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  1. Male or Female Vets, do your Chihuahuas have a preference?
  2. Which Chi People and thier dogs have you met?
  3. Vaccinations yes or no ?
  4. Feeding schedules
  5. Bam got attacked! (almost)
  6. Don't you talk Chihuahua in the strangest places!!!
  7. Poor Adam
  8. Harness help please?
  9. Using your pet Chihuahua as a stud dog?
  10. Walkies
  11. update on the "polar bear puppy"
  12. really cute FREE cartooning and imaging site for our Chi's!
  13. can I put something on her feet?
  14. Weds. update on Oreo
  15. i may be getting this little ball of fur :O
  16. Anyone have a puppia to sell?
  17. The Fearless pint size Chihuahuas!
  18. Emergency vet visit...just got back
  19. Help with naming our new addition
  20. Where Do I Find?
  21. We have a new addition
  22. Grain and Flour Free Recipes
  23. Unhappy With Name
  24. pom pom is this kisses ????????
  25. Sick vet trip for Jamoka
  26. i want i want i want!
  27. Chi's and Kids
  28. where do you think it is acceptable to bring your chi? where not?
  29. Baby Lily is CRAZY!!
  30. Big coat improvements w/ B.G. food
  31. I'm Back!!!!!! (again)!!!LOL
  32. 3 Chihuahuas Confront a Couger in Master's Garage
  33. I found Bam's parents!!
  34. I thought this was very cute & funny!
  35. I've found my dream Chihuahua.
  36. I've Found my perfect Chi!
  37. Possible new addition advice please
  38. Thank you Lisa (mom of 4 chis)
  39. my poor honey is a woman now awww
  40. free...
  41. Where is Jetta( Loki's Mum)
  42. Children frustrate me
  43. Its been a year......
  44. AHH! I can't decide!
  45. looking for beds
  46. We got back from the vet
  47. Who else feeds Inova EVO? Curious about amount...
  48. Ok how do you get em to walk on a lead???
  49. If your Chi wasn't a dog
  50. Friday Night Fight Club
  51. Kind of an odd question...
  52. Calling TLI! A new baby on board?!
  53. Ohioans-anyone going tomorrow?
  54. Just ranting
  55. Screaming Neeci
  56. How dirty do you let your pee pads get?
  57. Marek to Vet
  58. UPDATE on Oreo
  59. Awesome Recipe!
  60. Oreo is at the vets, and I feel like a BAD mom
  61. Kip - Going Back to Breeder
  62. Chewy is on dogster
  63. how to stop lexi chewing my straps
  64. Bullystick items
  65. Update on Chanel & I
  66. How rude to this poor little chi on youtube..
  67. Name for my little to be shelter dog. :) NEEDED!
  68. Sad story!
  69. Best Bully Sticks FREE SHIPPING good till FRIDAY
  70. Dr. Dodds Vaccination Protocol ....
  71. Name for My To be Girl?
  72. If you couldn't keep your Chihuahua?
  73. Are you "loyal" to your Chihauhuas breeder?
  74. *Julie*
  75. Good news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  76. Poor Kip - Sick Again
  77. Quark being weird ~ Vid
  78. This really annoys me
  79. Name change to Aquarius
  80. Tick removal
  81. Pet Airways: a pet-only airline
  82. HELP with my dog stroller!!! PLEASE! :)
  83. Chihuahua Dog Personal Bank Checks
  84. Should I change Fern's name?
  85. What do you do with your Chi when you're eating?
  86. feeling broody for another Chi baby!
  87. How much food
  88. My dogs are being attacked by prehistoric monsters
  89. So frustrated with Brody's distractions!!
  90. Holidays...What do your Chihuahuas pack?
  91. Extention lead Horror
  92. Dresses?
  93. To Kristin: Bella misses Lina
  94. UK based Chihuahua sites? Why so few?
  95. Older Chi's in need. Do they pull at your heart strings!
  96. Chihuahuas in the after life?
  97. Cookie has started doing the sweetest thing
  98. Puppy Uglies?
  99. chi penthouse?
  100. A Truly Amazing Chi named Pepe
  101. zac is such a silly boy lol
  102. now i feel silly
  103. i wish....
  104. Need up to do a video clip for my chi
  105. Hilarious chihauhua blog
  106. Will someone sell me a pigear?
  107. I have this potty training problem...
  108. I'm a chi aunt again!
  109. Lola went to the Vet
  110. Mobile ultrasound for animals
  111. People do Lesson
  112. MarieUkxx - more cookie pics please !
  113. Stray Dogs ? Stray People ! (Rant)
  114. Nail clipping
  115. Bald Spots?
  116. 1 prob after another!
  117. Show your Chi carrier :)
  118. Where to bury a dog ~ Lovely piece of writing
  119. Chihuahua Meet Ups ~ What Happens???
  120. "Say NO to Merle!"
