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  1. Always listen to your heart
  2. Lola itching
  3. Weird things happening
  4. when they get older?
  5. Taco Bell Chi (Gidget) dies at 15
  6. What should I do?
  7. Other breeds...a bit of venting...
  8. Adios,RIP Gidget
  9. I forgot how bad dog poo can smell....
  10. im seriously missing my tucker fix
  11. Be aware at other peoples houses
  12. Chi-Clothing Patterns, anyone?
  13. Help my puppy needs a name
  14. Switching to orijen
  15. What odd habits do your Chi's have?
  16. Finally Brought My New Girl Home! (pictures)
  17. Only a mother would be proud
  18. Reuben HEELED!
  19. Vacation / chi delima
  20. Little dogs with big dog complexes..
  21. Copperhead Snake Bite
  22. For Murice Carver....
  23. Tropiclean/Spa Shampoo
  24. Skinneeez
  25. Mateo got loose
  26. Having second thoughts......
  27. Adam!!
  28. New Dog Park
  29. rib bones
  30. Prayers for my little harrison
  31. Kozanna's surgery
  32. Eeekk!!
  33. Raw Website/Products, what do you think?
  34. Brody's Meatballs - raw recipe
  35. Pedi-Paws
  36. Quiet Friday on the Boards...
  37. Dodge Is poorly ;(
  38. How can people be so cruel?
  39. Secret Confession.......
  40. Whaaaaaa!!
  41. Setting Liv up on a Routine
  42. My Puppies
  43. Longcoats....
  44. Moving day was Bad & Good
  45. chihuahua blown away in michigan
  46. Photo's at last?
  47. It's really official now!!! And I'm in love!
  48. Longcoats vs Shortcoats.
  49. Another ChiChi...
  50. Possible Chis......
  51. Recording life
  52. Does your chi do the ChiChi shuffle?
  53. I have had it up to 'here'!
  54. :C
  55. Chihuahua survives BBQ fork to the brain
  56. Ollie was Neutered Today
  57. Puppies born around the same time
  58. Just to say thanks :)
  59. poor lilly lol
  60. Amazing Mandy!!
  61. Edward is such a clever boy
  62. Dvd's and Blu-rays
  63. Scene of total destruction!
  64. Lulubelle locked me out of the house!
  65. how do you pass the evenings?
  66. Oreo and Coco's awsome vet update
  67. Car seat idea?
  68. horrible news about a Chi killed in Alaska
  69. Done. I'm just done with Dot's Breeder...
  70. First chi puppy, need advice...
  71. Traveling with Chihuahua's
  72. Anybody buy Pegetables?
  73. Argh! False pregnancy!
  74. Your memories with your Chis
  75. The vet said they would gain more then average after birth but...
  76. Skineez
  77. unhealthy attachment to my chi
  78. do chis ever grow old!?
  79. And the winner is......
  80. Where do you put your Chi/Pet supplies?
  81. Argh. I can't dicide....
  82. I need help!!!
  83. Where does your chi sleep?
  84. Back from hols
  85. So Sad
  86. Can anyone sell me some bully sticks please?
  87. Your chis fav toy?
  88. Potty Patch
  89. had to take toby to emergency vet last night
  90. Fridays vet visit...
  91. Tikki needs a home
  92. Camping
  93. I'm so nervous...
  94. We Have Puppies!! :)
  95. yes! poop on pad!!!
  96. Funny chi story!!
  97. Tyson's First Day Out
  98. Buying clothes?
  99. Bruiser's bigboy surgery!!!
  100. Jaeran @ Vet
  101. Fern is killing off my Dad's grass and he's not happy!
  102. I was wondering what to call Sophia's color...
  103. Big name for a little dog!
  104. Yup, I'm a sucker for babies, it's official...
  105. Am I confused or is this a BEAR!
  106. Treats, treats, treats!
  107. Orijen has a new food ....
  108. Wow. And I though this day would never come....
  109. Arriving In Style!
  110. Pet of mine
  111. puppia harnesses offer
  112. Lola settling in
  113. We're finally done! All 4 babies are here and healthy!
  114. so whens the right time to get Edward a friend??
  115. baby #1 is here!!! And boy do I have a story!
  116. Lola's growing up (too)
  117. Just Wondering If Anyone Has Experience With This Carseat
  118. I feel terrible
  119. Ok me and other half quite intrested in showing but no idea were to start ??
  120. I touched a PUPPY!!!!!!!
  121. On Count down
  122. I think we might be in business!
  123. Any news on Bella and puppies?
  124. Question for people with old dogs or have had old dogs
  125. Finally, I think things are looking up for Oreo and Coco
  126. Slowing down
  127. no puppies yet...
