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  1. Doggie Massages!
  2. Jamoka jr. Is here!!!
  3. my exchange teaser!
  4. sad news for me
  5. Another food warning
  6. Took Leila to her first vet exam this morning
  7. Thankful
  8. Barking on walks
  9. Bath time blues..
  10. What would you do????
  11. Collar tags
  12. just a lil bit of dexter antics :]
  13. Chihuahua Room!
  14. Photographer coming Monday night
  15. Miss Daisydoo, Sarah, and Abi....
  16. Starting raw.Wish me luck!
  17. Dog Carrier
  18. ok now I'm stuck
  19. Chihuahua stuff?
  20. I want this bed!!!
  21. What's the difference?
  22. Bailey's first play date!!
  23. Beef Back Ribs?
  24. Lily gets her cast off tomorrow!
  25. Hi agian
  26. Tell Us About Your Chi's Laundry Day...
  27. Bailey is going to the vets tomorrow
  28. Recall List -- to watch if you're paranoid like me! =D
  29. Paper Shredder, paper shredder!
  30. My day in the park with a splash
  31. Puppia harness advice please! :)
  32. potty training
  33. Artemis...who manufactures it?
  34. I never would've thought....
  35. So frustrated..kibble switch!!
  36. Flying Chi!
  37. Scared of doggy door???
  38. I love Tillie so much already
  39. Cami gets her surgery today :(
  40. Teaching Tricks
  41. Help Mommy Has to Work
  42. Poor Reggie (graphic)
  43. This makes me so mad!
  44. Snuggling pups...
  45. Update on Milo
  46. Cocos 1st walk went brilliant!
  47. Lady has freaked me out
  48. Mr Grumpy and thats not the Mr Men...
  49. The Epic vaccume Cleaner Thread!
  50. Hey!
  51. This made me laugh sooo hard my ribs hurt!!!
  52. Update on my new angel...
  53. Cocos always drinking my drinks!
  54. Happy Birthday Faith!
  55. Daisy's Breeder..
  56. Yo Quiero.. how is Sugar doing?
  57. Tillie & Milosmummy's Milo have the SAME DAD!!!
  58. The Countdown
  59. Where do I find a funky collar for Milo that wont cost the earth??
  60. Not going to believe this...
  61. Super Cute Pet Carriers!
  62. Irish Chihuahuas?
  63. Very short notice but can you help
  64. Just emptied Tillie's anal glands
  65. Milos certificate arrived :) very proud!
  66. Interesting writeup on dog parks (and why they might not be the best idea)
  67. Bad boy?, Adam.
  68. Beware of Chi!
  69. The switch to
  70. Lola Vs Thunder
  71. OMG never seen anything like this help please.
  72. Oliver is going to be a big brother!
  73. Walking the dogs
  74. The Bath Towel
  75. Daisy just Vomitted - WARNING GRAPHIC
  76. Darla gettin spayed Friday!
  77. It's Max's 9th birthday today!!!
  78. Macy is 6 today!
  79. Tillie first bully stick
  80. Couture Dog Wear
  81. How to build up self-confidences?
  82. Aaah! My Chihuahuas figured out how to use the internet!
  83. What are your Chi must haves?
  84. Reggie's back from his neuter
  85. Unfortunate
  86. Any pet pet peeves? :-p
  87. Billy and Pixies vet visit :-(
  88. Supplements/Oils etc
  89. All my Chi's names are food related lol
  90. Watching Tabitha's Coat Come In (Pic Heavy)
  91. My Little Hunck-A-Chunk!
  92. Dogs 101/Chihuahua episode is on NOW
  93. Want another chi pup!
  94. Jakes first day of Hydrotherapy
  95. My heart aches
  96. Cookie is 14 years old today!!!!!!!!!!!!
  97. Giardia :(
  98. Plants poisonous to Dogs ?
  99. Why did you choose that name for your doggie?
  100. May have found our next chi,...
  101. Chi desperately needs a home please help
  102. Help me decide between these two names
  103. Disgusting chi!
  104. Name ideas please.
  105. drum roll please!!......
  106. Happy dance! Serendipity :-)
  107. Test results for Lily are in >>>>>>>>>>>
  108. "Take me out to the ballgame..."
  109. Understanding my Jakes emotions
  110. Teeth
  111. puppia step ins arrived
  112. Playpen - Which one?
  113. How should introudcing Maisy to the house be going?
  114. Love you guys :-)
  115. Anyone in Cornwall/Devon area willing to give a Chi a home?
  116. Update new Chi
  117. If you were gonna name a little boy chi...
  118. More than 2 Chi's what's it like?
  119. OMG I'm soooo excited might be getting another Chi
  120. Help with name needed
  121. Getting another dog.. Adult or Puppy?
  122. So Disappointing
  123. chis needing good homes.
