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  1. Bella's back (videos from first evening) she says woof Thank You
  2. necklaces for skwerlylove
  3. Some Lines To The Chihuahua
  4. My little escape artist!
  5. my new chi advice please.
  6. funny funny chi stuff
  7. Middle names
  8. What do you pay for Bullie sticks?
  9. Old Blankets Needed for Pets
  10. Who is your favorite famous Chihuahua?
  11. Oh My Digging is not good
  12. Is there a point in registering
  13. Catch Up
  14. Tomorrow is the day .....
  15. I don't know what to feed Bryco...
  16. cute things chihuahuas do
  17. Joie's growing fan club
  18. The Life of a Puppy
  19. Thank you Terri
  20. I may have to move =/...
  21. My next chi....
  22. My New Little Lady
  23. Olivers vet trip!
  24. mistys first night
  25. Grossssssssssssss...
  26. What a deal!
  27. Took Chloe to the vet
  28. Quigley update
  29. Fall exchange teasers
  30. Kennel name
  31. YoQueiro where are you!?
  32. Confession
  33. Extreme heat not hot enough?
  34. Oakley's teeth & patellas
  35. Allergy Woes!
  36. Got a little freaked out yesterday!
  37. I have been played!
  38. What am I forgetting?
  39. Wet food vs Dry food
  40. Oh Bully Stick, how I adore thee!
  41. any breeders on to answer my query
  42. Anybody try Deli Fresh?
  43. I've got an addiction
  44. OMG I'm so Proud ....
  45. Exciting News
  46. Hot Spot
  47. Guess what hubby brought home today???
  48. OMG...13 Tooth extraction !!..:)
  49. Welllll not sure how miss leila likes the new carrier :O
  50. can't stop looking lord help me
  51. CKC's new Merle policy
  52. Teething
  53. Poor little Chloe!
  54. Mailman brought our stuff!
  55. Argon's first day/night
  56. Saw a Chi at Wal-Mart
  57. peeing after peeing!
  58. Leila's tricks video
  59. why did you choose them?
  60. "Oinkies" anyone?
  61. Free bag Natura food - Innova, Evo, etc.
  62. CrAzy StOrY!!!
  63. Silly Dog :)
  64. Introducing Harry (at last!) :-)
  65. How would you know if .............
  66. Being able to feel microchips...
  67. Today is the big day
  68. All packed up to get Bella from Holland, leaving tomorrow :)
  69. My poor baby... But at least it's done!
  70. So I did a dumb thing =/
  71. Tearing hair out
  72. Please wish Heidi luck!
  73. Not the best video ever...but for those interested in nail grinding...
  74. finally ava update
  75. Vaccination/New Puppy advice needed!
  76. I am so mad at my 20 year old son
  77. Preparing for the New Puppy
  78. Pros and cons of 2nd chi update
  79. Made miss leila some bling :)
  80. A chihuahua featured on the spoof movie of twilight! Super cute lil chi!
  81. does ur chi lick ur wounds?
  82. Harness ?
  83. Have ya ever?
  84. I want another chi...but...
  85. I would love to get this baby!
  86. So proud of Twiggy
  87. Luna had her x-ray...
  88. And leila's current weight is....
  89. My father and my upcoming Chi
  90. Billy cracks me up.
  91. What a difference a week makes!
  92. What is my pack order?
  93. Ever taken your chi to the groomers?
  94. Is anyone going to Dogs Live at the east of england?
  95. It's been a long time, Sorry to all my dear friends
  96. gain a love after losin one?...
  97. Tessa's eyes
  98. please help me be prepared
  99. Finally.....
  100. very tempting little chi ..... :O
  101. Help! Puppy food dilemma!
  102. No more puppies for Ellie
  103. What the FRICK
  104. cash update
  105. changed from interceptor to heartgard
  106. Grrr just need to rant.
  107. Reverse sneeze?
  108. Chis and bigger dogs
  109. deer head vs. apple head
  110. thany you suedakue susan
  111. hmm
  112. Need your serious help!!!
  113. Just ordered this for Pixie..
  114. your chi and "funny crazy" moments.
  115. Sad news
  116. Look what Terri made for me!
  117. Lourdes is getting spayed tomorrow
  118. Chi Personalities?
  119. "Irish Markings" ?
