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  1. Major bargain
  2. I Love Your Dogs
  3. Feeling down today....
  4. Proud Chi Mom
  5. Going CRAZY!!!
  6. we have kennel cough :(
  7. Long Hair Chihuahua hair cut?
  8. Chihuahua makes newspapers for her work as a band mascot
  9. Dog blankets
  10. Why is it Always at the weekend...
  11. Found a lump on Faith
  12. Really need to socialize Amberleah
  13. Cookie Jars
  14. avatar and siggy
  15. Are these pups appleheads?
  16. Chester, the incredible peeing dog
  17. Apologising?
  18. So many illness and Injuries
  19. Apples dislocating knee!!
  20. Nervous..taking Zoey on a trip.
  21. Odie is having surgery today
  22. Romeo at the hospital
  23. size
  24. Bizarre, even for Gracie!
  25. Lion's first agility class!
  26. starting to get fed up
  27. Finnegan is officially a "wild" man
  28. Izzy's spay day!
  29. Last Call for Spring into Summer Exchange signups..
  30. Ferrets and Chihuahuas
  31. gunther got a new playmate!!
  32. Can you all vote for my friend's chihuahua puppy?
  33. Yogi is being Neutered on Wednesday
  34. Sparkles
  35. question about chihuahua
  36. Muzzle graying out?
  37. Just may be getting it
  38. Tinkerbells getting her first injections tomoz!+pics
  39. So small and so cute!
  40. Spring into Summer exchange wishlist
  41. Spring into Summer Secret Exchange Signups
  42. First night = success
  43. Puppy training pads
  44. Deer head chihuahua vs. Chipin??
  45. Finally done it...
  46. Should Tillie's swelling have gone down by now?
  47. Spring/Summer Secret Exchange?
  48. Update on Kira
  49. TODAY is the DAY!!!!
  50. Twiggy scare
  51. Hubby didnt want to tell me....
  52. Puppy biting stage help!.x
  53. Brighton England Uk met up ?
  54. Collar or harness?
  55. Head'n to Petsmart :D
  56. The differences
  57. Questions for Breeders/"Experienced" Owners...
  58. Finally have mastered trimming the chis' nails
  59. Bridesmaid for Lola
  60. Ineed help asap guys. Really swollen anal glad
  61. It looks like Kira has a liver shunt
  62. Shaping up nicely!
  63. One more day till the new puppy arrives! Help name her:)
  64. Omg! The funniest thing happened...
  65. Why puppy pads?
  66. OMG! So Cute I cant stand it!!!!
  67. Help with a name!
  68. Introducing my new little guy
  69. Hello Strangers, I have a question
  70. AmberLeah Learned to Climb and growel at her toys.
  71. Well here they are
  72. Exciting news..
  73. What drives you mad about your chi????
  74. New Baby Girl!!
  75. Amberleah is putting her self to bed
  76. Traumatic day yesterday(long)...
  77. Only you all will not think that I am crazy! Girls while we are gone story (long).
  78. British/Insurance.
  79. Isis's trick
  80. Scary scary time!
  81. my dog is a thief lol
  82. Yep, my chi's are crazy.
  83. I am so dumb!
  84. Rewarding puppy who can't eat treats?
  85. How long do you walk your chi for?
  86. Is it a "phase?"
  87. Happy birthday cookie!!!!!!
  88. UK Peeps don't you just love A Breed Apart
  89. Rough night...
  90. Mateo had a seizure
  91. Photographer and stylist from my company coming to photo the girls today!
  92. weight
  93. Do you think my decision is right?
  94. Wanted Knitting Patterns
  95. Are these puppy teeth AND adult teeth?
  96. Happy and Sad
  97. The time is nearly here.
  98. Pet Ramps
  99. Pics of my new Chi and Names Please!!
  100. Two-legged Chihuahuas?!
  101. Cant Post Photos
  102. Help vote for Roxy! :)
  103. Maggy let em have it!
  104. Heartwarming - Chihuahua survives fire
  105. Funniest thing I ever seen..
  106. 2 chihuahuas stolen
  107. Sparkles arrived today
  108. I melted!
  109. Saw this and it broke my heart
  110. Isis
  111. dogs stuck together?
  112. So excited! Deposit down on a new puppy!
  113. Baby Asia got spayed today. :(
  114. Another update of liam!
  115. Falling asleep sitting up?
  116. I was offered a cobby girl yesterday
  117. Happy Mothers day
  118. 7 month old suddenly scared of everything.
  119. is my chi huge?
  120. 2 Hawks, Eagles or Turkey Vultures got too close today.
