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: Chihuahua Questions

  1. Heartworm Preventative
  2. Nexguard
  3. Coyote Vest or Raptor Shield?
  4. Question About Getting A New Puppy
  5. question
  6. Keeping Chi warm, Heated blanket or??
  7. carpenter ants
  8. Should I ADD ANOTHER pup?
  9. Licking forearm area after playing crazy???
  10. Captain Falcon's mystery behavior explained!
  11. Dwarf?
  12. Please Help Me: Potty Issues
  13. A new pet store
  14. New pup
  15. Laryngeal Collapse & Trachea Collapse
  16. Sudden skin irritation and bald patch
  17. Barking
  18. Dog Safety while camping in the wild?
  19. Mystery behavior
  20. Barking at my partner
  21. Limping on and off
  22. Lap Guarding
  23. Does your Chi fetch??
  24. 4 chihuahuas??
  25. Dog on Dog Aggression
  26. Shipping a Chihuahua? Yes Or No? How to travel?
  27. Benadryl to calm a dog down
  28. Alpha dog...not
  29. Puppy jumpers? Where to buy?
  30. What did your chi weigh at birth and what weight are they now?
  31. Emmie and Jazz
  32. Chihuahua having babesiosis
  33. Ears
  34. Pre/post neutering concerns
  35. Temperature of my puppy
  36. My new 6 weeks old puppy has ticks..
  37. Pee, how much is too much?
  38. mourning in dogs
  39. Puppy barks all night
  40. Introducing a younger chi to an old girl
  41. Weird peeing habit
  42. Flying with you Chihuahua
  43. help! too tiny type
  44. crazy Bonnie
  45. Kongs and Chuck-It balls
  46. Brush for a semi longhaired chi
  47. I Really Need Some Advice, PLEASE!!!
  48. Dog needs vaccinations
  49. Dog barks at sounds
  50. Embroidered Collar - where to find?
  51. What should I do? Legal advice?
  52. Best way to "Prevent"
  53. Vetmedin/pimobendan
  54. Slow feed dog bowl for Chihuahua
  55. Stinky ears?
  56. Fighting chihuahuas
  57. Intimacy: How Do You?
  58. Barking when company is over
  59. Chihuahua too skinny?
  60. Sleep Deprived and Frustrated (LONG READ)
  61. Tear stains
  62. Strange tail
  63. Stressed out Mom of two
  64. bathing after surgery?
  65. Growling for attention?????
  66. Safe walking in low-light conditions
  67. Juan isn't making friends.
  68. Do Chihuahuas really stop growing at 6 months?
  69. Tango's nail :(
  70. Lump on head
  71. Rocky's been ill :/
  72. Flea and tick season
  73. LOOSE TEETH! -Advice needed Please!
  74. Chi regurgitating a few hours after meals...
  75. not eating out of bowl
  76. Eating poop
  77. fetching a ball
  78. my rescue chi snaps at me, even nips...
  79. 5 month old male chi pooping in the house
  80. 10 mo old pooping in our bed after bringing home 2nd puppy
  81. Harness
  82. Why does my chi cover his poop like a cat?
  83. Halloween
  84. Raining, won't go out for walk & poop
  85. What color is my chi?
  86. Reverse osmosis water question
  87. Advise needed..
  88. Humping her stuffy
  89. New guy with a chi pup
  90. Question on flopping ear
  91. Staring at Me All The Time
  92. anal sacs
  93. Rescue adult pooping in house
  94. Pooping all over the house
  95. Very little fur where she is white and spotted. I read this is very common in Chihuah
  96. Dremel users
  97. Looking for good harnesses
  98. best age to neuter a chihuahua
  99. Some Advice please
  100. Keeping Intact boys.
  101. adopted dog missing owners-neighbors. Advice needed.
  102. When will he stop....
  103. Eye?
  104. Chihuahua weight?
  105. If it wasn't for her ears...
  106. Pet Steps for a 29 inch high bed
  107. having an issues with padmes age
  108. Apple & Deerhead
  109. Puppy doesn't like walks
  110. toys
  111. Help with puppy traininng, specifically toileting, and nipping :(
  112. How big is my chi going to be?
  113. Help grapes!
  114. female chi problems
  115. Has anyone tried....
  116. overheating
  117. Kong Filler Ideas
  118. Help 6 week old Chihuahua pup
  119. First heat No appetite
  120. Help! Irritated, red, itchy skin!
  121. Need cat vs dog help
  122. what's a safe teething treat for a puppy chihuahua?