  120. Coyote snatches pup - Happy Ending
  121. Fox runs off with Chihuahua
  122. Fall Exchange Wishlist...
  123. Fall Exchange Signup
  124. Secret Exchange?
  125. Ok I admit it..
  126. Flying Chihuahuas?
  127. went all the way
  128. PLEASE! Help me with a harness for Mason
  129. What a fun day.
  130. Not coping today :(
  131. Smelling
  132. Pearl Did IT!
  133. British chi club garden party!!!!
  134. His name shall be Smoke...
  135. Lacey Litter update availabe
  136. hello all :-)
  137. Another big recall. This one for vitamins/supplements ...
  138. One of the best teething treats ever!!!
  139. Concered about my friends gettin a pup
  140. The KC messed up a little!
  141. Naill Clipping/drill
  142. Hide and seek
  143. rude people
  144. makin a scrapbook for my dexter :)
  145. Steriods and bad doggie breath?
  146. paul newman's organic dog treats
  147. one step forward two steps back and brreeeathe
  148. I am SOOOooo Happy!!!
  149. Puppy popsicles for a hot day :)
  150. Sadly, No Longer Considering Mimi
  151. Vets again
  152. I finally found a bag for leila that is affordable
  153. My babies having surgery tomorrow!
  154. Clipping Nails
  155. Weird Habits or weird things your chihuahuas do.
  156. Merrick gets a warning from the FDA ....
  157. Update on milly
  158. amazon is frustrating me
  159. doggles?
  160. Had to leave Cherry at the Pet Clinic...
  161. Post-Spay Infection
  162. Searching for Chihuahua breeders
  163. "Showing her bear"
  164. looking for a birthday cake/treat recipe
  165. OMG i thought i had lost my baby :(
  166. minnie got stung by a bee
  167. just had tulula microchipped
  168. Paw stands?
  169. Chihuahua = Emotional Breakdown. :')
  170. Awww my good little girl!
  171. Sundae's Color??...
  172. Mimi at 2 Weeks
  173. Hmm...crate training...for a pup that simply can't hold it through the night?
  174. Back from the vet with Lucy Lu!
  175. First Day Home
  176. ... is my puppy 100% Chihuahua? ^^;
  177. smooth coat/ long coat why do you prefer?
  178. Oh Please Just Lend Support...sigh...
  179. Chi's they just amaze me with there attitudes! *vid*
  180. Exchanged the Revolution
  181. I am crying....
  182. went to petsmart last week and saw this...
  183. Poppy did a dogathon on sunday!!
  184. Mobile Vaccination Clinic
  185. Quigley's still having issues.
  186. We're All Alive :)
  187. Wot a ^&%^&^ day I have had
  188. Discussion
  189. How annoying!
  190. :( i want a choccy pup!
  191. Booo...I will NOT breed my dog to yours!!!
  192. Bad news about Elmo
  193. Getting your spouse/partner to say yes...
  194. Bo needs an operation :-((((
  195. This is a threat?
  196. Met a cutie at work
  197. Does FCI allow Short Coat cross with Long Coat Chihuahua...
  198. Found a new product and it is literally saved me...
  199. A bag of Bailey!
  200. bought new crate...LOL yay pink :x
  201. Frontline ...should I use it for a visit to potentially high risk area?
  202. 7 Week Old Puppy--I'm Considering....
  203. lil cutie
  204. Going to say goodbye to the love of my life...
  205. Vet yesterday
  206. My little stealer
  207. Chis and severe weather
  208. Does your Chi...SLEEP WALK?
  209. Operation rescheduled
  210. A week from today
  211. Got great news about my hubby today....
  212. Haha...I made Bryco fat.
  213. Can't believe what i read a chi for 2000
  214. I'm so excited and proud
  215. Wondering about the physique of a chihuahua
  216. Hotels/eurotunnel/vets booked to collect Bella on 15th of July, eep nervous
  217. Venus got 6 baby teeth pulled today
  218. Cute Chi, please tell me I shouldn't get it
  219. Gah!
  220. Chewing....
  221. Pro's and con's of getting a second chi
  222. For Terri.... Dillon
  223. dexter actually played with someone other than me or the bf
  224. Chi crosses are cute!!
  225. progress
  226. Elmo is unwell, going to vet this afternoon
  227. Honey's being spayed
  228. having a ruff day? here's something to make you laff :)
  229. Please vote for my Lua..
  230. Aw poo...Laurel has a tooth cracked clean in half.
  231. If you have 2+ chis, is their a 'baby' in your pack?
  232. Moving from the US to the UK, what to do with my Chi.
  233. Easy claw cutting!
  234. I am starting to freak out....
  235. Please vote!
  236. Off-leash?
  237. Puppia Harness ~ What does your Chi weigh & What size Harness does it wear?
  238. Chloe is here!
  239. Really need to vent...
  240. Bah Humbug...Rabies Shot
  241. Please have your dogs microchipped
  242. Total Bonding
  243. Help :(
  244. Butt / tail chasing following yelping?
  245. pancake poop o.o
  246. What do you feed your Chihuahuas?
  247. Only a little more than 25 hours to go!
  248. Leila's first walks outside
  249. I thorght I'd lost Darcy.....
  250. chi's are the smartest dogs