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  1. Gemma update..
  2. I'm so happy! :D
  3. Finally Back Hi everyone
  4. Gizmo had his vet appt
  5. US- FBI turns animal cruelty into top-tier felony
  6. Just checking in!
  7. Mimi freaks out when the cats use their scratching post
  8. So...Leia nearly gave me a heart attack!
  9. Petbox anyone?
  10. Best new dog bed lol
  11. So proud of Gidget!
  12. Happy 7th birthday Charlie!
  13. Vote for Alien! He needs your help!
  14. Fun Suggestions for new release words!
  15. Adaptil plug in any good?
  16. Does anyone have a snoozer cozy cave bed? Thinking of getting one.
  17. Found a new website for cute chihuahua clothes
  18. Doggie Day Care & Peso
  19. How many chis do YOU have?
  20. Costco has cute sherpa blankets with plush
  21. Most Pampered Chihuahua Ever?
  22. How to make Pupcakes
  23. Doggy Pageant!!!!
  24. No. 2 ???
  25. URGENT!! Mars Pedigree Dog Food Recall!!!
  26. My baby turned 1!
  27. Going for a wee ?
  28. About getting a 3rd chi?
  29. Himalayan Dog Chews are a hit!
  30. Best place to get coats etc (UK)
  31. A little raw humor
  32. Does anyone use the unigroom?
  33. Anyone have experience with Bach flower remedies?
  34. Long coat vs short coat
  35. bombing the house
  36. the girls got into rat poison
  37. Petsmart had their Halloween Costumes in already
  38. Playgroup (debrawade10, WickedPixie)
  39. Warning- Dognapped! Pooch Thefts Are on the Rise, Animal Advocates Say
  40. Kong questions
  41. I'm such a BADDDDD chi mommy!!!
  42. Where to find Chi sized boots for winter?
  43. Chihuahua jokes?
  44. Ever Wonder How We Play?
  45. Help Mimi to love my daughter ( and stop guarding me)
  46. She Picked Me
  47. Pet friendly countries
  48. Bailey update
  49. Chi eating things she shouldn't!
  50. Clyde Turned 16 Years Old Yesterday
  51. Dogs of Glamour?
  52. Pet treat maker and dehydrator
  53. After all these years, sometimes she still amazes me
  54. Chi Names!
  55. Peso becomes a lil' man tomorrow...
  56. Aargh, clothes!
  57. What is it about Chihuahuas?
  58. Dog behaviorist used girls on FB page!
  59. 💃💃💃💃💃💃💃--Shadowdancer-- 💃💃💃💃💃💃💃
  60. Bragging and still laughing!
  61. New arrival!
  62. Application for Membership in the C-P Los Grandes Club
  63. Update: Life after our move
  64. Chihuahua and Pitbull Soulmates
  65. Long Time, No See!
  66. Update on Nova
  67. Which Wooflink Carrier?
  68. Thundershirt ! It works
  69. Ridiculous comments you've heard about chihuahuas
  70. Update on Yoshi, HUGE decision to make...
  71. Tooth removal
  72. Mega prayers please!!!
  73. Minor-league baseball team will wear chihuahua-inspired jerseys
  74. I have made a very hard decision
  75. Shout out to Pet Plan
  76. The Susan Lanci Step-in Harness Arrived!
  77. New Chihuahua Invention:
  78. A chi that loves to play pool...
  79. It's a dangerous world we live in....
  80. Chi's with allergies...
  81. Thundershirt Sizing
  82. Happy 6th Birthday Dallas!!!!
  83. Happy 4th...
  84. Names for pups
  85. close call.
  86. Feeling down •sorry depressing post•
  87. Just wanted to share our rap duet
  88. Do you crate when you're not home?
  89. Are Chi's hotheads?
  90. Boat pet bed
  91. Struggling with female sibling rivalry...!!
  92. We're baaack!
  93. Buddy Belts
  94. Very impressed with Angel!
  95. Good Morning From Us!
  96. Prayers for Gidget please
  97. DNM: Something To Chew On
  98. Did your Chi gain weight after they were neutered?
  99. I get Athena this week!!
  100. My right arm is missing!
  101. My dogs make me a better person.
  102. My baby's back!!!
  103. Is your dog really travelling safely?
  104. New Chuy = New member!
  105. 40% off Doggie Couture!! 7/6 and 7/7 only-code SUMMER
  106. Acting weird ?
  107. My Chihuaha won't stop poohing and peeing inside the house please help.
  108. How to deal with rude dog owners and their dogs?
  109. can i get some votes for a photo contest please :D
  110. Does anyone have one of these?
  111. Soo proud of the lil guy!
  112. Charlotte, NC Pet Expo
  113. And yet ANOTHER RECALL>>>cv
  114. ☀Outdoors In Summer!☀
  115. VA MD DC DonGone Natural Grand Opening- Leesburg VA
  116. Trying to do good and end up making things worse!!
  117. proud momma!