  121. Pebbles is coming home tonight!
  122. Scared myself this morning
  123. need help writing a thank you note to the breeder
  124. Dogs day out - Windsor Racecourse UK
  125. Puppy teeth
  126. Pedro got his Secret Bunny gift
  127. Happy Cinco De Mayo Day!
  128. Advice plz
  129. My baby girl poppy is getting spayed today
  130. Cinco de Mayo
  131. So annoyed. Update on Liam
  132. Would you guys mind voting for Maisie?
  133. Thank you bruiser
  134. Yoshi is at the vet
  135. Puppia harnesses
  136. Bark in the Park, smallest Chi ever!
  137. Happy Birthday Sissy!
  138. The house is quiet
  139. chihuahua or not chihuahua that is the question!?
  140. Girls made it through their surgeries! Off to pick them up in about an hour!
  141. Fav toys!
  142. let me know please
  143. Cricket may have a broken leg! =(
  144. Getting another one...!
  145. Look waht I got....
  146. picky eater/s
  147. Possible two new dogs! jack russel + Chi!
  148. Quark is a Jerk!
  149. Nail clippers
  150. Needs some prayers for baby liam
  151. Don't know what to call it. . .
  152. New Park Avenue harness, but..
  153. Venting- long
  154. Twiggy went to a party
  155. Unexpected change...
  156. to all the Secret Bunnies and Chi-s
  157. photo
  158. ugh scammers are so annoying!
  159. I am so sick of....
  160. Bathe after Revolution?
  161. Not here chico!!!
  162. Advice on leaving new Chi pup alone
  163. awful behavour, what can I do.
  164. Breeder backed out on us getting new puppy
  165. How do you say enough is enough?
  166. Secret Bunny's are....
  167. What would you do?
  168. Naming Dilemma
  169. got my doggy stroller in the mail!
  170. Please tell me about your Chihuahua's!
  171. CL people are so nasty!
  172. What's up with the barking...
  173. Think I need another Chi.
  174. Crawling
  175. bought a Martha Stewart bed
  176. I think I've created a Monster!
  177. Lots of People - 1 chihuahua
  178. Scratching
  179. Introducing....
  180. Prayers and Positive Thoughts for Nellie
  181. My girls ate part of a popsicle stick!
  182. Poor Cookie is going down hill
  183. Arrrggg
  184. Chihuahua survives tornado
  185. How in the Hell!
  186. Stolen Chihuahua!
  187. New member, usual weight question!
  188. Crate sharing.
  189. Here's a book I wanna read....My Boy Butch
  190. Such a sweet story
  191. doggie life jackets
  192. found my dream chi...
  193. Where did you get your crate covers?
  194. Cloak and Dawggie harnesses
  195. If your not busy :)
  196. Hope my baby doesn't get sick
  197. Fell in love today!
  198. Happy 2nd birthday Lola !!!
  199. I need one of these
  200. hotdogs and scrambled eggs
  201. Beverly Hills Chihuahua
  202. Prey Drive
  203. started the raw food diet today..
  204. Sad :(
  205. Upcoming beach trip... any tips?
  206. Breeder recommendations?
  207. Had an emergency today with Dillon!!
  208. Free! 2 XS pink harnesses. See pics. US only, please.
  209. To those who gave advice on washable potty pads-THANK YOU!!
  210. Backpack carrier picture
  211. roxi's vet trip today
  212. Thanks!
  213. puppy shots
  214. Just TERRIBLE :(
  215. Attn: Chico's Mom
  216. Hi Guys, Please Help!!!!!!!!!
  217. A Sad Goodbye :(
  218. Pavlov Chihuahua
  219. Pet Stores REDICULOUS prices
  220. wow sketchy 'breeders' these days
  221. Two males or a male and a female chihuahua?
  222. Brody's labs and vaccination titer results ...
  223. help please :)
  224. Such a rough day yesderday.
  225. coat color help!
  226. What do you think of this litter?
  227. Gi-Gi had her babies!!
  228. YAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! Maisie did it!!!!!!!!!!!
  229. Tyson proves Chi's are winners!
  230. The vet now is in love with Asia.
  231. easter bunny
  232. my epiphany with duke
  233. Our First "Meetup"
  234. My daughter got a chi yesterday (m)
  235. Accessory tip.
  236. recommend a good chihuahua breeders?
  237. I laughed till I cried!
  238. Long Coat Chi Coat ?
  239. roxi is sort of hopping when walking
  240. Whats for sale??
  241. wish us luck!
  242. Oh i'm sooo tempted..
  243. UK people with sky !
  244. Puppy and Adult Coat Colour
  245. Just venting
  246. Uber Excited! =D
  247. I Cannot Wait....
  248. Vet visit
  249. I'm a chi mummy .... for the day :)
  250. Feeling rather gulity!!