  128. New babies!!!
  129. Butter, is that you??
  130. Having a big chihuahua party tonight!
  131. Is Bam jealous?
  132. Free Coupons - Wellness Dog/Cat Foods or Treats
  133. Any other California Chihuahuas? :)
  134. Do your Chis like belly rubs?
  135. Spaying Question
  136. Girls and boys
  137. Does anyone else...
  138. What do you use?
  139. the puppies should be here soon!
  140. oh no my baby got hurt :(
  141. Treats Recipes??
  142. How long does it last???
  143. Am I being silly?
  144. Gopetplan Insurance
  145. chi id tags
  146. Socialization Class
  147. Need help / info on female Chi's
  148. Car lookout seat.
  149. Dog Costume
  150. Purina Carvers.....
  151. A little tip
  152. my website
  153. Who else has a chi named Riley?
  154. Update!
  155. Olive is Home
  156. heat wave
  157. Omg!!
  158. Boom..what happened with the Polar Bear puppy?
  159. Is Crufts Rigged?
  160. My girl just had Puppies
  161. Is this possible?
  162. Please, prayers for my Bruce
  163. Chi Comic
  164. Fire trucks
  165. Canada Day
  166. Walmart
  167. Do any of yours do this????
  168. Mad pets when there's a storm coming ???
  169. is this dominance
  170. A Note To Chico On His Day
  171. Girl Chi's are calmer.....NOT!
  172. All the chi babies went home today....empty nest
  173. I'm back.
  174. NEWS on Oreo & CoCo
  175. White Chocolate
  176. new playpen coming! yay!
  177. Puppia harness not holding up, other suggestions?
  178. My little boy is opening up...
  179. Red Dingo Tags... Show Me Yours!
  180. OCD with buying dog stuff
  181. Pedigree Family
  182. Working with Seperation Anxiety
  183. Do you ever wonder what your SC would look like if long?
  184. World's ugliest chihuahua
  185. Do chihuahuas grow into their coats?
  186. Traveling With Bailey...
  187. finally, a name for my little buddy!
  188. My poor little confused Chihuahuas!!!
  189. Shi is Home
  190. Does your heart ever miss a beat....
  191. crating late?
  192. Puppy Intervention! lol
  193. What is the right/resonable thing to do? Help Please.
  194. Where do your Chi's sleep?
  195. Has anyone heard from Keri lately? Daisy & new puppies?
  196. I wanna cry...
  197. just applied for
  198. Favourite colour/markings of the Chi?
  199. Camping with FOUR DOGS!!!
  200. Working Natural Flea Treatment
  201. What are your nicknames for your babies?
  202. Teacup Breeding.... -.-
  203. I've fallen in love, with a chi.
  204. dexter shredding newspapers/pad
  205. Rat dogs....-_-
  206. How is Shiloh today?
  207. Next Top Chihuahua (Contest)
  208. When is the voting for June's Just Chillin Contest?
  209. I feel like a bad Furmama
  210. Please Everyone...
  211. ny plans for this weekend with your babies?
  212. What surprised you most about the Chihuahua?
  213. First time ever!
  214. Ear position (pics included). What's your thoughts on this?
  215. How did you get your chihuahua?
  216. I've found my Chi!!!!
  217. Putting a deposit on a puppy
  218. More and more adult Chihuahuas for sale?
  219. My brothers an a$$
  220. Which one?
  221. Ugh! I can't believe it! Help??
  222. dexter won 2nd 1/2 of june bullystick photo contest ^_^
  223. Edward has REALLY upset me :-(
  224. More than one Chi?
  225. Time flies.... Big day tomorrow!
  226. A name at last!
  227. Update on Bella - We had our X-ray and there are....
  228. Ok so ive had Edward 5 weeks so why......
  229. The Pet's Economic Status vs Owners
  230. sudden fear of stairs?
  231. Need Help with Registered Name
  232. Catnip and Chi's!!!
  233. dog friendly holidays
  234. when will her fur grow
  235. Absolute morons
  236. Cant believe it!!!!
  237. I found this Chihuahua poem while searching the web. It's really cute!
  238. Intimidated by Wolf statues
  239. Arghhhhhhh!!
  240. Poop Rollin....???
  241. How much do you know about your Chi's daddy?
  242. some questions to ask the breeder
  243. Stella/Lola's vet visit
  244. No odor bully sticks.
  245. Who would breed a 2.5 pound chihuahua?
  246. First vet visit
  247. i will be getting a new.......
  248. Oreo and LSU visit
  249. Hello again everyone
  250. fingers crossed!