  118. I've just ordered a fundle!
  119. OK, I'm really frightened now!
  120. My little Tiara
  121. Birthday cake? (uk)
  122. Exciting morning yesterday
  123. Is he a mix?
  124. Questions for those with the metal tags
  125. we're back
  126. FDA: Over 1000 dog deaths linked to toxic jerky treats....
  127. Daisy paws
  128. Chalk and cheese
  129. 🍴Feeding Time
  130. Rabbit cage for sleeping?
  131. When one door closes....
  132. Quite proud today :)
  133. BRAVO Dogfood RECALL...
  134. Two people joked about wanting my dog.
  135. Skippyjon Jones
  136. Baby BOY
  137. Angel on Prozac
  138. This upsets me to no end...
  139. Audrey update
  140. Forward facing carriers
  141. A tasty delight!!🍦🍨
  142. heartwarming Chi article
  143. Chi Depression
  144. Baby girl is all grown up
  145. It's been 13 days
  146. My pups amaze me every day
  147. Help: am I going mad??
  148. Running of the chihuahuas post race report from Charlotte NC
  149. Ponyo's Back to 101
  150. This article made me want to cry with joy!
  151. Running of the Chihuahuas 2014
  152. Dog food makes shorter lifespan, is it true?
  153. Scared of storms...
  154. Dressing chis
  155. Beach baby...sunscreen?
  156. Bones? Which are best.
  157. Feeling very down about my boys
  158. I KNOW it's my imagination!
  159. Update on Chuck..
  160. Ponyo's First Heat
  161. Angel went to the vet
  162. New Birthday Toy
  163. It's Bella's Birthday
  164. Chi Nicknames
  165. A sweet old couple in the neighborhood met my Chi today.
  166. How much exercis does your dog get?
  167. Bath time do's and dont's🐶
  168. To bathe or not to bathe???😊
  169. Modern dog magazine "The raw debate"
  170. Article on Raw feeding
  171. Yay My Snoozer Has Arrived :-)
  172. concerns about chihuahuas and other dogs
  173. Puppy Bed Recommendations?
  174. My Chi sometimes won't eat until every one is at home? What's you're Chi's funny habi
  175. Should I buy insurance?
  176. Stolen Yorkshire UK Chihuahua's Found
  177. Spring=more baths
  178. Odd thing about Chuck and walking
  179. Hilarious Dog Food Parody!
  180. When you have a Chihuahua....
  181. Stolen Yorkshire UK
  182. Honest opinion please!
  183. Diva 101- Told by BG
  184. Competition.. Please help CP friends :)
  185. Running in around.
  186. We were chi ambassadors today
  187. Chucks followup with vet/behavorist
  188. Coconut oil benefits
  189. I Wasn't Expecting This (Ponyo Update)
  190. Was it Karma? Ponyo got attacked.
  191. Ponyo's Near Attack (story in link)
  192. Chuck does the "circle"
  193. I think I bit off more than I can chew!!
  194. sale
  195. Thankful!
  196. Potty time
  197. Some lady stepped on my dog's paw today at the dog park.
  198. Obedience Class is Over (for now)
  199. UK Ziwipeak feeders
  200. Off to the vet
  201. Clothes for boys?
  202. Bella' & her colour change. :)
  203. Bags - what do you use them for?
  204. Feeding my dog is like playing deal or no deal
  205. 3rd chi???????
  206. New BB2 Buddy Belt
  207. Amazing video - the things this chi can do!!
  208. Breaking up shots
  209. A refreshing change
  210. Not about chihuahuas need help though
  211. Nessy the cat nursing premature Chihuahua puppies
  212. Fleas, ticks and heartworm med?
  213. Great little book about a chihuahua
  214. Thank you so much ladies !
  215. How do I delete my account with this ??
  216. What r the NO GOERS in human food for dogs
  217. Not about puppy's about this site???
  218. Happy Birthday Amberleah Lou lou
  219. Can anyone please relate...I feel so ALONE :(
  220. Please pray for Buttons today
  221. 6 Chihuahua Puppies!
  222. Anyone use heated pet beds??
  223. I taught my Chi sign language.
  224. Dulles Pet Expo
  225. Cute share from FB
  226. Birthday dress did not come but
  227. a full week
  228. Chuck tried primal & funny story..
  229. Where to get ....
  230. Training a chihuahua x mini foxy to walk and not to pull on lead
  231. Show us your tails! Does your Chi's tail curve to the same side?
  232. please can someone help me??
  233. My little guy decided to take himself for a walk today.
  234. Do you kiss them?
  235. Nurse Lulu
  236. Thought I'd pop in and see how you all are doing.
  237. What's it really like?
  238. That little closed mouth sleeping bark they do is so cute.
  239. Chuck's training..
  240. Modern Dog Magezine
  241. Anyone know of a "tear free" collar & bed LOL
  242. My little guy got his harness on wrong yesterday.
  243. I just realized what Vets are.
  244. Izzys one month cardiac check-up
  245. Jack is back!
  246. How is you're baby at the vets?
  247. Harness chit-chat: Comparing Susan Lanci, Buddy Belts, etc. personal opinions
  248. Saw the most beautiful long haired Chi at the dog park yesterday.
  249. Update and a picture!
  250. My Birthday... I just want dog gifts!