  124. I think I'm going to cry...
  125. If you have an XS Step In Puppia Vest......
  126. 1st Fromm feeding..
  127. "Who let the poops out" woof woof
  128. Guests interferring with puppy routine grr
  129. Busy day tomorrow !
  130. Paris is a big girl now!!!
  131. Finally 5 months! (pics)<3
  132. I can't believe this, It has to be fate.
  133. It's that time again !!!!!
  134. Devastated.. Max has a heart murmur!
  135. Sugar is FIVE YEARS OLD today!
  136. Who your baby loves more?
  137. Very important news - Proctor and Gamble has bought Natura dog foods (Innova, Evo)
  138. I don't know why the thread is closed but..
  139. Just wondering about something
  140. Introducing Cricket
  141. Confessions :-)
  142. Help with ticker code!
  143. New Food, New Shampoo
  144. Don't you just love when....
  145. Thinking to breed our boy! Need advice!
  146. Got Cookie booked in at the groomers
  147. Tick season
  148. Crate training... Starting to give access
  149. Lola is throwing up
  150. what to do ??!!
  151. How many hours a day should a 10-year-old Chi sleep?
  152. Maid's Knee Surgery Update
  153. 6 weeks already wow!!
  154. Tabitha and Jerry's Wellness Experience....
  155. doggy visitor not fully potty trained, poos and wees on bed
  156. New Pup
  157. How do you tell someone that their dog food is BAD for their dog?
  158. Angel's Eyes Review
  159. More Cookie Please
  160. Suggestions on what I can do for Cookie's 14th b'day
  161. Cotton buds.... at bath time
  162. How long did you wait?
  163. vet
  164. Are all chi busy?
  165. Switched from Wellness to EVO.
  166. My mums too sweet
  167. Removing urine smells
  168. Does anyone make chi stuff?
  169. Wellness
  170. Laylas in heat
  171. My little fatty!!
  172. Chihuahua Girl - Tiny's Stud
  173. Finally working!
  174. Bad breath
  175. My Chi/Dane collection
  176. naughty cujo!!!
  177. Cat, mouse, rabbit or Chi??
  178. Cheeky little blighter
  179. Gaining instead of Losing
  180. Off to the vets
  181. Fixing a behavioral issue with peeing
  182. SOO very Proud!
  183. Anyone have just ONE?
  184. Price
  185. not good
  186. Nasty Comments
  187. Piccy of my Chi figurine collection
  188. This and that
  189. What my funny lucy did today
  190. You know I'm away from my bella for 16 weeks - semi good news!!
  191. Oh, I love stereotypes.
  192. Tricks?
  193. Should I be concerned about AJ's weight?
  194. Butter has a lump
  195. Woo Hoo, I got Sox....
  196. My own vet cant spay Darla
  197. Please keep your fingers crossed for me,
  198. Ella & her new
  199. A Very Long Night
  200. Why are merle chi's so epensive?
  201. Call my dog obscene?! I'll knock your block off!
  202. Chihuahua Movies
  203. Are chicken wings a good first raw meal?
  204. hmm is it okay to feed deer meat? ^_^
  205. Haha, Layla's so cute :) Bless her
  206. Urgh poor daisy.. Bad Bad food
  207. So loving today
  208. random poop while walkin, how silly!
  209. Pet insurance for Canadians?
  210. raw diet?
  211. Emergency Vet Clinic Visit Early This Morning...
  212. We met the oddest lady yesterday...
  213. Whooo hooo!!!
  214. some news in dexters life!
  215. Anyone have this book?
  216. Happy Birthday Jack!
  217. What do you do ?????
  218. 24 day's and counting....
  219. Cajunmom and Oreo? Where are you?
  220. Sugar is home!!
  221. So Embarrasing
  222. Do your chihuahuas bark?
  223. Betty was "off" for a few days, and now I know why!
  224. Video pictures of Lovebug
  225. Weight question
  226. Heidi met her Uncle.
  227. Mortified
  228. Ustream: chihuahuas........
  229. Makes my heart melt...
  230. Merle chi's
  231. I am going to start natural flea and tick prevention soon
  232. Time ticking away
  233. Summer Exchange Chat
  234. who in here has been awaken by their chis mid mornin?
  235. anxiously waitin for mail
  236. mmm shrimp nummies!
  237. Issues on mousse's registration papers!!!
  238. Romeo BRAG :)
  239. It's meant to be!
  240. I am annoyed at a friend
  241. My Vet is amazing,
  242. FOUND A FABULOUS VET:)..geesh, finally!
  243. Yipee
  244. Just about had a heart attack!!
  245. how many blankets do you own for your chis/pups?
  246. Update on Sox,
  247. First bully stick!
  248. Hey Everyone!! Moe update. :)
  249. Its so not fair...
  250. How do you get your dog to take wormer pill's