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  1. The Results Are in!! Feel Like I've been trying to kill my Midgie!!
  2. boyfriends....jealous of your dogs??
  3. Happy Birthday Jet!!
  4. How I love irresponsible 'breeders'
  5. Pack status has changed
  6. Dog beds.
  7. What's your morning routine??
  8. Possibly the cutest hoodie Ive ever seen
  9. Update on Lucy and Ricky... Sorry for the delay..
  10. Proud of my Siggy attempt!
  11. Pedro and Max's fall exchanges came
  12. Help! Dehydration!!
  13. I NEED help!
  14. YAY for Ziwipeak!!
  15. "What is that, a rat?"
  16. Why do they feel the need to comment?
  17. Seriously...
  18. 2nd Secret santa signup
  19. Chihuahua collections
  20. Chloe's Fall SE came gift came, but sorry no pics yet!
  21. Mia's Fall Exchange
  22. Lina got a package today!
  23. Chi coin purse & wallet
  24. Secret Santa Teasers ;)
  25. Calling all NEW puppy owners
  26. My little chubby Monkey Man is officially on a diet!
  27. Lavender and her big brother
  28. Free Wysong Epigen Sample
  29. new pup
  30. Vocal chi
  31. OMG How cute!
  32. Quick ? for those of you that use Deer Antlers.
  33. Christmas
  34. Bryco did his momma proud :-D
  35. Is It Too Soon?
  36. Alex is gone...
  37. max's sfe
  38. Anyone have a pet fountain?
  39. I need to see pics and an introduction of "The New Baby."
  40. Adjustable Puppias
  41. Just bought..
  42. Oh Daisydoo.......
  43. Princess Peach had her last set of shots and vet check today
  44. Update on Jakes Leg
  45. Been a few days because...
  46. Bella the Social Butterfly
  47. Ear plug
  48. Lavender's web page
  49. Happy Chihuahua
  50. Help me, I'm shopping, and I can't stop!
  51. Riley's Vet visit
  52. Really cute harness for sale!!
  53. Just ordered Happy Tails Canine Spa Line products
  54. Lilo's Secret Exchange!
  55. Minnie got her fall gift!!!
  56. Bruiser brag
  57. silly goosey
  58. Would you?
  59. Airlien Approved Carriers
  60. Lavender's birthday!
  61. Cookie goes in tomorrow morning for his dental sugery
  62. Just a puppy update
  63. Entertain your Chi
  64. Becky Has Passed Away
  65. Getting a Chi therapy certified
  66. Arghhh whats happened to the forum?!
  67. ATTN: Secret Santa Poll
  68. I believe something more than allergies is plaguing Midgie!!
  69. What a porker!
  70. get the door its...
  71. Lil peeing terror...mostly just a vent, ha.
  72. When you must leave...
  73. Arrrghhh!!!! >:3
  74. Observations in smooth vs long coat temperaments -
  75. Maisie is now 100% mine!!!!
  76. Where Do You Shop Online?
  77. Jake... cause for concern
  78. Just back from Vet ER
  79. dog treat kit..
  80. Hehe...only 3 months, 1 week & 5 days till Christmas!
  81. Am I doing something wrong?
  82. Show us your Bat/satellite dish ears LOL (Deer & Apple heads)
  83. Someday I'll learn....
  84. im so proud of roxi!!!
  85. Signature question.
  86. The SpotBot !
  87. Moving from bed to crate???
  88. Ugh
  89. Pups born!
  90. Dumb ? but how do you know if it is ear mites or just dirty ears?
  91. Hubby said...
  92. Jake rocks again..
  93. shall i get a friend for my chihuahua??
  94. Introducing older chis to younger ones
  95. Haven't the KC (UK) banned Merle for a good reason?
  96. Quigley and I are home
  97. Harry went to his first wedding...
  98. CP should have a health warning! ;-)
  99. Crate size??
  100. Max received his fall exchange
  101. Toronto/GTA CPP Members
  102. I'm so pleased
  103. Leila has surely found her bark ;)
  104. omg i nearly gassed us all
  105. Change housetraining method?
  106. Great News
  107. are chis allowed human chocolate
  108. Quigley goes to UGA again 09/10/10
  109. should my chihuahua of came into season yet???
