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  1. miss leila getting CHUNKEEEE
  2. I have to be more forcceful !
  3. Made me cry!
  4. What is it with people ...
  5. Flea treatment
  6. Dillon has a problem
  7. LOL - She thinks she's the Queen!
  8. already outgrown the puppia
  9. 8 weeks pregnant *picture heavy*
  10. Do you have a favourite LOL dog chihuahua photo?
  11. Not Rats!
  12. Ergh,, Not those little blighters
  13. I Am Soooo Happy! Big Improvement!!
  14. Quick help!!!!!
  15. Photo Scavenger Hunt Voting Poll!
  16. Update on Midgies Vet Visit!!
  17. Ninja Boy is sick :(
  18. Free 5lb bag of Fromm coupon
  19. How much time do you spend here on CP?
  20. Cute sleeping positions
  21. Brody on Marilyn's Creatins???
  22. Got sample 6" Bully Stick thinking Midgie might like it.
  23. How Rude!
  24. I think I'm going to have to take Midgie to vet tomorrow??
  25. Tubby Chi's..
  26. new pics of the girl i'm considering
  27. Update on Pip and Elliot.
  28. Just got the puppy a Buddy Belt and love it!
  29. Puppy Farms/Mills bs ByB or in-between?
  30. I learned a lesson/hookworms
  31. Tails
  32. First Day of School!
  33. Dillon's first vet visit
  34. Quigley and the longest weekend ever!
  35. Where do you find tiny collars?
  36. Another Merrick recall ....
  37. I'm still shaking from what just happened...
  38. Chi Gear
  39. We are home!
  40. What is the best age.....
  41. Question about Baby Tali
  42. Bad Experience
  43. My puppy was a bad little girl last night
  44. Safe trip terri
  45. Do your Chi's play this much?
  46. Help I got a mean Chihuahua
  47. Having a Urine problem...
  48. Anyone else preferred long/smooth for years then changed their mind?
  49. Does your smooth haired Chi do this?
  50. Rescue update..
  51. Chi---The Magical Dog!!!
  52. Leila may have to start wearing pampers
  53. Contest: Tell Us About Your Summer
  54. for those with more than 1 pup....
  55. Hi guys we're back
  56. Unvaccinated dog
  57. Honestly now...
  58. Carriers for your little ones?
  59. What do you want from a breeder?
  60. anybody have big chis?
  61. Quigley is finally out of surgery
  62. Need suggestions please!
  63. Went to the dog park!
  64. Oh My Gosh ... ive Missed Loads!
  65. What's the most and least you would pay?
  66. Longcoat or Smoothcoat?
  67. Does anyone's Chi talk????
  68. How do you post a profile pic?
  69. The balls are GONE !
  70. Wahl pet paw trimmer review
  71. Quigley's surgery is scheduled for today.
  72. I got a bike basket :D
  73. Lily gets spayed tomorrow morning and I'm a mess.
  74. Rehoming Chihuahua- Female
  75. what to name my new puppy?
  76. Got a surprise today
  77. Toothless and a worry over Jake
  78. Babie's Scan
  79. more stinkybutts :oP
  80. curious about chi interaction with other pets
  81. Bad day for my Chis.
  82. Lost collar/dog tags
  83. My bf is perfect for me..
  84. Excited about scan!
  85. Quigley's surgery postponed till Wednesday
  86. Help me name my puppy!
  87. Found a Chihuahua pup in the road today
  88. I am Happily Back
  89. Chihuahuas from hell!
  90. Anyone watch Dogtown?
  91. Moth - part of a good diet!?
  92. Little Theif!
  93. On the topic of Trigger, his teeth? ('m not sure what to do)...
  94. Trigger got stung by a beeee
  95. I haven't posted for ages...
  96. Update on Chloe and Baby Tali
  97. Taking one and not the others
  98. Bailey has diahorrea
  99. Leaving in the morning to pick up my puppy!
  100. Dog dangerous foods etc
  101. Some recipes for pup food
  102. Seriously thinking of adding another
  103. Why not just say?
  104. ivy's mom carrier #2 coming!
  105. Family pet or money making machine!I choose family pet...
  106. Took Peri for her shots....
  107. Wee-Wee Problem...SOLVED!
  108. P&G Expands Iams/Eukanuba Recall.
  109. Growling business.
  110. The crate is a safe place, apparently :)
  111. Quigley is home until Monday.
  112. Isn't he a doll
  113. Florida and Sickness
  114. Shoulder Pain?
  115. Fungility?
  116. Cuddly???
  117. Help me decide if I want a Chi! :)
  118. Ears.
  119. Looking for a chi puppy in the UK - where would you start?
  120. My love...
  121. Billy has gastritis
  122. Quigley's awake!!
  123. recalls...should I worry?
