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  1. I found the cutest pups for sale, oh boy!
  2. Update about Puppia
  3. Poppy is so perdantic
  4. Am I odd??!!
  5. Taking the pups to a festival?
  6. Tinkerbell arrived! Feeding advice
  7. Well my search for food my dogs like is finally done...
  8. Puppia time!?
  9. milly final straw
  10. Why must they do it?!
  11. Do you give your dog's massages?
  12. Pampered chi inherits millions....
  13. Natural Balance dog food Recall ....
  14. its going to be a long night
  15. How do I tell the hubby...
  16. Got my samples of fromm today
  17. Show Us Your "Heart Dog"
  18. Bulldog Attack
  19. OMG!!! How do I explain to my Hubbie
  20. Road trip
  21. Milo os booked in be neutered in 4 weeks time
  22. Off leash walk. (Kind of)
  23. Agh! whats wrong with people!?
  24. Another "version" of the chi standard...helpful!
  25. Holy cow!
  26. Good Chihuahua Website (shopping ;0))
  27. secret summer came but...
  28. We bought a pet fountain
  29. Dirty looks lol
  30. Cat in the Garden
  31. UK Dog whisperer now...
  32. They know....
  33. Christmas Presents
  34. Fridays SSE was Pookypeds!!
  35. Next Secret Exchange
  36. smelly butt @[email protected]
  37. Just boiling up some chicken and rice for Lowly
  38. Wobbly Canines...
  39. When ppl ruin your walk
  40. Peee-Yooo! Stinky Stottie
  41. Quigley's feeling better
  42. Ballpark idea of size?
  43. I waaaaaant
  44. Made contact about a pup
  45. Poor, itchy Elliot.
  46. Advice on how to corral the puppy who climbs vertically?
  47. New pup on saturday! So excited:) advice and questions.
  48. Thank you Charlie's secret summer
  49. Chi meetup groups
  50. Very excited...
  51. Oooh oooh that smell....
  52. I started Project Husband Conditioning today
  53. Does your Chi have a bald chest or belly?
  54. Kioana and CheekyChis, it's ALL your fault!
  55. Update on Kioana :)
  56. Thanks Louise
  57. When the pups start to get a personality...
  58. Tyler is behaving strangely
  59. Pedro's SS gifts came!
  60. Biancas SSE is???????????????
  61. Stupid ole' bills anyways!
  62. Quigley misses his Bella Luna
  63. Whats this.......?
  64. Simba update
  65. Quigley has a UTI.
  66. I have to give back the puppy I've been watching today. :(
  67. Attacks
  68. A breakthrough tonight :D
  69. What are your dogs registered names?
  70. Doggie nicknames...
  71. Taking Simba to the vets tomorrow at 3 pm
  72. new addition
  73. Please help, question about KC registration (UK)
  74. ID tags - what info is on yours?
  75. Give me the works!!!!
  76. Oh gosh its happening
  77. bf had a horrid dream about dexter
  78. LC ears?
  79. Raw- packaged dog food delivered to your door UK
  80. Announcing the arrival of.....
  81. Car Seatbelt type thingy
  82. This was so wierd
  83. Sad story
  84. If $$ were no object, what crazy/luxury item would you buy for your chi?
  85. I think I found Orijen in my area!!
  86. Gone for a while...
  87. Wondering who uses a grass litterbox?
  88. AWESOME chihuahua chihuahua toy!
  89. Does anyone have cool/different dog tags?
  90. Lisa (LiMarChis) Did we have babies today?
  91. Leila went to the vet this morning
  92. What's the first thing to draw your attention?
  93. Humping...?
  94. Hi all
  95. Happy 1 month Bailey!!
  96. When your baby growls at 3:15AM...
  97. Is Niagra Falls a Chi friendly place?
  98. Omg! Thanks chico!!
  99. Marley was to be Neutered Today but...
  100. New Date for Operation
  101. Teddy was brave
  102. Kittens ruined everything
  103. What did you pay for you chi?
  104. CHI Tips & Tricks: 1 sentence.
  105. Alright after $32.60....
  106. This puppy is Houdini!
  107. bonding?????
  108. Dog from America to the UK
  109. Poor Gia :(
  110. Shocking postal costs
  111. Mr Darcys first vet visit.
  112. We have a new puppy in the house! Jasper the 14 week old chi
  113. so my dad almost lost dexter today...