  123. Prayers and any ideas?
  124. Missing!
  125. Pooping anywhere except the pad tray
  126. clothing for my arthritic chis
  127. New puppy preparation list??
  128. Guess who's gone into her first season?
  129. One ear still down
  130. Teething Toy Question
  131. Grey (not blue?) long-haired Chihuahua wanted
  132. Traveling with dog on Amtrak?
  133. Slings/Carriers
  134. Spaying
  135. In need of reassurance on new pup
  136. Suddenly barks are random passers by
  137. Help adapting to outside
  138. Allergies or something else...
  139. Help?
  140. Separation anxiety caused by moving
  141. Red Barn bully sticks
  142. Lola thinks it's always playtime
  143. storms tonight
  144. Ear Fringe Question
  145. Elmo's behaviour issues
  146. where can I find small harness
  147. Diarrhoea
  148. Shedding fur?
  149. Growing pains or potential problems?
  150. Questions update*
  151. A couple of questions?
  152. Ponyo's New Habit...
  153. pain meds
  154. Am I right or wrong?
  155. What are these cute things she does?!
  156. Play or aggresion?
  157. Sleepypod Atom or Air?
  158. Is My Puppy Adult-ing?
  159. Help with almost seven week old chihuahua
  160. Car Sickness
  161. chihuahua behavior
  162. Sleeping on bed
  163. Freak-Out After First Vet Visit; shots or 'trauma'?
  164. Lines under eyes
  165. Meal time routines
  166. Buddy Belt Leash Length/Color?
  167. Walking in the hallway
  168. help with bellybands
  169. Adolescent Puppy Advice!
  170. Weird Chi Question......
  171. How long does an open bag of Dog food last?
  172. At my wits end about accidents.
  173. Help please?
  174. Harness Query
  175. Pee Pad Question
  176. My vet gave VACCINE to soon????
  177. Baths, what Products do you use for long-hair?
  178. Occasional retching and vomiting
  179. Allergies?
  180. My puppy developing bald spot!
  181. Questions regarding de-worming.
  182. Gizmo what type do you think he is?
  183. Ruffwear Front Range/Webmaster
  184. Interesting revelation
  185. Flying with Chi for first time
  186. Pet sling or carrier for very cold winters?
  187. Snowsuits
  188. I just need a simple answer on frequency of potty breaks
  189. Pup won't eat without me
  190. What Now?!?
  191. Paralyzed chihuahua :(
  192. Multiple Chi Questions
  193. What do you think she is mixed with?
  194. peeing issues, UTI or incontinence
  195. Teaching chihuahuas not to sleep in your bed...
  196. Excessive Barking + Problems with Cookie
  197. Lilo lost a tooth :(
  198. Scared new puppy
  199. Trying to decide...HELP!!
  200. Peanut has to be right with me
  201. Pure breed.
  202. Is she long hair or short?
  203. making some special chis happy for their birthday
  204. I"m a little sad :)
  205. Chihuahua bite is that a problem?
  206. Head Type & Bone Structure -pic heavy!
  207. My puppy is losing his baby teeth, is bleeding normal?
  208. When should I get her spayed?
  209. Having to leave Chis while you work
  210. When are Chis fully grown
  211. Larger than normal?!
  212. Play Biting
  213. Jun is not eating as much as he used to be...
  214. dog sweaters
  215. Very scared..
  216. Stress and Questions
  217. Is she or is she not a chi?!?!
  218. Bark
  219. Leaving female chi with a male chi... both are NOT fixed. Advice Please!!!
  220. Advice?
  221. Teeth questions
  222. Traveling with Chihuahua
  223. Socializing with new chihuahua pup??
  224. Peanut is going to go under the knife!
  225. harnessess and pulling while walking
  226. How much do your babies weigh?
  227. How to make dinner time fun again?
  228. Puppy fat?
  229. Home Alone..
  230. Bentley's Baby Teeth
  231. Ears stand up when?
  232. Rose Geranium Oil as ticks repellent
  233. Opinions, thoughts and experience on adding a 3rd...please
  234. Tiny knots on her skin
  235. Age difference between your chi chi's?
  236. Visiting California from UK - dog shopping advice needed
  237. Is squirrel chasing OK?
  238. Koko-update
  239. Skinny?!
  240. harness suggestion?!
  241. Growling? What to do?
  242. My baby is overweight :(
  243. Advice about taking dogs out shopping.
  244. Humping?
  245. Hiccups??
  246. What's a good jacket?
  247. ***limping***
  248. how far is your vet from you?
  249. Pup Saver car seat
  250. Blind Puppy