Pups
  56. Help!
  57. Chewing Question! :(
  58. Creat training Vida how to transition from pen to some freedom?
  59. All of a sudden - too protective of kids
  60. l am so frustrated with Timmy!!!!
  61. LS
  62. Will he always hide?
  63. Clothing Problem
  64. please help!!!!!!!
  65. Question for KC chi mommy/daddys
  66. Chihuahua/greyhound mix??
  67. Mimi is afraid of public transport
  68. 6 week old Chihuahua
  69. Bells? Help keeping track of puppy
  70. Antihistimine needed
  71. How old is your dog(s)
  72. Do you moisten the dry kibble?
  73. Spaying/Neutering Tatoos
  74. Micro- Chipping
  75. Puppy changing coat color- turning into a Merle?
  76. Will she ever stop pooping in the house?
  77. How big will she be?
  78. Sleeping in bed with you
  79. Change in behavior
  80. Alina on her time of the 'month'?
  81. Some questions on my 6 week old Chi Pom!
  82. Toilet training two 11 week old chi's. Advice?
  83. Fostering Reggie chi!
  84. Strawberry in Pain
  85. Essential oils and fleas!
  86. Overweight chihuahuas!
  87. Chew Treats
  88. Homeade dog treat recipes
  89. New puppy-New Chi owner! Registration help
  90. Question about treats and "bully" sticks?
  91. Trouble weaning chihuahua. Puppies
  92. Getting my first chihuahua!!!
  93. Scrappy Choke Free harness??
  94. Yellow poo!
  95. Recommendations for an LED collar or other light for nighttime?
  96. Do you see anything wrong with these puppies?
  97. Eye infection?
  98. Frodo question
  99. Do you change the food you feed periodically?
  100. luxating patella
  101. Obsessive Grooming of Another Dog?
  102. Moaning?
  103. Drippling
  104. Baking Powder - Dangerous?
  105. Barking at front door
  106. Missing adult canine teeth?
  107. aggression! strangers!
  108. Female HUMPING!?
  109. Flea medicine and other Qs
  110. Do you leave your Chi's harness on all day?
  111. Getting rid of other dogs urine on new blankets
  112. How do others transport their Chi's in the car?
  113. Teeth brushing / nail clipping
  114. Separation anxiety or jealousy?
  115. Stella and Chewie
  116. Knight problems
  117. Chi problems
  118. need advice/help regarding pad training/create train
  119. Backwards sneezing fit???
  120. re usable puppy pads
  121. Aggression
  122. Need help/advice
  123. Teeth
  124. Picking up things she shouldn't
  125. Reverse sneezing
  126. Can't help but ask
  127. Please help!
  128. Chihuahua Puppies
  129. Provoked aggression...HELP!!!!!!
  130. Thundershirt/Vest
  131. Why do some Chihuahua's like water and others don't
  132. Chihuahuas on a plane!!
  133. Chihuahua breeding
  134. Help, advise, or maybe just support!
  135. Slings
  136. spaing question
  137. Question about rabies vaccine
  138. Need advice on very noticeable under bite on my chihuahua puppy
  139. urgent Help please!!! :(
  140. Moral dilemma; your opinion?
  141. Name new member of my family. I need help in naming the stray do that is now j
  142. What age is best to bring pup home?
  143. Puppy Feeding
  144. Strange behaviour when given a treat
  145. Smelly soft toys! Do you wash them?
  146. Getting into the litter box!
  147. Help, What is this on his eye?
  148. Flea Prevention & Heartgard???
  149. Tooth care?
  150. Puppy growling at Adult Strangers
  151. Cuddle Cups
  152. What does your chi do during the day?
  153. Flying abroad alone?
  154. Need some advice please.
  155. Has anyone been a Foster
  156. Height Question
  157. Housebreaking...
  158. Carseats, boosters, harness
  159. Grade 1 Heart Murmur
  160. Why is he peeing on our beds?
  161. What colour is my lovely Chi?
  162. Help
  163. Help with new dog, please!
  164. Medium or large snoozer car seat for three?
  165. Flea help :(
  166. Flea Control
  167. Over weight :(
  168. Dental
  169. Will she grow/fill out at anymore (14.5 months)
  170. Two days ago I took in a stray dog this is his pic what kind of dog do you thin
  171. Homemade toothpaste?
  172. Stairs and Back Problems
  173. 2 concerns with Ellie
  174. Socializing 2 year olds...Is it too late?
  175. Over playful pup
  176. Leaving Puppy alone..
  177. My dog hates putting on a jumper!
  178. Thyroid questions
  179. Buddy belt sizing for roughly 10.5-12 inch girth (for the new kid)
  180. My Coco is not happy with the new puppy! Help!
  181. neutering tomorrow...need help!!
  182. Screaming Puppy
  183. Belly band question
  184. Buttons is driving me nuts.... Help!
  185. Dog litter tray
  186. Spine sticking out?
  187. Elk antlers
  188. Hi, what can I feed my pregnant chi
  189. Leather Collars?
  190. Something has scared Ike real bad
  191. Is it crazy going from 2 to 3 dogs?
  192. Did any of you have to get a bordetella shot before your chis could be spayed o
  193. Will my Lab get jealous?
  194. My pup isn't that cuddly. Will she ever be?
  195. My chi is pregnant but she's not eating
  196. Mylo doesn't seem himself
  197. Retained testicle question
  198. what color is my chi?
  199. never again
  200. indoor potty with side panels
  201. Never Put Your Chihuahua in Your Bed
  202. Winter?
  203. Query about my chihuahuas integrity..
  204. perfect toy?
  205. I have a drama king!!!!
  206. Puppy preschool
  207. *Please read/ help =/
  208. 2nd chi making a funny noise..
  209. Bailey's getting Spayed today!
  210. Help
  211. Is Weight Gain Unusual (in a pup)?
  212. puppy problems!
  213. Growth charts
  214. Weight
  215. New Chi Puppy Questions
  216. Boosters
  217. Question about getting a second chi
  218. Treats?
  219. At my wits end.....
  220. Constant licking!
  221. Two unfixed dogs
  222. What's wrong??
  223. Cost of shots/exams?
  224. Chi and young children?
  225. Indoor/outdoor potty training questions..
  226. Floppy ears breathe right tapping is good ?
  227. Update on Peyton
  228. First few days - Chi's and babies.
  229. Tiki pees eveytime I pick him
  230. Diet advice
  231. Is chihuahua change colors when they grow for real
  232. My chi's ear floppy
  233. Baths?
  234. Is it normal to be experiencing a significant increase in chihuahuas shedding?
  235. Need advice from chi moms!
  236. WWYD Neighboors with dogs off-leash!
  237. Help! Opinions needed if I should get a second chi!
  238. Feeding Opionon
  239. Why does Mimi do this?
  240. Harness and/or collar?
  241. Removing pet dander and other contaminants
  242. Excessive Shedding
  243. Hopefully getting a Chihuahua in a couple weeks!
  244. One Puppy Or Two?
  245. Slower growth rate on the raw diet?
  246. Puppia Sizing
  247. Separation anxiety ??
  248. Whining help
  249. Teeth Brushing Tips and Tricks
  250. Can someone tell me if my chi pups are long haired or short haired?