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  1. The name Lola
  2. Lola is getting fixed on Friday
  3. Orijen Anybody?
  4. PLEASE Vote for Emma!!
  5. Just a Dog
  6. Chihuahuas Calendars, do you buy them?
  7. Chihuahua for £2200 are they having a giraffe?
  8. Found a baby boy!!!
  9. Open your Sweetie mummy
  10. Did you a see a pic before buying your Chi?
  11. Had no idea chews could be so dangerous
  12. Sleepy Puppy?!?!
  13. First Day with Zero Accidents
  14. Happy Birthday!
  15. Kahlua Amazes Me!
  16. Bless the Reusable Pee Pad
  17. Skineeze...thank you!
  18. My honey is pet of the day on zooplus
  19. allergies -very upset
  20. Discipline question
  21. Wow, this is cool!
  22. Is This Love ?
  23. o.0 Wow...
  24. Paris comes home Friday!!
  25. Request for mad dog woman
  26. I think I found a perfect chi...Maybe...
  27. am I lucky or just plain mad.
  28. Introducing Paco...
  29. Lola is a model!!!!!!!
  30. Maverick’s Fortune
  31. Chewy
  32. dexter caught...
  33. A Tribute to all chihuahuas. :)
  34. Big and Little....
  35. Feelin' guilty.
  36. Sausage Balls... lol
  37. I have chi fever again....xD
  38. i have a request for silly sally emma pics plzzzzz
  39. If I could get...
  40. Faith!
  41. about bully sticks...
  42. My heart is still racing!!!!!
  43. Happy Birthday Boss!!
  44. No More Shots for Awhile...
  45. So sad
  46. hi all im back
  47. So excited, found a great raw food pet supply house
  48. Moozles and the "Lap Dog" In Your Life
  49. Dahlia`s New Website....What do you think chi people?
  50. so proud of my boy
  51. Is this okay
  52. i was just wondering.....
  53. ignorance .. why
  54. Another sicko out there
  55. Rehoming Tabitha Today...
  56. ^_^
  57. Look what I just got!!!!
  58. Can dogs have nightmare?
  59. Yup, Im in the poor house now!
  60. Back from second jab and duffed up by the cat!
  61. Is this okay, concerned
  62. I am so tired....
  63. Has anyone tried this?
  64. LMAO Toilet training
  65. my chi has stopped eating
  66. New York (Long Island Pet Expo)
  67. PetaPotty??
  68. Some names i like...
  69. Just bought some Ziwi Peak for the girls
  70. One Day Down...a lifetime to go!
  71. OMG Dahlia may be coming home tonite!!
  72. The search has officially begun
  73. Haven't posted in a while!!
  74. Thank you lisa-mom of 4 chis
  75. A lot of merles for sale in the UK now!
  76. My first volunteer gig
  77. baby food :D
  78. Total Annoyance
  79. another first...sigh
  80. Mad chihuahua
  81. New addition to the family Pomeranian boy!
  82. Vote for Trixie!!
  83. Big boys and wasps
  84. Fern woud love your Vote for round 3
  85. hey chihuahua people!
  86. Dominant behavior? How to safeguard?
  87. Look what Mandy made me
  88. The price of chi's.
  89. I sold my fish hobby to be a chi mom
  90. Kahlua's wonderful day!
  91. Britney & Butter say bye
  92. clever little girl
  93. Bailey is OBSESSED....
  94. Baby Lily spay UPDATE
  95. Kahlua has white poop!
  96. Ava went to the vet today
  97. dodgy no mates
  98. What do you do when workmen arrive???
  99. I love this
  100. I took Lola to Pets at Home today
  101. Do they know when something is going on?
  102. I am the worst Mom I know...
  103. Mateo looked both ways at the crossing !
  104. Ahead of her time?
  105. Pet corrector works .
  106. we love our crates!
  107. dog cake :()
  108. mom's sad a little
  109. Baby Lily spay date!
  110. I love my siggy- thanks mandy
  111. Anyone Heard About This Texas Puppy Mill??
  112. Overcome
  113. New food purchase
  114. It has been a while, Oreo and Coco say hi
  115. She air humped me again....
  116. The chis are driving me nuts!!
  117. chihuahua scammers AGAIN!!