  121. Bella doesn't want to play with Wiley anymore. :-(
  122. Update on Bella's pregnancy with a question for breeders or vets on here
  123. a joke i got told, hope it doesnt offend anyone!!!
  124. Just a little rant lol
  125. Need Advice for taking Lola on the Plane!
  126. Complementary Pet Care...Would you?
  127. Brindles?
  128. went on a shoppin frenzy at bestbullysticks
  129. The home visit went great! I feel so much better...
  130. Postal Scale for Food Measurement
  131. My Chewy
  132. Need opinions on a situation....long
  133. On average, how long do Chi's live?
  134. My boy and Kona chips
  135. I just had to share...
  136. I now understand Kate Gosselin (a little better at least!)
  137. Check to see how your dog food compares to others
  138. Cute Overdose Story
  139. Starting your own Chihuahua Rescue!
  140. People feeding things they shouldn't
  141. Lina's first night home
  142. Clothing size problem
  143. Edward is 12 weeks today and WOW at his weight!
  144. Bruce's tough times
  145. Reunion
  146. Ordering strollers online to Canada
  147. Irish meetup & new puppy!
  148. Anyone got any pics of a 11/12ish week old chi long haired??
  149. Getting a new baby
  150. LOL Pretending To Sleep
  151. Metal, Ceramic or Plastic?
  152. Kip met his Vet today
  153. Small world...
  154. Help!! Help!!
  155. myspace 4 your chis?
  156. its official Im an idiot!
  157. Bella is pregnant!!!!!!!!
  158. Going on vacation, babies staying with hubby
  159. I'm stuck! Which stroller should I get?
  160. Four playing together
  161. Maybe A New (Fur)Baby?
  162. Question About Puppies & Health Guarantees
  163. Coupon for free 6 pound bag of....
  164. I have a new baby!
  165. Ollie FINALLY Learned "Down"!
  166. Oh My Gosh! Chihuahua 500--aftermath!
  167. Tattoos of Your Pup?
  168. How friendly is your chi?
  169. Camping chihuahuas ?
  170. nothing wrong with my little fatty!
  171. Dangerous pet products (flea/tick) video
  172. Bowl for greedy Chis
  173. Harness
  174. Blue tri-colour...
  175. Elmo's ears
  176. Dexter List Of Treats (pigeonsheep)
  177. Anyone using a Puppia Step In Harness?
  178. runt puppy
  179. Training Chi's to heel
  180. 3 vaccinations? or 4?
  181. Name Change
  182. You wouldnt believe the diffrence!!
  183. Changing name of new dog
  184. Kip - It isn't all roses... but well worth it!
  185. For Lina: It Time To Say Goodbye
  186. Its Time to S
  187. Cute Chi gifs?
  188. Looking for chihuahua rankings
  189. So Proud!
  190. What is the history of this site?
  191. Where are they all??
  192. Vent!!!!
  193. Doggy ice lollies
  194. Kona Chips
  195. A message from Lina's 2 mommies..
  196. Lovely weather
  197. An interesting Chi site....
  198. Dog strollers
  199. Skunk
  200. Puppy Food
  201. *sigh* Bad bad crystal
  202. Self cleaning litter tray- have you tried it?
  203. crating
  204. OMG petstore samples
  205. Micheal vick
  206. Chihuahua Ancestor
  207. I think Bailey is sick....
  208. Does anyone remember?
  209. Update: New puppy. Help! Sad news...
  210. I like to torture myself..
  211. Pet washing machines
  212. Oh now what!!!
  213. Named all the pups...PICS included
  214. I need help.
  215. Brother and sister matings?
  216. we finally
  217. Kip is one tough little guy (post-op update)
  218. Update on Edward
  219. Wish Reuben a HAPPY 4th Birthday!
  220. For those of you that like Puppia.....
  221. Neuter
  222. Any chi's wanna be on our website?
  223. Potty In The Rain?
  224. Is Harley gonna be ok tomorrow?
  225. Problems already :-(
  226. Odin on Twitter - Anyone else?
  227. $3 or $1 Coupons for Wellness Dog or Cat Foods
  228. Is it wrong to want a pretty Chihuahua?
  229. Been to see a litter today....
  230. RE naming
  231. Sharing your bed with your partner and chi's too.
  232. chat room
  233. GRRR housebreaking
  234. Were Back from the vet
  235. A bit better night
  236. Chihuahua that loves the outdoors
  237. Female Chi Pups vs Male Pups behavior ?
  238. How social is your chihuahua?
  239. is lexis weight correct?
  240. Problem or not? I can't tell.....
  241. Spay Cost
  242. I got to go visit the puppies!
  243. Im gonna cry
  244. Weird Marking- need advice
  245. I wish...
  246. New Foster Chi
  247. When do there ears prick up ??
  248. Well he's here :-)
  249. Is Your Chi Hyper?
  250. Bully stick