  124. snooping low @ the patio
  125. Chihuahua Photo Scavenger Hunt Contest
  126. The temptation is killing me!
  127. So nervous...
  128. Peti-cure Petite.
  129. Quigley still at UGA
  130. Birthday Bash!
  131. Thinking about Quigley
  132. "Dog" smell
  133. Puppy questions
  134. do you like my website ?
  135. Cute beds on sale
  136. 5 days till I get my new chi. :)
  137. Going to see some Chi's Thurs!
  138. Radar vet
  139. Some people should never be allowed to own a pet
  140. Yorkie vs. Chi
  141. Monte could use your help
  142. Chihuahua Mix Attacked By Coyote, Saved By Pit Bulls
  143. Wouldn't you know!
  144. Ohhh MARLEY! Why must you reject your sutures??
  145. Wow, she grew up!!
  146. Really shaken up :( Bella got attacked by a larger dog
  147. Poor little Chico...
  148. Quigley's on his way to UGA for tests tomorrow
  149. Their Voice
  150. Paper *eating*
  151. what foods ?
  152. Funny feeding stories
  153. Puppy Crate for teddy
  154. Dog Show ? should I or shouldnt I?
  155. Found Chihuahua RM14 UK
  156. More dog food recalled
  157. Good deal on ZiwiPeak at Amazon
  158. First things you teach your chis
  159. Night Adventures
  160. Good breeder, experts???????
  161. Awww, this is so sad....
  162. At it again lol
  163. Safe bones to chew?
  164. Is Honey eating enough?
  165. My New Little Man--8 weeks old
  166. Really Mad at someone in town today!
  167. Caution Hawk flying above.
  168. I know I did the right thing, but......
  169. Does anyone have a Rite fit Puppia?
  170. Iams and Eukanuba recall ....
  171. Yuck!!
  172. New clothes
  173. Spoiling
  174. It won't happen to me or mine...
  175. Got our Glyco-flex today
  176. Cavalier king charles x chihuahua puppies.
  177. Too Funny!!!!!!
  178. Success - well maybe????
  179. New puppies/containment
  180. Has anyone ever used a puppy pen with the bottom in it?
  181. Pet First Aid
  182. What do your dogs enjoy most?
  183. Went to the fair yesterday.....
  184. Dog Supplies Storage
  185. Lola's first vet appt
  186. FSE Gift Ideas for Int'l Shipping
  187. Do you wish you had named your Chi something else? If so what name?
  188. Twiggy update
  189. Ziwipeak - wow @ Bellas reaction
  190. Does your chi have a facebook profile?
  191. Toronto breeders?
  192. World's smallest dog?
  193. Pup update
  194. Well, it's official
  195. Chubby Chihuahuas!
  196. What is your chis weight and age?
  197. Update on Quigley
  198. Geez, seriously, Oakley?
  199. Taco Terrier?!?!?!?
  200. Tear staines/cleaning eyes???
  201. Husband said yes!!!!! Looks like we are getting another chi. :)
  202. 4 Days and counting
  203. anyone watching eastenders
  204. Pros and cons update #2
  205. how important is
  206. christmas exchange?
  207. Help me name the pups!?!
  208. Potential new puppy :-)
  209. Friday.............. is the day
  210. Hi All
  211. Orijen in the UK
  212. Loud mouths.
  213. is it possible for dogs to have short-term memory?
  214. How can people be so cruel!?
  215. a funny thing happened at petsmart today..
  216. Thought some of u might appreciate this
  217. Chi person, chi fan, chi lover, chi god/goddess?
  218. Best place to buy bully/pizzle sticks in UK?
  219. annoyed with my pet store
  220. Update on honey
  221. Poor Radar!
  222. My poor lulu!
  223. Beautiful female chi...wish I could have her!
  224. Need bed recommendation
  225. Oh that little monkey!
  226. Just had a scare
  227. Brand new here and brand ner Chi
  228. Stained eyes
  229. Am I a freak?
  230. Eating..... POO!
  231. Hey Everyone:)
  232. Sleepypod?
  233. How to get Rocky's pawprint.......
  234. anyone else guilty sleepin with...
  235. What can you and your chi/s not live without?
  236. Just a Puppy Update!
  237. Animal Planet:Confessions: animals hoarding
  238. Chis in shops
  239. One more reason I hate my (soon to be ex) vet!
  240. Honey Is Sick.
  241. Tessa has arrived!
  242. officially tried out the new bag/carrier
  243. Awww this is so sad ...
  244. not having my pup now :(
  245. Huge Pet Peeve - PLEASE UPDATE threads!
  246. animal planet uk tonight
  247. Sassy is growing all too fast!
  248. Took Kirby to the vet ...
  249. Watched a show on pet hoarding and am worried
  250. Bella's big first weekend - jumped in a big dirty pond!