  118. Avon sale on dog stuff!!!
  119. Alan
  120. my dogs are a couple of juvenile delinquents
  121. Cookie & Lola
  122. Update on Kahlua
  123. Jade (we) spent the evening at the Vet. :(
  124. Paige's 1st vet visit
  125. Update on MEOQUI!
  126. Elmo has started barking!
  127. Have you heard of Rip Off Report...
  128. Im Getting a baby !!
  129. thank you mandy
  130. Worried..... blood!!
  131. Help! Please!
  132. New Food!!
  133. Frustrating walk in the park.
  134. Something that's been bugging me about Logic gel
  135. Update on Cookie
  136. Please vote for Jade too. :)
  137. can't wait
  138. paging Voodewlady and Baby Paige...
  139. Could you vote for Fern :)
  140. Frustrated... please HELP!
  141. Fire ants
  142. to micro-chip or not...
  143. Anyone have feedback on this breeder/seller?
  144. What am I going to do with this girl???
  145. please vote for us
  146. Chihuahua Heart Puppy
  147. Lina photo request
  148. OMG what will they think of next lol
  149. very scary few minutes
  150. chi's are only chis if they fit in a paris hilton bag
  151. Tear stains and Tums
  152. Could you guys help?
  153. OMG romeos been a bad boy
  154. Needy animals. :)
  155. Do your chis have a "happy prance"?
  156. shes coming home with me!
  157. Is he ever going to fight back?
  158. Neeci update!
  159. I need a hug right now
  160. Foxy's new brother(possibly)
  161. Impatiently waiting.....
  162. Toy dog description-I think this one's my fave
  163. Dental tips
  164. Seperation Anxiety.... Kahlua's got it BAD!
  165. Betty had her dental today!
  166. Lola has coccidia and giardia
  167. Cutest dog competition
  168. thank you so much ciarra
  169. My goodness girls can sulk lol
  170. seat stealer lol
  171. Bailey has become obsessed with humping....
  172. More of Oliver and Juno
  173. Just one of the reasons I love my bambam
  174. Tried a new treat, Brody loves it!
  175. Cool personalized dog treats website
  176. UPDATE: looks like Tabitha is staying...
  177. Fern won 2nd in pampered puppy contest!!!
  178. madison's first three months!
  179. Anyone ever dealt with food allergies?
  180. well beau is at the vet......
  181. tell us about Your FIRST Chi...
  182. dexter headbutted me o_o
  183. Socks...
  184. Fabric Pooper
  185. El Chihuahua
  186. What do I need to know about owning a Female?
  187. Male or Female?
  188. Will the Chihuahua popularity wane?
  189. Totally RAW!!
  190. Poor hairless in England
  191. chasing the invisables
  192. Bailey VS Kahlua
  193. Hahahahaa....on craigslist....for sale 6.4 pound TEACUP chihuahua lolol
  194. Its OFFICIAL!!!!!
  195. I may have to find a home for Tabitha
  196. Chihuahuas from hell!
  197. What is the youngest age, pup on holidays?
  198. Chihuahua prices dropping in UK?
  199. Bailey's Mom: is it official yet?
  200. How many outfits does your Chi have?
  201. Anyone in London area able to help?
  202. One Year Old!!
  203. Feeding Evangers? FDA suspends 4 poss botulism ....
  204. im in two minds
  205. Ebay seller?
  206. Feelin' broody...
  207. well it's set!
  208. Scammers! **RANT**
  209. time to take dodge
  210. Cool Chihuahua figurines...galore!
  211. they are multiplying! LOL
  212. Is something wrong with Bailey?
  213. Chi baby bag?
  214. Cookie is not allowed on my bed anymore
  215. chihuahuas and small children
  216. Still having trouble socializing
  217. We have not had a good day...
  218. kim & robin
  219. I need to VENT!!!!!
  220. Stupid, stupid woman!!
  221. Kozanna is at the Rainbow Bridge
  222. Harrison Update.
  223. Lilo's first vet visit....
  224. describe your chis' personalities!!
  225. I am soooo grossed out....
  226. Disney Update
  227. Chi chi dress up!
  228. Help with separation anxiety!!
  229. Fadhila?
  230. Yall are pawsome Thank you!
  231. Omg!how true is this?! Lol
  232. Keep your fingers crossed for Martini and I!
  233. My new puppy.
  234. Tickers on signatures?
  235. Multiple dog owners
  236. Funny Chihuahua joke
  237. How Old Was Your Chi...
  238. not "little buddy", "Mr Jigs", "Dash"; he's ....
  239. Tiny dresses and Tiny harnesses???
  240. Yes, they already had names...
  241. Omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  242. Ice Ice Baby
  243. Brody is a vegetarian?!
  244. Socks!
  245. Where does your Chi go with you?
  246. The Greatest Gift My Chi Gives Me....
  247. Good People Food?
  248. Chi price?
  249. $3.00 off Royal Canin
  250. Warning dog sitters!!!