  110. Chi "Landmines"
  111. Thank You Amanda&Bianca!!! Fall exchange (Pic heavy)
  112. Biopsy results for Ms Hannah:
  113. Chloe my watch doggie
  114. Hard frosting ?
  115. poor little guy
  116. Midgie knows I'm leaving on a Jet Plane!!!
  117. Deme - how's jakes diet
  118. Smoke's lab results
  119. Snuggies On Clearance at HEB.
  120. Pipers secret fall gifts came today...
  121. Been a while!!!
  122. Want an affordable way to keep your pup warm this fall?
  123. Hey dere youz chi peoplez..
  124. What is Your opinion...
  125. dexter got his fall exchange package :o)
  126. Rabies vaccine?
  127. Does anyone have their own agility equipment?
  128. Is it silly?
  129. Nipple behind ears?????
  130. Beeeg advenshorre at dee pawk!
  131. Jasper turns 2yrs today
  132. Zoey's Story...
  133. The fly !!
  134. chi in season
  135. thank you bryco and trigger
  136. so proud of dexter today with hylus cat!
  137. I am sooooooooo proud
  138. does your chis tongue stick out?
  139. Need to know???
  140. Step-in harness.
  141. Update on Midgie's progress on THK!!
  142. Licking competition
  143. last call for secret santa..
  144. hernia in chis
  145. Sad story, bittersweet ending!
  146. Miley wants to show you her poor tummy (warning: pictures are gross)
  147. How to find out more about your puppy's breeder
  148. Anyone had a dog shipped to them? help...
  149. Dog auctions
  150. Venting !!!!!!!!!
  151. Oh, What a week!
  152. Proud Momma
  153. Well dog vet visit
  154. Part PIT LMAO
  155. This little girl is TINY!
  156. Going to the vets
  157. Peach is having a ball with Maya and Jasper
  158. so this is it.....
  159. Gross...why would he start eating poop now?
  160. Trim hair between pads?
  161. Holistic vets?
  162. Help, I can't decide...
  163. Uh-oh
  164. Hydrocephalus
  165. Wish Bella had a small doggy friend - any1 only have 1 chi?
  166. Gyco-Flex II question
  167. do whiskers grow? o.o
  168. Update on Smoke
  169. Puppia Harness and dog clothes question:)
  170. Can anyone give me some ideas of High Fiber things I can give Tillie
  171. Tillie is back but bad news about her anal glands
  172. Come on UPS truck......
  173. Pulled a tooth.
  174. Cookie had his checkup today
  175. Tillie is being spayed today :-(
  176. Always Hungry
  177. Smoke is back home
  178. can you say "ornery"?
  179. Great information on Toxins in your home
  180. Smoke started having seizures
  181. make house smell less "doggy"
  182. Vets the good and the bad :(
  183. Idiots ruining our walk..
  184. My girl's chased away a thief tonight!
  185. Kinda bummed
  186. oh yay dexter u shouldnt have...
  187. Another puppy possibility
  188. People who interfere
  189. Petco coupon codes
  190. Happy birthday pigeonsheep
  191. Hmmm...Trigger got something in the mail! But..
  192. jordan got a package in the mail!!
  193. Little miss scardy chi
  194. Quigley 1 week post surgery
  195. Please send Miley good thoughts!
  196. Ears?
  198. New York Pet Expo coming!!
  199. Quick update on Hannah's surgery
  200. We had an unintentional Chihuahua Day Out!
  201. Can't stop looking at puppies lol
  202. Fat or filling out?
  203. When does a puppy
  204. Pregnant Chi Temp
  205. Riley update
  206. Symbols ???
  207. How many dog shampoos do you have?
  208. Pics before Hannah's Surgery
  209. Its a bad day today
  210. Twiggy's in heat and Pepper is scratching his fur off.
  211. puppy name for blue long coat
  212. Punching!
  213. Chi Wee's First Deer Antlers, On Their Way!
  214. Quigley home update.
  215. Hannah needs your help !!!!!!!
  216. OK, I am really freaking out!
  217. Tootsie got her Fall Exchange pressies!!
  218. Ugh. Laurel cracked ANOTHER tooth.
  219. white chi girl
  220. Recipe - grain free dog brownies
  221. Urgent message for people in uk
  222. Lavender is a family member!
  223. Could Feodore have an allergy?
  224. Lola is fierce !
  225. Chi apparel?
  226. How different after a litter?
  227. Mammary Gland Tumors
  228. Bargain Alert! Super buy on a stroller ....
  229. LKA Dog Show
  230. I can't believe it
  231. Trigger shows his fall exchange teeeaser ;)
  232. caught dexter in the act! :o
  233. Harness Needed!!!
  234. Where can i get
  235. Prayers need for Ms. Hannah Please
  236. Is it possible
  237. Could my 2 girls actually Like eachother?
  238. Quigley post surgery update
  239. Secret Santa Wishlist
  240. Puppies going to work with me today!
  241. Chi neck sizes...???
  242. Quigley finally out of surgery
  243. I am over the moon!!!
  244. Secret santa signup
  245. Fall Exchange Wishlist?
  246. Quigley surgery today
  247. A sad day...
  248. New Chi Arriving in the UK Soon
  249. Quigley back to UGA today
  250. A late night Princess Peach brag.