  114. just ordered vintage bitch carrier from Ivy's Mom! :)
  115. Another puppy??
  116. Puppia Harness sizes....very "pupped" off
  117. Dog treat recipies, thought I'd share
  118. Im back
  119. How do you deal with people who criticize your food choices?
  120. How do i get one of those pretty siggy thingys
  121. Oh Gosh I wish it was Sunday
  122. Weight loss after spay
  123. So cranky...what do you expect from a petsitter?
  124. Puppy fleas
  125. Ring craft classes
  126. Long coat or short coat?
  127. update on found dog
  128. Vet visit
  129. In love with this chihuahua
  130. My baby girl is getting spayed tomorrow. :(
  131. I'm so proud of Leila :D
  132. Update on MiLo and well.... everything really
  133. Ellie has decided she is the boss
  134. Avatars
  135. Exercise makes the world of difference
  136. Visit to the vet
  137. Not got a Chi yet...
  138. Is it a chi thing?
  139. How Many?
  140. introducing fiona!
  141. How many Chis is too many. ;)
  142. So in love
  143. Holistic food for the UK
  144. This is ADORABLE!!
  145. Toeing out
  146. Fawn or red fawn?
  147. Worried about reverse sneezing
  148. Lola
  149. This was a suprise
  150. New litter next week, pray on Friday
  151. Update on Cujo!
  152. Too darned small!!
  153. Any Tips Welcome
  154. What color are your dog's eye's?
  155. how does your dog greet you
  156. Darla cracks me up!
  157. Daisy has the runs and zoomies urgh
  158. Few Chi Bits & Bobs
  159. Save me momma!
  160. Just gave Cookie the full works
  161. Curb the licking!
  162. Oh no Tille!!!!!!!!!!
  163. Pupia harness
  164. Any ideas?
  165. Weirdest thing...wth?
  166. found dog
  167. Tico and Gonzo's vet visit
  168. walking time?
  169. Miss leila has sticky paws
  170. dexter act like a cat! LOL
  171. Dog Parks
  172. Getting a chi
  173. I feel soooo guilty!!
  174. Wanna see?
  175. Broken leg?
  176. Waiting makes me NUTS
  177. My poor babies...
  178. took Quark to the vet ......
  179. Happy Birthday to Paco!
  180. One Week Today
  181. Collars and leads for chi's
  182. This going to be THE longest day..
  183. Doesnt want to walk
  184. jake is really ill :-(
  185. Here we go...
  186. How do your dogs walk ?
  187. Possible answer to Pip's barking!
  188. Neeci and Ellie are getting a new brother!
  189. Paco's first raw meal
  190. dexter scared of birds :p
  191. Swollen tonsils ?
  192. Lucy's becoming a lil'ole lady...
  193. Belly bands
  194. What Bed ?
  195. Is your dog Vocal?
  196. mats galore! LOL
  197. Cooking tomorrow
  198. stealing WARNING
  199. A cautionary tale
  200. Are you strict with table scraps?
  201. Excited about my new purchase
  202. Parvo outbreak in uk
  203. The scariest thing ever happened...
  204. Daisy is getting spayed on Tuesday
  205. Collars?
  206. Darla's been sick
  207. If I only had a brain...
  208. Poor leila has no doggies to play with
  209. Bailey's going to the vet tomorrow....
  210. How do i educate someone not to breed their dog?
  211. Looking at carriers/purses
  212. Teeth Pulling
  213. Alright, we're still pooing GOO over here...HELP!
  214. Shootag- Anyone try it?
  215. No wonder people feed this junk...
  216. Videos of my puppy!
  217. Help choosing a name
  218. Might get the dogs one of these for the summer
  219. Transition to a new food- Advice?
  220. What carrier do you have?
  221. Potty confusion?
  222. Feeling rather disappointed
  223. my poor dexter got scared of a truck noise LOL
  224. BIG problem
  225. Doggy Days Out - UK
  226. I think Im addicted
  227. Wooo...Oakley had a GROWTH SPURT at just under 1 year!
  228. Puppies
  229. they have "happy" or "chillout" drugs for dogs?
  230. I have some news..
  231. Tried and tested recipes?
  232. Summer Fun gifties.....
  233. Puppy Mills on TV now
  234. So proud of Trigger I could cry=)
  235. New siggy - THANKS TO THERESE!
  236. It's Tango's birthday!
  237. Foods To Avoid Feeding to Your Dog!
  238. chi pack jealousy
  239. What company do you use for your pet insurance (UK based) :)
  240. Brody's Mom
  241. Just breathe.......
  242. What's your story...
  243. UK Dog Beaches
  244. Treating Separation Anxiety?
  245. ordered the Solvit XL booster seat!
  246. My baby has been sick for 2 days. :(
  247. Elmo update!
  248. Weedon Dog Show
  249. Bailey's first day home alone..
  250. New siggy of Quigley, so excited!